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I can’t believe this little man is one year already!   We did newborn/one year tire pictures for big brother Caleb and thought it would be fun to try a different variation for baby brother “Cub”.  I love it when a plan comes together.

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Love this baby boy…his big brother…this family.  I love my job.


One year old Hunter was an absolute doll and such a precious and tolerant little guy considering we did his session in PHOENIX, in AUGUST at SUNRISE.  It was SO hot and surprisingly humid that day.  I am not much of a sweater but that day I was dripping.  And just look at him…took it all in stride.   Babies are remarkable.

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I absolutely have to give a shout out to this dad.  Coincidentally, Mike was one of the firefighters on the scene the day of the great SCOPE incident with Tori.  One of the scariest days of my life.  He remembered the situation well and that was in November of 2011 (see that blog post here:   I am so thankful for HEROES like Mike.  I will forever be grateful for the help and support we received that day.

Is there anything cuter than a baby with a ducky…with a hat…in the river?

Maybe a baby with a ducky and a hat in the river WITH his brother in blue underwear and rain boots?  Ya – awesomesauce.


2015-04-01_0017 2015-04-01_0019
You would be surprised at the complications and challenges with giving a toddler a red umbrella.  LOL.   But oh so cute.
2015-04-01_0020 2015-04-01_0021






2015-04-01_0013  2015-04-01_0011 2015-04-01_0010

Oh did Caleb (big brother) make me laugh.  I love toddlers.  You just never know what they are going to say, or do, or think, or act, or SING….   Caleb kept me laughing all morning.   I think the kid could likely repeat the Pooh script quite accurately.

See you again at your one year Cubby and all your friends!  XXXOOO

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Happy Birthday sweet Cade!!!


My little nephew Remy turned one on November 20th!  He is my baby brother’s baby.  Love this little man to pieces.  He is simply the SWEETEST, SWEETEST, SWEETEST baby EVER!  Ask anybody!  Totally laid back and content, loves people, and LOVES food.

2015-01-10_0005 2015-01-10_0004 2015-01-10_0003 2015-01-10_0002 2015-01-10_0001
Isn’t he such a handsome little guy?
2015-01-10_0013 2015-01-10_0012 2015-01-10_0011

2015-01-10_0010 2015-01-10_0009 2015-01-10_0008 2015-01-10_0007

2015-01-10_0014  2015-01-10_0017 2015-01-10_0016 2015-01-10_0015