K+S+4 {Phoenix Family Photography}



You might recognize this sweet family.  I have had the privilege of working with them since Carson (2nd born son) was a newborn.   They are all so precious and adorable.    Doesn’t mama do a fantastic job with styling them too?  I always love to see what mama S will come up with for their sessions.  Complimentary colors, patterns, and layers…well executed!


Miss Sloane Ivy steals my heart.   And I LOVE her toddler jewelry.  I suspect her mama purchased on ETSY as I have seen like products there.   She LOVED her jewelry too.  Works well when baby can teethe and play with jewelry that is coordinated to their outfit.  🙂
2014-11-17_0008 2014-11-17_0007 2014-11-17_0006 2014-11-17_0005 2014-11-17_0004


2014-11-17_0011 2014-11-17_0015 2014-11-17_0014 2014-11-17_0013 2014-11-17_0012


2014-11-17_0002 2014-11-17_0001


I love these birthday signs that are all the rave right now.   These can be purchased on Etsy as well.
2014-11-17_0018 2014-11-17_0017
Sloane’s mama made her beautiful dress.   If I attempted a project of that magnitude, it would look like a pinterest fail for certain.

Thank you S family for giving me the blessing of time with your family in 2014!

Daniel and Brooke + 5

Back in August, Daniel and Brooke and the kids, Papa and Sweetie, and Jim and I and our kids went on a day trip to the Yarnell area.  We thought we would maximize on Daniel and Brooke’s 2014 family session and sneak some play time in.  As always, we had a fantastic time.  We even had a celebrity site seeing event when we encountered Demi Moore in a nearby restaurant.  I love my brother, sister, nieces and nephews to pieces and we really enjoyed our day with them.

Left to Right:  Noah (almost age 12), Cozy (age 5), Quinn (age 3), Daniel, Braxtyn (age 8), Brooke, Graham (age 10)


The kids did such an awesome job for Aunt Sissy!  I was super proud of the fabulous five.  Aren’t my girls beauties?
2014-10-02_0004 2014-10-02_0005
And such handsome, amazing nephews I have.  (Must brag.  I am the Aunt.)
2014-10-02_0006 2014-10-02_0007 2014-10-02_0008
Miss Quinn spilled her drink in the car on the way up and when we stopped for potty break, mama was madly trying to wash the dress in the bathroom sink.  I advised holding it out the window to drive (because what else were we going to do?) and low and behold…that worked perfectly.
2014-10-02_0010 2014-10-02_0011 2014-10-02_0012 2014-10-02_0013 2014-10-02_0014
I love mama/daughter shot.  I ended up shooting a LOT of Quinn because she was ubiquitous on shoot day so I had to take advantage of it.
2014-10-02_0015 2014-10-02_0016 2014-10-02_0017 2014-10-02_0018
Our crew couldn’t wait to be let loose in the mud.  Well everyone but my Troy boy.  As you can see, it took a little convincing for him.
And yes, my man is still sporting his beard.   He is so dreamy.  I am a lucky, lucky woman.

Land of the Free



I finally did a session for my own babies this year!  I thought a summer patriotic theme would be sweet and I wanted to shoot it in the desert.  The AZ desert has been so picturesque post monsoons!  Desert shoots can have their challenges but also a very unique beauty.   Mosquitoes have been out in full force (and we are lucky that us desert dwellers don’t typically have to fight with bugs very much) so that was a bit of a nuisance but other than that…pretty smooth sailin’.


My four precious ones.  Tanner age 13, Ty age 10, Tori age 6 and Troy age 3.
2014-08-30_0020 2014-08-30_0019 2014-08-30_0018




Two great things about this spot.  It’s walking distance from Papa and Sweetie’s house and our home is in the foothills of those mountains.


2014-08-30_0029 2014-08-30_0028 2014-08-30_0027
He’s growing up before my eyes.  So beautiful and so sad for mama.
2014-08-30_0026 2014-08-30_0025 2014-08-30_0024 2014-08-30_0023 2014-08-30_0022


Always gigglin’.


Good view of a six year old smile.  🙂
2014-08-30_0034 2014-08-30_0033 2014-08-30_0032 2014-08-30_0031


2014-08-30_0036 2014-08-30_0035


2014-08-30_0002 2014-08-30_0017 2014-08-30_0016 2014-08-30_0015 2014-08-30_0013 2014-08-30_0012 2014-08-30_0011 2014-08-30_0010 2014-08-30_0009 2014-08-30_0008 2014-08-30_0007 2014-08-30_0006 2014-08-30_0005 2014-08-30_0004 2014-08-30_0003


I did the above session at sunset but decided to get the kids up really early the next day and do a couple more at sunrise in a different spot.  We had to walk up a hill for the view I wanted.  By the time we got to the top, we were so swarmed with mosquitoes that we were miserable.  The kids were doing a frenetic mosquito dance as was I making pictures impossible.  I took this first shot:


And then seconds later…

I don’t like to be bested by much but the mosquitoes won and I called it quits.  I giggle every time I look at above shot though because that is a great representation of my daughter’s pout.  Perfect.

And my nephew reciting the Pledge seems a good way to end this post.  🙂   I love this!


K+S+Family {Phoenix Family Photography}


I first met the S family when I did Carson’s (the littlest guy in the above image) newborn pictures.  He has grown into such a cuteheart – just like his older brother Roman.  I LOVE the above picture of little brother whispering to big brother and the serious attention that Roman is giving to Carson.  So darling!



Baby Sloane Ivy was added this year – I did her newborn pictures about 4 months ago.   I love to get to watch families grow.




Sweet sisters – Miss Madeline is going to be such a good helper.
2013-11-27_0054 2013-11-27_0058

At 2, Mr. Carson was not so keen on staying put.  I have quite a few shots of him leaving my set.  LOL.
Caught him mid-air!
2013-11-27_0050 2013-11-27_0049 2013-11-27_0048 2013-11-27_0047 2013-11-27_0056

Isn’t Miss Sloane so darling?  It was so fun to get to see her at 4 months.  Such a beautiful little lady.