Who Publishes on Thanksgiving Day?

Those with nothing to do that’s who:)! For several reasons, our family decided to push Thanksgiving to Friday this year. We thought it would work out well but in the end it really didn’t. My In-Laws are in Spain this Thanksgiving so we didn’t end up splitting the holiday so Jim and I and the boys are going to have a quiet day at home. Well…not actually quiet. It is NEVER quiet in this house unless two little people I know of are sleeping – but definitely quieter than a Thanksgiving party!

Tomorrow will be our grand celebration though (I am making pumpkin pies and sweet potatoes today – which really aren’t sweet potatoes – they are yams – what is up with this confusion?…). And on Saturday, we are driving to Southern California for our 10th Anniversary trip one year late! Yippeeee! We are soooo excited about this! We will start in Seaworld and then to San Diego Zoo, then Knottsberry and 3 days at Disney. My sweet husband bought me an ELPH for our trip. I am a camera- aholic as you wel know and I didn’t want to carry my big camera everywhere and risk damaging it. The Elph shoots 5 megapixel pictures but is tiny enough for a pocket. Will be perfect for our vacation shots. I am trying to concentrate on more video this year though so I won’t be taking as many pictures (famous last words):)

Tanner is so excited he keeps asking me to review the park maps with him. He loves maps. Everywhere we go he likes to carry the map around. Never mind that he can’t read – he still thinks it helps. This little idiosyncrasy of his is very much like his Daddy and Mommy. Jim and I both like order and organization. I have a whole folder printed that includes maps to each spot and helpful tidbits (thank you Kathy:).

I will write again when we get back! Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.

I just wanted to include a quick “somethin'” from this past Sunday’s sermon that Dad preached. I thought it was a wonderful reminder for this week.

Five Reasons to Give Thanks In Everything

1. Giving thanks in all things heightens our awareness of His redemptive involvement in our lives.

2. His spirit motivates us to seek the heart of God and soon we discover that God uses our trials to draw us closer to Himself.

3. In times of prayer and praise, God teaches us that He never grows weary of our words. His comfort and strength are ours any time of the day or night.

4. Thanksgiving refreshes our souls and prepares us for God’s service.

5. It motivates us to seek His purpose in every difficulty and teaches us to trust the Lord without regard to feelings of doubt or fear.

Much love…

Tigger and Kick

I have been meaning to mention this but I keep forgetting. Did anyone notice the suspicious little characters in our family picture? No? Really? They were right there! Very tiny and a bit mischievous. They are in trouble often and they tend to be responsible for all the things that “not me” did.

Tigger and Kick are Noah’s two very best friends. They appear for visits often – generally at the dinner table where he has to get after them for their misbehavior. I have never actually seen them myself but I feel silly for my oversight because I hear Noah deliver my messages to them right in front of me. The other day when I drove away from Noah’s home I told Noah I loved him and to give my love to Tigger and Kick as well. I watched his conversation with them in my rearview mirror. They must be very special little guys.

Mama Wins!

….or probably more correctly, God intervened:)! Ty DID get his RSV shot AND I was told that insurance approved the shot for the next 5 months! Yipppeeee!

Susie – In regards to your comment on this, I am assuming that Ty is getting the second full season because (a) he was a 25 weeker and (b) he was on oxygen until nearly 10 months. I heard that the qualifications were if they turned 1 year during their first season (which Ty did), that they would NOT get the shot the second season. I also heard that they WILL get the shot the second season but only up until their second birthday. In Ty’s case, I guess his Dr. pushed for the entire season and it looks like he got it.

Also, the nurse that came out to give Ty his shot yesterday told me something interesting. He told me that RSV is a common cold (knew that) but one that produces A LOT OF mucus. For this reason, tiny babies, and lung comprised babies have trouble handling the sheer volume of fluid that RSV produces – thus the problem.

He also said that babies UNDER 6 months of age WILL NOT breathe out of their mouth EVEN IF their nose is completely plugged. This makes RSV VERY dangerous for infants because if both of their nostrils plug they will suffocate. Why hasn’t anyone ever told mothers in general this???? Apparently, after 6 months of age, babies will start breathing out of the mouth if they need to but under that age they won’t. I had no idea how important those bulb syringes are for little one’s with colds. Thought many of you would appreciate that tidbit!

Happy 30th Brother!

Today is Daniel’s 30th birthday!!!! Happy Birthday brother! I wrote the following poem for Daniel right after I got engaged 12 years ago. Most people won’t “get” it because it is filled with “insiders” but family will giggle:)

For Daniel

A wave of pride washes over me
When I look at the man you’ve turned out to be
Only 18 but wiser than most,
Strong in spirit, too humble to boast.
As a child you were quiet and liked to be free,
But you never managed to be free of me!

You were my brother, my playmate, my slave.
When you wouldn’t cooperate, mom made you behave.
So I tricked you a little – no big deal,
At least I made sure my horse got a meal!

Or how ‘bout the little fight on the bed?
Was it the push or LEAP that split your head?
And then there was the garbage bag made into a chute-
If it was successful we’d share in the loot.
So you fell and got hurt – guess I was wrong.
Don’t blame me! You went along!

Remember the briar patch? When I slipped off the log?
I started to scream but you were off on a jog.
But I’m no longer angry about being stuck in the berries.
For my dear brother David told me the truth about the cherries!

But you weren’t often bored, that you must say
I found plenty of activities to fill up your day.
Whether it be tag or hid ‘n go seek,
Or throwing rocks at Cricket for being so weak.
So we weren’t always nice – even sometimes cruel
Like shooting at Jessica while she swam in the pool.
But who could blame us? We were at a young age
You’d run for cover and I’d take the stage.
So I made a fool of myself a time or two
You were just lucky! The camera didn’t catch you!

Oh the memories I love to replay
And sometimes they make me wish I could stay.
We’d remain children wild and free
Seeing the world from a limb of a tree
But we’ve grown up and now when we pass
Your looking for clothes, I need money for gas.
It is rather sad that time flew so fast
We look forward to our future but hold on to the past.

Your about to graduate and try out your wings
I’m looking at dresses and trying on rings
Soon I’ll be gone to start a family of my own
But don’t worry! Your sister will never leave you alone.
Things will be different, they won’t stay the same
You’ll get my room, I’ll change my name
But one thing I know will always be true
You’ll always love me and I’ll always love you
No longer my slave and playmate but still my friend and brother
And I can only pray that such a man I’ll be blessed to mother.

From your sister

No Good Day’s

I am having an angry angry day. There are several contributing factors to this. I have stresses this week that have touched upon deep grief in my heart and have made me feel like I have fireworks going off in side of me. As a result, all other aggravations are getting more attention than normal.

For example, a moment ago, I had just finished detailing 5 conversations over the last few days that have contributed to my already bad week. Right before I posted it, it got erased. Now I am angrier. My mom called me and soon realized I am so frustrated I can’t even talk right now. I am not about to rewrite all that I just wrote but to suffice to say that I am having the whole RSV shot nightmare happen again that happened last year and I am in utter amazement at the incompetance of people. I seriously doubt Ty will get his RSV shot by Wed and we are leaving for vacation next Sat. I started working on this SIX WEEKS ago just to avoid this scenario and it did absolutely no good. Being a parent advocate is a full time job and I am so sick to death at managing other people’s jobs that I just can’t even think straight right now.

The picture below details beautifully how I feel. No. I said that wrong. This picture details how Ty feels and apparently he feels really good. Imagine though how I might feel upon discovering this mess. Not so good.

An hour ago Tanner needed another yogurt. He said Ty ate his. I went to check. Tanner was correct.

If your wondering, yes that is Strawberry yogurt all over my couch. He looks quite chagrined about this doesn’t he? Sigh…..