Ezekial Option

For all you book lovers…I thought I’d post about my recent book discovery. I have heard about this book for quite some time but only purchased it this month. Joel Rosenberg, the author, wrote a book called the Last Jihad a few years ago. The tale was quite original. The book was about a terrorist controlled American commercial airpline that was in route to to take out the nations capital. This book was released prior to 911. Needless to say, Last Jihad got quite a bit of attention after the fact. I didn’t read this one though I would like too. Many said “Wow – who would have thunk that?:) Obviously Joel did rightly predict it.

The Ezekial Option is a political fiction but based on the premise of Ezekial chapters 38 and 39. These chapters are interpretted by many to be an end times prophecy concering the last days where Russia and other countries march on Israel and God supernatually intervenes to protect Israel. I thought the book was awesome! I couldn’t put it down. I struggled a bit in parts because the person who would get the most out of it would be more politically educated and better educated in world history. This author is well connected politically and has served in advisory positions for many of our nations whose who. (Including Rush Limbagh actually:) As a result, his presuppositions in this fiction seem very well grounded based on his knowledge of current affairs, world history, and scripture. Of course it is written AS fiction but it builds a good case of possibilities and opens up your mind to the what if’s of end time prophecy. To be honest, the whole thing was so eerily believable that parts of it almost creeped me out a bit!

If you were a Left Behind series fan, I would highly recommend this book to you.

Jim and I watched Joel Rosenberg on the History channel this week. They ran a series on the Antichrist and Joel was one of many that they interviewed. We were very very disappointed in the INCREDIBLE bias of the producers. They were amazingly unbalanced and ultimately made a mockery of God’s word. They painted Christians to be fanatical crazies who place their faith in fantasy because of their deep need to believe in the power of good to overcome evil. Made me think of Satan in the garden and his methods for tempting Eve. He simply mocked and patronized what God’s directive to Adam and Eve was. It worked. He still uses the same tactics in battle because, obviously, they still work. It was very sad to me to listen to this cultural representation of our world paint a picture of prophecy as folklore.

On the topic of prophecy though, I for one find biblical end time prophecy to be very difficult to grasp. It was written with a veiling intended so this isn’t surprising, but still I wish that it were easier to interpret. For this reason, I am cautious about cemeting myself into a specific phrophetical view. By culture, and tradition, my family holds to dispensational premilleniamism. Jim and I have had a lot of discussions about this in the past year and we both have decided to remain uncommitted on this. We have not done in depth personal studies to the degree that we need to on end times prophecy and so we hesitate to say that we are complete supporters of “blank”. We both feel that the Ammilleniasts make some pretty interesting observations that are worth at least our investigation, and we have always supported the scriptural support for PreMill….so jury is still out for us:). We are engaging in some studies right now and are trying to read parrallel viewpoints to help us decipher what we thing has the most scriptural support. In fact, tonight we are going to listen to a radio broadcast that supports one particular theory of thought just so that we can get better grounded on all sides.

Either way though, one truth remains the same across the board. Jesus IS going to return for His people. None of us will know the “when” but I do think it is important to do our best to educate ourselves in regards to what scripture say’s about the end times. My gut feeling is that many things that seem to allude us now will be obvious in hindsight. We’ll shall see:)…..

These are the kinds of postings that tend to scare people – I realize. I have a few friends that I suspect will write me and say “Doni – once again I have no idea what in the world you are talking about.” No worries. There is plenty of room scripturaly for a variety of opinions on this topic and I for one, am quite certain that on this topic, concrete answers will forever allude me. If you have no idea what I am referencing, I would say “time and place”. Foundation of scripture needs to be built first before this pilgrammage begins so I would suggest concentrating on other areas of scripture first.

I will close with this:)

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!


The winner of our little contest is….drumroll….ANITA! The number was 677! I figured that people would wait until last night and then weigh in with the lowest number listed and the highest but alas…I guess none of you are the strategist that I am LOL.

Congratulations Anita! I will write you an email after Christmas and get your physical address so I can mail your prize:).

I am at my mom’s today helping her cook. Our family celebration with my parents and siblings is this evening and then tomorrow we will be with Jim’s family.

Our family is of German/Austrian descent and it has been tradition for decades to make krautnettle for christmas (stuffed cabbage balls both tomato and sour kraut). This is always fun fun fun for sisters in love who end up eating frozen lasagna. (We have a more American traditional christmas dinner when we celebrate with my mom’s side of the family which we did last weekend). Anyhow, my brothers have let me know that the krautnettle tradition will continue forever so hopefully all our kids will acclamate:).

Off to stuff those darn balls:)….

Wishing you and yours a very Merry CHRISTmas!

Remember….He is our reason! How wonderful that Christmas falls on Sunday this year so that we can celebrate His birth in His house.

Christmas Gift

Well I am not going to get around to sending Christmas cards out this year…sorry folks:). I feel bad about that but I just don’t have time. So….just for the fun of it, and because it just feels Christmasy, at lunch today I had the thought that it would be fun to do some gifty Christmasy thing for at least ONE of my web friends LOL.

So here is what I am going to do:). I am going to send a little christmas present to someone (who is willing to give me their physical mailing address LOL). This gift will also include a copy of our Family Disney Trip DVD (just for the fun of it:) once I am finished with it (which means the gift will be sent in January). Of course, someone else’s family DVD will be of minimal interest to most of my friends HOWEVER I have found that kids like to watch family videos of other kids. Tanner and Ty enjoy watching Hannah and Joshua’s Disney video and Kathy told me that the Fletcher and Ellison kids love to watch it too. So that backs up my theory:). I have so many people tell me that there kids love to watch the Ty videos over and over on the computer so I am guessing that small children might like to watch Tanner and Ty Disney stuff as alternative entertainment LOL. Definitely no profanity but there is a tiny bit of violence LOL.

This is how this will work. Instead of choosing a random number, I will in a moment look at my email inbox and see how many personal emails are sitting there (I delete all the spam and business or non personal emails out right away). These are not emails that are read versus unread….just the exact number total sitting in my inbox right now. I will write that number down. On Christmas Eve morning I will determine the winner (whoever comes the closest to the actual number) and I will post the winner’s name:)

Here are the contest rules.

*Family members may not play. You are getting gifts and the DVD from me anyhow:)
*Heidi is the only person who may know the approximate number of emails in my inbox because we have talked about it – you may not ask her:).
*You can submit only one number. If you submit a number someone else submitted (ironies do happen) – than the one who submitted it first will be the one that counts:)
*You must submit by using the comments on THIS posting or it won’t count.

Why am I doing this? I don’t know…it just seems fun. Am I just goofy? I like to enter little contests where I might win something…just because:). Just feels entertaining to me. If it actually turns out to BE fun, maybe it will become a Christmas tradition – who knows?:)j

Wishing you all a merry CHRISTmas!


Let the games begin!

King Kong

I have seen TWO movies in ONE week! Can you believe that???? I can’t! Jim and I are very rarely out so a night on the town is a big deal – especially twice in a week! Grandma offered to spend the night and watch the boys so we could go to dinner and a movie and we jumped at the chance.

Before we left Tanner kept saying “Which movie you gonna see?” He repeated that 10 times. I was stalling and kept saying “I don’t know yet” over and over. And in truth, I didn’t know – we were considering a couple different ones. In our hearts though, I must admit…we really did want to see Kong. That is exactly what Tanner was fearing. For Christmas he keeps asking for Kong stuff and he has eagerly anticipated the movie.

This morning, Grandma accidentally asked how the movie was in front of Tanner. Big mistake! Tanner started jumping up and down and then crying. Later he was in denial. I heard him tell Grandma that Kong was not in the theatres yet and that she could not go (as in no one better go without me). Guilt ridden, I couldn’t let Tanner believe that Kong was not in the theatres yet when in fact it is, so I had to confess the whole thing.

So…Jim is feeling too bad and decided to take Tanner out on a daddy son date to see King Kong again tonight:). HOWEVER, I am glad we went to see it first for two reasons.

1. The beginning of the movie (first hour) has some profane language. Not super excessive but I like NONE so this made me wish I was watching it at home with my TV Guardian (which I love by the way). The second two hours (yes it was a 3 hour movie) was way too busy for too much profanity.

2. When they get to the island (at the one hour mark), the natives are incredibly frightening – like very very scary movie frightening. The producers went waaaaaayyyyy overboard on this part and I thought went out of control on this element. Jamie and I were far more scared of the natives than any other element of the movie. Truly ridiculous.

Because of the issues above, Jim is going to take Tanner in for the last 2 hours and skip the first hour. The last two hours are action packed with Kong and dinosaurs and bugs and Tanner is going to LOOOOOVVVVEEE it!

If you are wondering if YOU will like this movie, I would ask this:

1. If you have trouble with creature violence – do NOT watch this movie:) There is a reason why even the toys of Kong have blood on him. I know I know ….truly gross! As a sister of 4 brothers and a mother of 2 boys though, I really think that the love of creature violence is innate in the male species:) I was discussing this with another mother of a 4 year old boy in Toys R Us this week and she wanted to know if something was “wrong” with her son or if it is “normal” for boys to love the gore of this stuff so much. LOL.

2. It’s long but it moves a long well.

3. If you don’t like when sad things happen to animals – don’t watch it:)

As to why I liked it:)…..

Heck if I know, I just love anything that is fantasy. I love alien movies and sci fi (I am watching the Triangle Miniseries on my DVR right now – too fun), and creature stuff. I am not surprised Tanner loves it because both his parents have the same movie interest:)


On a different note…

When we got to the movie for our special little date, low and behold who should appear but Jarrod, Jamie, and Aviel – all going into the same movie. They offered to sit somewhere else if we wanted to make out (generous of them) LOL. My friend Tess (who is from Canada but lives in Hong Kong) uses a Canadian word for makin’ out that makes me laugh but I don’t remember what it is. Not smooching….but something…..seems like with an “s”….hmmmmmm….ahhh I forget.

Anyhow, point is that I was once again holding a cell phone so that I didn’t miss an emergency call from Grandma should the need arise. Obviously it was not my phone – I had to borrow Grandma’s for the evening. Before the movie started I stood up and said to Jamie:

“I’ll be right back. I need to go the restroom and I need to call mom and tell her what time we’ll be home.”

Jamie grabs my arm and with urgency say’s:

“You are going to the restroom AND you are going to make a phone call? I think you better just make that call from the isle right here.” LOL!!!!!! We both break into hysterics of course. I didn’t share this with Jim. No sense bringing THAT up again – especially considering we were at the same theatre.

No worries. Cell phone is home safe and sound with Grandma.

**For anyone that JUST CAN’T BELIEVE that we let Tanner watch creature violence like Kong and Jurassic Park….save it;). Priveledge of being a parent and choosing what each child’s personality can tolerate. Noah would have nightmares for sure but Tanner understands the difference between reality and fiction and has never once been afraid – he just loves it. He was watching JP (all 3 of them) since he was 2 years old. I was ready to break the DVD’s he wanted to see them so much. We tried to not let him see Lord of the Rings because I thought Gollum was too scary but darn if he didn’t beg to see it (ironically everytime he saw Gollum on commercials:). It’s in the “genes” I guess:). P.S. As a general comment, I would not recommend this movie for most kids.

Zimmermann Family Expanding…

Guess who is getting a baby brother or sister???? NOAH AND GRAHAM!!!!

Brooke is due on July 27th 2006! She has been feeling very yucky…much yuckier than with Noah and Graham so we are hoping this means a baby girl is on the way. We need more girls around here!!!

As you may remember, Brooke has what is called Robertsonian Translocation of the 13th chromosome which means that 50 to 75% of her pregnancies will end in miscarriage. She has already had three and this is obviously a concern each first trimester. She will be 8 weeks tomorrow (or is it 9?) and is feeling very pregnant so this is a good sign! Please keep baby in your prayers though! (And Brooke too as it is hard to be fighting nauseousness while watching 2 little boys).

P.S. Brooke asked me when I was adopting baby number 3 because I always add to my family first. Thought you might be interested in that answer as well. We keep changing the dates but for now we are waiting AT LEAST until this summer before going back in the “match book”. Ty needs more time and we need Ty to be our baby awhile longer. IF we decide to move forward with pursuing another adoption this summer, I’ll let you know. It is hard to make timing decisions with adoption because when you decide to “move forward” baby could come the next day or 3 years later…you just never know.