Pray for Isaac and Rachel

Friends…I almost never post prayer requests without family permission but since this is all written on a public blog, I am going to refer you there.

Jong and Sonia live in Japan and I heard their story through a mutual support group I am involved with (Hannah’s Prayer). Sonia is pregnant with boy/girl twins and is only 22 weeks. I will not attempt to explain the medical situation but the babies lives are in jeapordy right now and they need all the prayer support they can get. So many of you were so faithful to pray for us, please visit Jong and Sonia’s site and pray for these babies!!! God is a God of miracles. He can sustain them though I do not know what He will chose. While He has given us opportunity to hope though – hope I will!!!!

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Parenting – Daniel take Note

Favorite Quote of the week:

“WHO DID THIS? No….(sigh) I am not angry. I just want to know who did this so that I can PUNISH THEM!!!!”

From “The Office”

LOL…anyone raising small children (or teenagers and sometimes husbands LOL) can appreciate this one.

To Daniel – Did you laugh as hard as I did at that one? Doesn’t top the cultural awareness day episode but it was a very very good line.


Hello Spring!
Its beautiful at the ranch right now. The flowers are blooming and I actually have my garden planted. I’m hoping for at least enough veggies for salad and home made salsa. I have really enjoyed using the new growth around us to help teach my little boys about God’s creation. Spring also brings a few dangers to living in a rural area. SNAKES! I have been dreading our first snake encounter and have had a watchful eye on the boys outdoors. Saturday confirmed those fears with a 7 foot Bull snake!! Yes I said, 7 feet. Bull snakes are harmless and actually aid in keeping down the rat and squirrel population. However, I believe this snake was keeping down the small pet population as well. Daniel was able to use the snake to scare the boys and our dog so that they hopefully are on the lookout as well. We let him go, we just relocated him a little farther away.


Last week I took the boys shoe shopping and Noah, of course, had a very specific shoe in mind. He wanted tennis shoes and he kept telling me that he wanted bear-crow. I had no idea what he was talking about, but I told him if he found it, I’d get him Bear-crow. He got the idea that Tanner had Bear-crow and so he of course had to have it. As we entered the store he yelled, “Mommy see, that’s it, Bear-crow!”. And sure enough there were shoes with bear-crow (commonly known as Velcro!).

Summer clothes

Every year my kids go through this shock of changing seasons. Mostly through clothing. It starts getting warmer and they are still insisting on jackets and hats. This year Noah is struggling with short pants. It has really bothered him that his knees and shins are showing. I got him dressed the other day and he looked at me like I was crazy. Like, how could a mother send her child outdoors half-dressed! We have been battling shorts vs. pants for the last week. Thankfully it started raining and we haven’t had to discuss short sleeves and short pants again.

My little artist

Both my boys take a nap at about the same time during the day, giving me some mommy time. The other day, however, I decided to take a nap too. I must have fell into a deep sleep because I never knew that Noah had stayed awake. To my chagrin I awoke to him calling him half-way through naptime. I quickly and angrily told him to get back to bed and go to sleep! I woke up before the boys and checked on Noah. He was lying on his bed asleep, covered in permanent marker! From his feet all the way up his legs. I then walked past the bathroom and found where he had gone to wash it off and I suppose the marker took control of him again, and he wrote all over the bathroom toilet seat and sink. Later, when I ask him why he would do such a thing, he put his head in his hands and just looked at me bewildered saying, “I just don’t know why I do these things mom, I just don’t know why”. And really, that wraps up my little Noah, in one adorable yet frustrating phrase.

101 List

I noticed on my friend Jana’s blog that she had a “101 List” of things about herself. I thought it was a very fun read and decided to write my own. Is it amusing or should I be really embarrassed that I could write 101 things in the span of less than an hour? Am I very self aware, very chatty, an ego maniac (hope not), super in touch????? Good grief – I made myself stop at 101 because who wants to read all 101 in the first place much less more. But still I wrote on…and it was fun:).

1 I was born on March 27th, 1973
2 I have four younger brothers
3 I liked being the only girl
4 I love having boys and hope for more
5 When we got married I wanted 6 kids. I still want 6 but I don’t think I’d remain sane. Now hoping for at least four.
6 Was married on Sept 16th, 1994
7 Jim told me that he thought he would marry me the first weekend we were dating. Six months later I had an engagement ring.
8 I hate raw tomaotes
9 I am not very athletic
10 I do swim well, can snow ski a black diamond run, and wake board and slollem water ski
11 I love to camp and sleep in tents
12 I love to 4 wheel drive in our Suzuki Samari
13 I love to be anywhere near the water
14 I thinking fishing is very boring
15 I don’t like to eat fish either
16 I do like the taste of rattlesnake
17 I was born in Los Angeles, CA but have lived in Phoenix, AZ since I was 4
18 As a child, I wanted to grow up and be just like Amy Grant
19 As a child, I always dreamed of having twins and then later high order multiples
20 I lost triplets in miscarriage twice and twins twice. Still wonder if God gave me the dream of high order babies – story isn’t over.
21 I never dreamed I would mother a micro preemie
22 I never dreamed I would hold both my children before they were medically deemed viable (Tanner as a 2 pro nuclei celled embryo and Ty 106 days premature)
23 My career goal was to be a stay at home mommy. God fulfilled that.
24 I hope to home school my kids.
25 Baskin Robbins German Chocolate Cake ice cream is my favorite treat.
26 I think the “list maker” at Baskin Robbins should be fired because they only see fit to serve German Chocolate Cake Ice Cream in September.
27 Things that won’t work make me very angry.
28 Sappy movies make me cry – I am ALL girl.
29 While I AM all girl, people tell me I “think” like a man often. LOL.
30 My ancestry is a combination of Austrian, Dutch, English, Cherokee Indian
31 People often guess me to be hispanic or middle eastern.
32 The one lie that I have record of is my height on my drivers license. Might as well confess that because Jim tells on me.
33 My first ticket was driving my mother in laws car when I was dating Jim. He told everyone including my parents. Aaarrghh.
34 I struggle with procrastination and am easily overwhelmed
35 I believe I have adult ADD. My mother denies it. My husband is certain of it. Tanner will side with Jim if he has to tell me where we live again. Ty will never notice because he can’t stay focused long enough to care either LOL.
36 My first job was working for Valley National Bank when I was 17. I quit at 28 when Tanner was born.
37 I started as a customer service operator, than a supervisor, than a manager, then decided to quit managing and do fun techy stuff like creating databases and running and analyzing sales reports.
38 I was born with a passion for life and I knew as a child I would be a pro life lobbyist one way or the other.
39 I did not know that my pro life passions and the story of my children would land me lobbying in Washington DC alongside President George W. Bush. That was the all time coolest:).
40 The first positive pregnancy test I ever saw was not mine. I was a crisis pregnancy counselor while going through infertility. Crazy but God ordained.
41 I went to school to get my “MRS” because our church was too small to generate “Mr. Right”. I quit school when Mr. Right showed up on the pew LOL.
42 I don’t regret not finishing my college education.
43 I attended Grand Canyon University for 3 years and intended to be a High School English Teacher with a Communciations Minor.
44 I love Public Speaking.
45 I am a little afraid of heights.
46 Fear has been my greatest battle. God has been working on that though
47 When I was a young teenager I pleaded with God to send me a forever friend. He sent Heidi when I was 16. We celebrate the gift of our friendship every Cinco De Mayo.
48 My favortie past time is reading a historical fiction or a good Ted Dekker.
49 I am a member of “the Circle” – (Ted Dekker)
50 I was raised a Conservative Baptist but a couple of years ago, our church changed its affiliation to “Non Denominational”. That is a better fit for me.
51 I am a “PK” – pastor’s kid
52 If I could travel anywhere, it would be to Israel. I hope I get to see the old Jerusalem before I see the new one LOL.
53 Things that keep me up nights: Debating Armenianism versus Calvinism, Deciding whether or not I am a young or old earther – leaning toward old, contemplating my end times position—-pretrib or ammileniastist? Still wondering…
54 My greatest hope: That I will give glory to God
55 Biggest hope for my children: That they will live life understanding their purpose, who they serve, and glorifying God above all else
56 Greatest Fear: That I will fail my husband and my kids
57 I started dying my hair at 32. I have no regrets. I dye it as close to my natural color as possible because I promised Jim I would.
58 Jim thinks I should cut my hair like the girl’s in Matrix. I think he is crazy.
59 I am very ecclectic with my music preferences. I love many contempary christian artists but also love country, Yanni, Celine Dion, Michael Buble, Nora Jones, Eva Cassidy, Andrea Bocelli, Josh Groban, Sarah Brightman, the Eagles….just love music.
60 When I was in elementary school I told people you would go to “H” “E” double hockey stick if you listened to rock music.
61 When I got married my husband brought with him a whole collection and still insists that Metallica is the greatest band on earth. (I don’t think he is going to the hot place either:)
62 I love to sing but I don’t have a passion for it that would ever amount to pursuing it (nor enough talent for it)
63 I love to cook (and sadly…I love to eat)
64 I don’t like housework. Not one bit. I especially hate doing the dishes and laundry.
65 I love long beautiful hikes – like the one at Westfork in Oak Creek Canyon but I don’t like the hike to be so hard I lose a toe nail. That isn’t on my fun list.
66 I have traveled to the following : Arizona, California, Utah and New Mexico (if you count four corners:), Nevada, Colorado, Michigan, Missouri, Kansas, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiania, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania (if you count the airport), Texas, and to Mexico.
67 I hope to see all 50 states someday. Preferrably traveling in an RV.
68 My husband completes me.
69 My children are my treasures.
70 My family is like none other and I am blessed.
71 I failed my driver’s test the first time for missing a double stop sign and I cried and cried and cried.
72 I went to work with two different shoes once. One was a heeled red pump and the other a flat red pump. See the ADD issue above.
73 I wore navy nylons with a bright green dress to an elegant luncheon once and didn’t notice I didn’t match until I was outside.
74 I took our doorbell off trying to get the smoke alarm to quit buzzing one time. Jim still thinks I am quite intelligent – just a nut.
75 I swiped the mirror off the side of our excursion backing out of the driveway right after Jim told me to watch for it. He was very mad.
76 I was very mad at Jim when he gave my two toy poodles away for pottying in the house. That was one of our first big marriage disputes. Obviously I buried the hatched on that one. LOL. He knows he may never live that one down.
77 I can’t cry over this the rest of my life though because in all honesty, I am not an animal lover. (Jim knew that). I am just an animal liker.
78 I am a people lover.
79 I am a motor mouth and sometimes I feel really guilty for talking too much and not letting other people get their two cents in.
80 I am trying to learn to keep my two cents to myself but I struggle with this.
81 I am a passionate person and sometimes people are afraid of that.
82 Grace is hard for me because I don’t accept failure well – in myself or others. God is teaching me about how precious grace is.
83 I am learning that failing means we tried. I am trying to teach this to my children.
84 I can’t hold things in my mouth or they will make me gag (like holding a hanger or a pen when I need an extra hand).
85 I tend to be psychosaumatic. If you are scratching you will make me itch. When Ty was in the NICU I couldn’t breathe and struggled with asthma symptoms.
86 When I get very stressed or overwhelmed with grief, I lose feeling in my face, back and arms.
87 Ty’s premature birth and first 18 months of life gave me post traumatic stress.
88 Infertility was one of my biggest battles turned into my greatest blessing.
89 I became a christian on June 29th, 1978. I understood this decision and made a “no turning back” decision when I was 13.
90 I have never broken any bones.
91 I do have acid reflux, a duedonal ulcer, and a hiaetal hernia. Worrying is very bad for my health.
92 In my mind I am still a size 4. I am sorely disappointed when I look in the mirror. Someday….
93 I hope I grow into a very gracious older woman who understands how to love and be a servant.
94 I love the Old Testament.
95 I wish I could be an expert on Jewish history – I love the subject.
96 I love to study and I want to be a walking biblical encylopedia.
97 I am very clumsy and I can’t dance.
98 I cannot create original works of art but I love to capture the fingerprints of God through photography.
99 I love photography and videos because I consider every moment precious and I don’t want to forget.
100 One of my favorite quotes is “Failure in the past does not nullify purpose in the future.”
101 Jesus is my greatest treasure and my reason.