Things that Make Me Smile

1. I gave blood this week. (I promised myself to give blood at least 7 times in gratitude for all those who donated their blood for Ty’s 7 transfusions). When I was done, the nurse said something to me with a totally serious expression that left me baffled. “Raise your arm above your head and leave it there for 60 seconds or a minute – whichever comes first.” ?????? 🙂 🙂 🙂

2. After Ty’s serious choking incident, it took him a few minutes to return to full alertness. When he did, he looked at the popcycle in the sink and said “No!”. Then looked at me and said “Anover snack?”

3. Tanner has prayed and thanked the Lord for “Braxton Reese” everynight since she was born – all on his own. I asked him if he changed his mind and wanted a baby sister now. He said “yes”! 🙂

4. Ann Coulter. Ann Coulter always makes me grin.

5. Wondering how I got high-jacked into attending Cabela’s grand opening with the rest of Phoenix. (Cabela’s is an outdoor sportsmen warehouse. Tanner would never let me throw Cabela’s magaines away when they came in the mail and would carry them all around the house at 2 years of age.) Needless to say, we were there for 2 hours. Sheeesssh.

6. The fact that Kristi Simpson posted a commented on my blog this week. Miracles never cease. Maybe Jodi will be next;)!

7. Speaking of Kristi, Kristi and I enjoyed the Go Fish concert this week even more than our kids.

8. I got most of my laundry done.

9. Jim’s birthday is Monday and we are celebrating after church Sunday. He wanted Monkey Bread that I could buy in a package from Walmart instead of me making dessert. I have a busy day ahead so that made me smile.

10. Tanner needs to sing his ABC’s perfectly in sync. In order to accomodate his tempo, he adds letters to keep on beat. THAT is cute. Ty sang the entire song this week dropping only a few letters.

11. Ty saying “Aunt Sissy….ummm…..just mommy….”

Why am I writing this right now? Simple. I am stalling. My mother in law is coming in from Chicago tomorrow and I am suppossed to be cleaning and doing my sunday school lessons.


Ty’s neurologist left a message on my cell phone when I was in the shower. All he said was “EEG came back normal call me if you have any questions.”

YEAH!!!!!!!!!! I am soooooo happy about that!!!!!!

Now for those of you worrying that this test may not have caught the problem…yes I acknowledge that but I am going to take all the good news I can get this week! Let’s not put today’s sun under tomorrows cloud! For today I am going to embrace the words NORMAL and let it be!

Thank you for praying with me and for me!

No Word Yet

It’s 2:00 and still no call from the Dr. I didn’t figure I would actually hear anything today but I am still hoping. While driving to Ty’s OT appointment I was listening to a song that I love and with tears streaming I was able to really just praise. There are several of you that will find the words to this song very meaningful right now so I’ll post them. This song was recorded by Avalon and is on their Stand CD.

Love Won’t Leave You

I think I caught you just in time
I caught you trying to survive
Broken pieces in your heart, never mend
But every hope you’ve ever had
Can breathe again

Love won’t leave you empty-handed
Broken down and somewhere stranded
Love won’t leave you hanging on for life
Cause love is
Love is always true
God is love
And love won’t leave you

I wanna say you’ll be okay
Always doing things the hard way
Living paralyzed by fear
But you know

    You can let it go today
    And save tomorrow

Love is gonna free your mind
Love is gonna steal your pride
And even though the hard times come
Love is gonna make things right

I think I caught you just in time
Love is gonna save your life