Good Golley

Can you believe Mr. Tanner still has a fever?  YES STILL!  Tonight it was back up to almost 104.  This is day 6.  During the day, he plays and though he hangs out between 100 and 101.5, he is acting fairly normal.  By evening and morning though his temp vascillates between 102 and 104.  For those of you that suggested it, yes I am going back and forth between Tylenol and Motrin because I HATE giving Motrin especially to my kids but darn if it isn’t the best for fever reduction.  I am trying to not give much med during the daytime because his fever hasn’t been getting over 101.5 during the day and it isn’t bothering him too much, by evening I have to because he starts getting miserable.  I don’t think it’s strep because (a) I see no white spots in his throat (b) he isn’t complaining about throat issues (c) he is not  complaining about any pain – the headache hasn’t been mentioned in a few days and (d) from what I hear, there is a virus going around that strikes fast and furious and lasts 5 to 7 days with a high temp.  That seems to describe this so I am trying to wait this out.  If he were miserable 24/7, I would be taking him in to the Dr. but that isn’t the case right now.


On the other hand, I would ask you to pray for little Jacob who evidently has the same virus.  Jacob and Tanner both got symptoms last Wed.  Jacob was almost admitted to the hospital last night but Susie was in a bind.  With Ferris still in the hospital, and Landen needing her…she was really feeling stuck.  We just need to pray that this virus doesn’t cause a CF flare up for Jacob.  This is so insane.  So truly insane.  How can one mama balance 2 very very ill children and a husband in the hospital???????  Lord please help!  She actually had ALL six in the ER on Saturday night because she had to take all siblings with her when she brought Jacob in the first time.  I think I already wrote that but I am repeating myself because I can’t wrap my mind around the constant onslaught of trials.  I saw pictures of Ferris’s leg today.  All I can say is POOOOORRR FERRIS! 

Noah finally got out of the hospital today and was given antibiotics.  They were discussing sending him home on a PIC line.  Thankfully that didn’t happen.  Can you even imagine an active 4 year old on a PIC line?  And that is supposed to prevent infection! Hah!  That would cause infection I bet.  So many babies in the NICU got infections from their pic lines (including Landen). 

Jim is still not 100% which is very sad because he is on vacation this week.  Ty is still okay but I wonder how long it will last.

Tomorrow afternoon we are meeting with our caseworker because we are renewing our homestudy.  We are hoping to get back into the adoption process this coming fall or winter.  Hoping Tanner is in a happy mood tomorrow and Ty isn’t buggin’ him because I really don’t want him to tell our case worker that he would like to be an only child LOL!  (Just teasin’ – he loves brother – most days;)

Well Ty is crying in his crib and since it’s way past his bedtime I am dreading the problem.  Please not another kid with a fever!  If I miss BSF AGAIN tomorrow, I might as well quit.  Feeling frustrated!

Happy Birthday Landen


The picture above was taken back in October.  Praying we see that little alert face again soon.  Brother Jacob was in the ER last night getting rehydrated with all FIVE of his siblings and mother in attendance.  Pooooooorrrrr Susie!!!!  With Ferris in the hospital, and her usual hospice nurse off, Susie had to take all 6 kids with her to the ER (which is becoming a second home). 


All the Sickies…

It has been a bad week for viruses hasn’t it?  On Sunday I noticed Ryan’s nose was running and instantly thought “uh oh”.  Sure enough by Wed, Jacob had a fever.  Wed night I brought Jacob and Ryan to the hospital to drop them back off with Susie.  I was worried that Jacob’s fever may be CF related and not a virus and I wanted his mommy to double check.  By Wed night, when I got home from dropping off the boys, Jim and Tanner were sick.  It hit them in a course of an hour.  They both have continual runny noses and Jim’s throat is hurting. 



Tanner doesn’t have the sore throat.  He said his head was hurting behind the ear (not the ear itself) and has struggled with a high fever.  His fever got up to 104 last night (picture above taken during that time). Usually you only give Motrin every 8 hours but I am having to give it every 4 or 5 just to keep his fever down.  He woke up with a 102.9 fever this morning and he wasn’t 8 hours in to the Motrin again.  What is up with that?  I am most concerned that it could be strep but since Tanner’s throat isn’t hurting I am hoping against that.  (Strep is going around our parts).  Ty however, is still fine.  Weird but Tanner seems to have a weaker immune system than Ty does.  Especially strange since Tanner eats so well and Ty does not.



Noah was admitted into the hospital during the night.  He got another infection in one of his pin sites and is currently at John C Lincoln North getting IV antibiotics.  He was in a lot of pain with this yesterday.  So not good!  Mom just called and said that the will keep Noah another night at the hospital.



Thankfully I am not sick (yet!).  Yesterday Jim and I had to get physicals to renew our adoption homestudy and my Dr. was following up on the blood tests he had run on me last month.  His office had called and told me I was anemic due to iron deficiency and I needed to start on iron.  Who wants to do that considering the side effects?  So I had been stalling and had not done that.  I started taking my iron this morning though when the Dr. told me that an average woman’s iron level is around 200 and my was…get this… THREE!!!!!!  I have almost NO iron.  The Dr. then said, “You know I learned something in medical school that really stuck with me….oxygen is really good for you.”  Ha ha.  (Iron makes red blood cells and red blood cells carry your O2).  He wants me doubling up on my iron for at least the first month.  Jim asked if my low carbing would help since I am eating more meat and the Dr. said I can’t possibly eat enough iron to make up for this.  So why so low?  I have no idea.  The Dr. does wonder if my girl issues are causing me to lose too much blood which is exactly what my ob/gyn was concerned about.  Guess there might be something to that theory ;).

Update:  By the time I ended this posting, my nose was running.  Darn it.


I haven’t been able to talk to Susie since Wed night due to a conflict in our schedules.  The last I heard was that a skin graft had been done but it appeared to be failing so they were going to try a blood transfusion.  He is scheduled for yet another surgery on Monday.  He was told that he would not be able to go straight home but to a rehab center for 2 to 4 weeks.  Due to the diabetes, they expect healing to be very slow and they thought he would need a trained eye for a longer period of time post all this trauma.  I agree but this is not good news for Susie.  And they do not have short term disability so they are just going to be hurting all the way around.

I don’t know how Jacob and Ryan are doing with their colds but this high fever business can’t be good for Jacob.  I do know that Landen has had a very bad week on top of things but I don’t have any details right now.

So that is all I know right now…not much.


For Susie

I have had Ryan and Jacob since Sunday so I promised Susie I would post a couple of snapshots today.  Pictures are of Tanner, Ty, Jacob (5), and Ryan (2).  Ryan JUST woke up from his 3 HOUR nap when I took these. 


Here are today’s updates:

Ferris – will have surgery tomorrow to once again clean wound.  A fifth surgery is scheduled for Friday to bone graft with the plastic surgeon (or maybe skin graft or both?  starting to get confused today).  He will then be in the hospital another 5 or 6 days after that.

Logan – He tore a tendon but no breaks – yeah! 

I haven’t forgotten about Ty’s birthday update but I am waiting on that til I have time to do his 3 year pictures.  Next week Jim’s on vacation so not sure when I’ll get this done.