I have a story for you and it isn’t a good one.  It is worthy of being canonized though because I may need this later in life when I have to drag up all the things my darling “owes” me for ;).

Heidi had a terrible week.  Seth was being very very four and mama was coming loose at the seams.  I won’t tell her story, I’ll let her do that.  You can read it here.

I was trying to help her come up with ideas for behavior correcting yesterday morning and as I stood in the shower I was making a mental list of all the things that my boys had done to create mischief.  My list was extremely short.  Sure, Ty tries to eat everything and pushes every button known to man, but I would not label him destructive.  (Sweetie is getting sick and tired of having to reprogram her TV back to English though.  This is a tricky thing to do once the language is switched because you have to read a foreign language to follow the reverse directions).

I am sure I have several stories but nothing of huge significance.  Tanner dumped a Toby Mac CD in the toilet at about two and drew on his face with a pen once.  Nothing significant has ever been abused, broken, cut, written on or otherwise destroyed – well okay – there is the whole Sweetie eye thing but that really was an accident 🙂 .   I knew that as these thoughts were going through my mind it would be a really great time to knock on wood.  I didn’t – first mistake. 😉

My brothers had such a lengthy list of misdemeanors.  So many things I can think of off the top of my head.  Glue on the TV, mustard on the pillowcases, bottle of baby powder all over the room, broken everything, tore down the big playhouse with a bat, a very angry chicken covered in spaghetti, gum in the hair, honey UNDER THE bunk beds (that was a BAD day).  Then there are my nieces and nephews who aren’t half bad at mischief either.  Noah managed to flood the house before he was 2.  He has written on many things with markers including the bathroom walls, sink, and couch not to mention himself.  Zane regularly has gum in his hair.  Kids being kids.  How did I get so lucky and miss these antics though?  Happy little sigh relishing in all the good things of my sweet little family.

Last night we went to dinner at Matt and Amanda’s.  Amanda and I were chatting chatting chatting and Ty was busy pushing tv buttons like usual.  I put him in time out for that a couple of times.  At one point Tanner says’s “Mommy Ty has got a yucky diaper you need to change him.” 

I stalled because Ty was in time out and I wanted him there a bit longer.  Mistake number 2.

A couple minutes later Tanner was calling again.  He made the diaper thing sound like an emergency.  Not surprising.  Kids think most things are an emergency, especially when I am on the phone, and believe me – I RARELY AGREE.

I saunter in to change the child’s diaper only to discover that he had been reaching into his diaper exploring the mess during his monotonous time out.  What must he have been thinking at that moment? 

“Interesting color?  Interesting texture?  I can’t leave – I am stuck in timeout with nothing to do. Ho hummmmm…what to do?”

Well my creative little genius decides that finger painting would be a good craft to occupy his busy mind during the long tedious minutes of timeout. 

OF ALL TIMES!!!! IN SOMEONE ELSE’S HOME!!!!!!  I was shocked, horrified, mortified and several other adjectives.  I first had to wash down Matt and Amanda’s wall with Lysol wipes all the while wearing a glazed over look on my face.  While I was washing down the wall I called for Jim declaring EMERGENCY.  When “I” say it’s an emergency it IS an emergency and Jim DID believe me!  I asked Jim to put Ty in the tub and told him NOT TO HEAT THE WATER UP (just for you Grace Gals).  Unfortunately, not only does Ty have a high pain tolerance, but he also has very low sensitivity to temperature.  When I came in to wash him down he was happily splashing in a frigid bath and eating Amanda’s bar soap.  Nice.  Jim says’s “Just get him out – he is obviously having too much fun”. 

I am cringing imagining Amanda sharing this story with her mom because the house they are currently living in is actually their parents rental while they are trying to sell their house.

Amanda wrote me an email this morning letting me know they had such a fun time with us last night.  She is either a great liar or a true friend 🙂 . 

Oh aren’t you just horrified?  I called Heidi and shared this story this morning.  She no longer feels quite so alone and she agreed that “deeds” like this done in another person’s HOME truly take the cake.  This is a contestant I was not aiming to win. 

Yours truly,

The Mama who is praying her luck did not just change for the worst.

Stay Saved

“I just wish for once the world would STAY saved!”  Quote: Mr. “The” Incredible

After my last post about getting my weekly schedule for next years schooling nearly complete, I have given the appearance of being extremely OCD.  I admit that I do have some OCD qualities but this time, my reasons for this were more practical.

Being an at home mom, life gets full of redundant chores.  NOTHING STAYS DONE.  You can’t clean anything good enough to keep it that way.  Not house, not car, not clothes, not kids.  Nothing.  Being very task oriented, I really NEED to be able to check things off a list and I want them to STAY done!  Very few things in a week are actually done “for good”.  I think most every woman has this stuggle and for those of us that are very task oriented, it is especially…I’ll use Ty’s word…agonizing. 🙂

One of the struggles that I predict I may have with homeschool is redundancy, self discipline and/or monotony.  I am afraid that if I only look at the little picture, and not the big picture, I won’t feel like I am making headway.  If every week my “chore” is to schedule and plan weekly/daily activities, I think I will get lost in it.  IF on the other hand, I know what my goals are, I have an end date, and I have milestones to get me there, each day of accomplishment is a mile marker.  Those assignments can be checked off the list for good!  Managing to the small goals only makes sense to me in light of the big goals.  Therefore, by marking out what lessons need to be done by when from Sept to May – I never lose sight of the end and I get to see daily progress.  “Accomplishments” are a huge motivator for me.  I am a major list person and I love to “check check check” – LOVE it!  That is the “Type A Choleric” personality coming out in me 🙂

Now that I have this weekly schedule almost done, I am concentrating on what crafts will be done weekly and what science experiments.  This is fun!  Actually I typically am not a crafty person but I think I can handle First Grade stuff.  At 6 and 7 crafts and activities are just a must!  That is what kids remember the most.  When I was in kindergarten we made homemade fried donuts and I remember loving them to this day.  That is on the schedule for next year:).  Crafts are what memories are made of. 

I am just trying to stack all odds in my favor so that I will be as good at actually doing it as I am at talking about doing it LOL.  I know what my strengths and weaknesses are and I am trying very hard to create an environment that I can live with and that my kids can live with.  Getting this schedule done ahead of time has created excitement for me and has inspired me to be really committed to the goals I set for us.  I am sure I will have to add/delete/edit things as I go and I am okay with this but I needed a good “start plan”.  I purpose to have a wonderful bonding year with my son.  I want to create a lifetime of memories and I want to enjoy the daily one on one time that I am so privileged to get with him.  I pray I don’t take that for granted and I take full advantage of the opportunity. I also pray that I will be good for Tanner. 

Kindergarten has gone so exceptionally well that it has helped give me courage.  I did this because I felt convicted, compelled and obligated to do it.  I did not realize I would be passionate about it.  It has been so easy for me to be disciplined with K-garten because I love every day I get to do something with my child that STAYS DONE.  Each lesson learned is built upon the next day and I get to watch the expansion and growing of my precious child.  How cool is that?  It IS cool!  VERY cool!  Even Jim thinks so!

So I am not saving the world and keeping it saved – that is a Jesus job – but I am getting a few things done that are staying done and today that is a big deal! 🙂

Options and Agony


Why so big today?  Because I could 🙂 .  The picture width can be as wide as 400 pixels so the portrait pictures can be shown much larger than the landscape.  And isn’t it cute?

Jim is playing Xbox with his buddies, Tanner needs to be in bed but isn’t, and Ty is asleep.  I have been a busy girl and I want to get in bed too but I wanted one more thing to check off my list today – blog – check.  🙂

I added some Easter pictures to the Summer Gallery by the way – if your interested 🙂

One major item that I am nearly finished with is my Homeschool weekly calendar for next year.  I built an access database to house my weekly schedule details and I have all Tanner’s assignment charted out by week.  I just need to add some science experiments, crafts, and his math and we are ready to go.  Yeah!  (Note to Heidi – I’ll have to send this to you just so that someone will ooohhh and aaahhhh over my effort LOL).  I decided to schedule assignments by week instead of days to give us more weekly flexibility.  Some days we will do more than others depending on what we have scheduled for the week.  I am trying my best to figure out how I will entertain Ty during Tanner’s school time.  It is hard enough already and we only work for an hour to an hour and a half.  I didn’t want to start a pre-k program for Ty because I think under 5 should be just play time but I have a feeling Ty won’t tolerate that.  I think he will likely WANT school time with Tanner but unfortunately Ty is very distracting (he talks the whole time 🙂 ).  Still thinking on that one…

Some days Tanner feels like my big kid and not my little one.  I don’t want him to turn six yet!  This week we had a conversation that made me feel we had jumped forward 10 years instead of back.  It all started with Ty crying…

Ty – Mommy (cry cry cry) Tanner won’t let me play two players (Xbox)

D – Tanner why won’t you let him play?

T – The game won’t let me.

D – Did you try?

T – Ya it won’t work. (Never making eye contact with me – eyes on the screen)

D – Okay in that case it is time to let Ty have a turn.

T – Okay.

D – Tanner right now.

T – Okay when this game is finished.

D – (I start to leave and then turn back) Uh Tanner, how long do you think it will take you to finish this game?

T – A couple hours.



Conversations with my 3 year old

Ty – When I be three can I have gum?

Doni – “You are three and no”

Ty – When I be six?


Ty – I am being good mommy!  I AM!  I like being good.  (Usually said when he is wanting me to leave him be and mind my own nevermind – also very rarely believable 🙂


I need some cuddle time.  I do.”  I love this one and I have heard it several times this week.  Of course cuddle time lasts all of about 15 seconds but I’ll take it.  He is also smart enough to use it as a stall before bed time.  I also enjoy the way Ty repeats short phrases at the end of his sentences.  Examples “I do.  I am.  I will.”  Often a two word phrase is repeated at the end of most of what he say’s.  I think I reiterate like that a lot too so he must get it from Mommy motor mouth 🙂


One day Jim was getting ready for work and I was trying to brush the boys’ teeth in the bathroom.  Tanner and Ty were exchanging words with one another and Ty was getting upset and say’s “TANNER!  Stop agonizing me!”  I then say “I think you mean “aggravating”.  Jim say’s “No he means ‘antagonizing'”.  I think Jim was right.  LOL.  I suppose though if someone is antagonizing you, you may feel agonized so it was perfectly appropriate I think.  🙂


Speaking of big words…

Ty – Mommy can I have a drink?

D – Yes bring me your sippy cup.

Ty – (Hands me cup) I need options.

D – You need what?

Ty – Options.  For my drink.

LOL.  Sweetie couldn’t believe he was smart enough to know that word but I assume it is because I often say “Okay boys here are your options – do you want blah blah blah”.  Still though it’s impressive he can use words in different context as it suits him. 


Outside on the porch tonight Jim and I were sitting watching the boys play.  Tanner takes a stick and throws it and it hits Ty in the head.  (It was a small stick but the throw was purposeful).  Ty walks over and smacks Tanner for it.  Tanner fakes a complaint figuring he will distract towards Ty’s misdemeanor instead of his own.  I make the mistake of saying “You deserved that one Tanner”.  Ty swings around and with a pointing figure say’s “You reserved that one Tanner!”  LOL.  Reserved – deserved – whatever.


I have mentioned time and time again how Ty hates anything in his crib.  This week he must have scratched himself during his sleep because he had this small little blood stain on his sheets.  It was making him crazy and he kept insisting I wash the sheets but I told him to deal with it because I had clothes already in the laundry.  He would be great at ink blotch tests because he couldn’t quit staring at the stain and he kept telling me “that little guy scares me”.  After about a day of that I washed the sheet. He noticed the moment I layed him down and he thanked me over and over because “that guy scared me”.  LOL!  Silly boy.


While sitting at Papa and Sweetie’s table this week, I was being the mean mom and wouldn’t let Ty get down.  Tanner left the table and started playing.  Ty brought this to my attention (of course).  I told Ty that Tanner doesn’t get in to stuff at Sweetie’s house so he got that priveledge.  Ty very casually then say’s (without a smile or any emotion at all) “Ya.  I push buttons, get the remote control, and turn the tv on“.  Papa and Sweetie were trying their best to hide their laughter.  All said in a very practical manner like he was totally in agreement with my assessment.  But…alas…what can be done about it?  It’s just what he does.  Good gracious.

This same day he was in trouble for something and I was threatening disciplinary measures.  As he walked out of the room I heard him say “De Ja Vu“.  Again Papa starts cracking up.  No kidding “De Ja Vu” – that should have been MY line!!!!!!!!  He couldn’t possibly know what that means.  Tanner said he heard it on Veggie Tales.  Hmmmmmm.  He certainely used THAT phrase in context!!! 

We were watching Night at the Museum this week and Ty loved the monkey Dexter.  He couldn’t wait to see if Dexter would reappear in every scene.  Jim and I got sick of hearing “Were is the baby?  Where is the baby monkey that steals the keys?  Is the baby coming back?  I want to see the baby monkey!”  Jim commented that it figured this was Ty’s favorite character.  I agreed.  😉



Agapeland – Hurray

Well boy howdy look what I found!  This website includes:  Music Machine, Down By the Creek Bank, Antshillvania, Bullfrogs and Butterflies, and Psalty too.  I had most of these as a kid and some of them were on EIGHT TRACK.  Now we can buy them on CD yeah! 

My sweet friend Kathy brought me Bullfrogs and Butterflies last Sunday so that I could play the Good Morning Song for the boys and get all the lyrics right.

Thought several of you gals would want this site address:

Agape Land Music


And Heidi – active military families get free shipping:)


Goat Ropin’

Did you ever hear the old youth group campfire song “I don’t want to be a goat nope.  I don’t want to be a goat nope.  Cuz a goat has no hope nope.  I don’t want to be a goat.”  My boys love me to sing this silly song to them.  (And it does have some spiritual signifigance as the verses progress we just never get that far LOL).

This week I sang that song literally.  For all of you animal lovers tempted to feel sorry for these goats, I don’t think even one was actually ever caught.

Grandma pointed out the funniest thing about these pictures that mama missed.  I was showing them to her yesterday and she said “Looks to me like Tanner was roping himself”.  Sure enough 🙂  How did I miss that?  The following picture is zoomed in from the one above.  Did he fall after I shot this picture off and didn’t notice?  How could he have avoided it?  Wish I had the “post” shot:)  Too funny.


Ty’s Favorite Phrases This Week

“Mommy get me some spider gotch” = He wants butterscotch chips 🙂

“Don’t pause it!  I want to sing the menu” = He doesn’t want me to play Mr. The Incredible, he just wants to watch the DVD menu.  He will watch it for as long as 20 minutes sometimes.  A bit of his sensory processing disorder showing up?  I have no explanation for this attraction short of that.

“Daddy can we go to Valley Looney?” = Our favorite Mexican Restaurant is Valle Luna 🙂

“Hey DaddyO” = He say’s he learned that off Leap Frog’s Letter Factory but I haven’t confirmed.

The “Amanda Toe”

Grandma has been telling me that she thought Ty’s shoes were too small.  She said that she thought they were actually changing his toes because a couple of his toes didn’t look right – they were being squished too much in his shoes.  Sounds bad doesn’t it?  She said this awhile ago and I guess I figured that I would have noticed if I was deforming my child’s feet and I never thought to check.  Those shoes were bought in November so it probably IS time for a shoe change but I couldn’t imagine they were actually reshaping his feet and he hasn’t complained.  Yesterday she brought it up again and so we checked.  Too funny – she was referring to what we call the “Amanda Toe”.  When Ty was in the NICU we noticed that his second toe on both feet were crooked – bent sideways a bit.  Turns out, so is Amanda’s!  Open adoption really is a beautiful thing LOL – we may have rushed him off to an orthopedic specialist thinking we had ruined his toes with tight shoes has we not already been aware of that little known tidbit.  Not that your toes are “ruined” Ty and Amanda – only unique 🙂