Quick Update

Papa’s finger seems no worse for the wear.  He must have bones of steel 🙂 .  We had a fun time with Tanner that night and Ty was – for possibly the first time – missing his mommy!  Yeah for me!!!!!  It melted my heart to hear that Ty kept saying “I need my mom”.  He DID have a fun time with Papa and Sweetie though.

I have more to write about – including pictures from Tanner’s birthday party but I won’t be able to blog again until next week due to my schedule.  I am sure my posts will be pretty lenghty when I finally catch up :)!  Same song different verse huh?

Papa’s Finger

Papa needs prayer!  I called my mom a few minutes ago and she was in a panic.  The fire department was at the house trying to get my dad’s finger out from between the trailer hitch and the ball.  I have no idea how he did this but he was stuck in that position for quite some time before he was able to get Grammy’s attention and then wait for rescue.  He was told that he may lose this finger and was advised to go get medical care immediately.  Aunt Beck said the finger doesn’t look all that bad but at the moment they have no way of knowing how much damage was actually done to it compressed this way.  That is all I know at the moment.



Mom just called back and said he is running it under cold water and it hurts “significantly”.  The good news is he can move it and he is getting feeling back.  Since he can move it, he doesn’t think the bone is broke.  The risk of compression is if oxygen was cut off for too long you risk permanent damage but if he is getting feeling back – maybe it will just be a big OWWWIIIEEE!!!!  Hoping.


Crazy man.  Within 10 minutes of the fire department leaving, he packed his finger in ice and had Daniel drive him to the DMV so he could finish his “tasks” for the day.  Is he okay or in shock? 🙂

I am scheduled to leave Ty with them tonight so Jim and I can have a date with our little man who turned 6 today.  Is this a really bad idea? 

Mommy James

This is the Mother’s Day card that Tanner made me.  He got mad at himself for writing Mow instead of Mom 🙂 .  This is an African scene with giraffes, gazelle’s and turtles.  I can’t decide which I like better – the stick giraffe or the stick gazelle’s 🙂

 I realize this is actually too small for you to see, but Tanner and I made an “I Spy” birthday invitation for his cousins just for fun.  He is going to be six on the 22nd!  This year I finally wised up.  Instead of taking him shopping for birthday gifts, I let him sit with Toys R Us.com and add all his selected items to his wishlist.  Shopping with Tanner can be a miserable experience because he is incredibly indecisive.  I warned Papa and Sweetie about this last year when they took him shopping.  They haven’t volunteered again. 🙂  Anyhow, I first showed him options on Toys R Us and the minute he started saying “It’s hard mommy.  I can’t decide” – I quickly gave him a tutorial in wishlists so he could sort through the “finks in his mind” on his own time.  So happy I thought of that. 


Not a heck of a lot to say today.  The last couple weeks have been so behind in everything.  The boys got sick then they gave it to mommy and I am struggling to get over it still.  I may manage to get laundry done today though:)

I took the boys weight and measurements today because I am trying to remember to keep records of this.


Age – Will be 6 on the 22nd

Weight – 42.5 pounds

Height – 45.75 inches  (2.25 inches more and he will be 4 foot already!)

Shoe Size – 13


Age – 3 (just turned a corrected 3 on the 1st)

Weight – 33 pounds

Height – 40.5 inches

Shoe Size –  9.5

(Note to Heidi – check Seth’s height.  I bet Ty is close in height because he is closer to a size 4 then a 3 in height).



Tanner – Mommy can I play games?  I didn’t bug Ty today.  Well….just a little bit…but not much.

🙂 🙂 🙂


Jim – Ty let’s go.

Ty – I need to put my shoes on.

Jim – You don’t need your shoes just come on.

Ty – I just need my feet?

🙂 🙂 🙂


Doni – (Singing On Top of Old Smokey while making Spaghetti and Meatballs)

Ty – Don’t sing

Doni – Why not?

Ty – That’s boring

🙂 🙂 🙂


Ty – Mommy wash my hands

Doni – Ty I will when I get good and ready

Ty – (With a smile) Get good and ready

🙂 🙂 🙂


What Ty say’s every night before bed…

“When I wake up can I see you tommorrow Mommy?”

That must be a stall because when does he ever “not” see me in the morning? 🙂


Ty – “Mommy am I so precious to you?”

🙂 🙂 🙂


Ty has been going through the “baby stage” lately.  He want to be held like a baby, he likes talking like a baby and he keeps wanting to walk around in just a diaper.  He then say’s (and you have to say this fast and run it all together)…

“Can I take my pants off and walka lika little baby?”

“Can I have cuddle time?”


Lately when Ty gets aggravated with Tanner I can hear him screaming through the house TANNER JAMES!!!!!  He loves the added effect of a middle name.

Yesterday Jim and I were watching TV and Jim starts giggling.  He drew my attention to Ty’s voice screaming from the other room.  (Sometimes I tone these things out 🙂 ).  Ty was yelling “MOMMY!!!  MOMMY JAMES!”