Wardrobe Change

For the THIRD time, I have changed my mind about my dress.  I am not in the wedding party so what I wear is pretty much irrelevant but I don’t get to shop for anything “pretty” often so I was having a lot of trouble making decisions.  Jim rated the short blue dress a “7” and I just couldn’t live with that.  I originally had a longer blue dress which I decided was too formal for a day wedding and Jim rated that one a “9”.  Dang.  So back to the mall for the third time and I ended up resorting to exactly what I knew I would – a black dress.  Never fail.  I often think of black as taboo for a wedding but times are changing and black is in vogue now even for weddings :).  Several people made the comment “that blue is bold but if you feel comfortable in it”…..here is the problem with that.  I like wild and bold.  Doesn’t rattle me to stand out if my choices are a little more eccentric sometimes but a wedding is not a place where you want to “stand out” (unless you are the bride of course;).    So here is – hopefully – my final dress choice.  I know this is less than interesting information to most people but since I have discussed fashion with several of you, thought you’d just like to know what the latest is LOL.

My Sensory Issues

The first time I engaged in a low carb diet I made the mistake of watching the movie Chocolat.  Through the duration of this flick, I entertained a single thought.  How to make a cup of hot chocolate as low carb as possible.  There were a few ways to do this but I settled for cocoa powder, vanilla extract, splenda, and evaporated milk.  (In retrospect I should have tried coconut milk – much lower carbs).  It has been during times such as these that I have come face to face with this reality:  I battle food addiction. 🙂

There are four times when I find food simply irresistible:

1.  When I need comfort.  After I gave birth to Tanner, I lost 40 pounds in 3 weeks.  My Dr. couldn’t believe it and wondered how that was possible.  I assume because I was mostly carrying fluid.  After Ty was born though, I gained 40 pounds.  Took longer than 3 weeks – I can find a small measure of comfort in that point – but ridiculous weight gain just the same.  And why?  Because I needed 18 months of comfort eating and then another 18 months to make the decision and commit to dieting.  Sigh….

2.  When I am socializing.  Susie asked me this week how I could be losing weight when every time she is with me I am eating.  The answer is simple.  I am a social eater.  I was brought up in a family that celebrates with food and time together always includes a good measure of food.  My worst days of the week to battle temptation is Friday dinner and Sunday lunch – both meals usually spent with family.   You know you “got it bad” when you daydream about what will be served at the Wedding Feast of the Lamb. LOL

3.  Visual stimulation.  I am a sucker for a good recipe book or commercial. 

4.  Once a month.  No further explanation needed for this particular target audience.

*** Also when pregnant trying to fight the continual nauseousness but I don’t predict this will be an issue in my future :).

For the purpose of this light expository, I will center on bullet point number three.

Beyond recipe books and commercials, I also am realizing that I am very attracted to books and movies that center on food.  Here are a few I must avoid during dieting seasons.


Way too many yummy desserts spotlighted in this movie.  The worst is when the spices and seasonings are highlighted.  I sincerely can’t take it!  I love spices.  LOVE EM’.

The Last Holiday

I like Queen Latifah.  Her character feels genuine to me in most of her roles.  The Last Holiday is my favorite Queen Latifah movie.  She loves to cook and aspires to be a Master Chef.  I really could have enjoyed her holiday – believe you me.


We took the boys to see this and I just really fell in love with the little rat who knew just what spices to put in the dishes.  Can I get me one of those?  I thought about food creations all throughout the movie.

Kristen Heitzmann’s The Rose Legacy

I like this series.  Partly because book three reminds me of one of my favorite movies “A Walk in the Clouds” and partly because the main character opens up a small Italian restaurant and discusses her special delicacies with such tenderness and passion that all I can think about it is wrapping cannoli up in little pillows and putting them down for the night. 🙂


The media above serves to spark my imagination.  I admit it.  Food makes me happy.  Thinking about new dishes, new combinations of flavors, spices yet untried, slaving over a brand new creation that makes my home smell like heaven must…mmmmmmmmmm that is just good for the soul.

If the price to be paid for this indulgence is 40 plus extra pounds I wonder if it might be just a little bit worth it.  As it stands, I have lost over 20 pounds now.  Slow going but I am making progress.  I have 20 more to go to get back to my wedding day size.  (But who really needs to weigh what they did at 21 anyhow…I mean really!)

Between dieting, getting ready for a trip to Boston, and all this talk about grocery shopping, I nearly salivate talking about food.  Phone time with Heidi is definitely poor dieting strategy.  Like me, she loves to invent and she has a far superior creative genius for it.  Her ideas are sure to punish me in the aftermath.  Imagine us vacationing together?  Someday we would like to take a cruise together.  You know they really encourage you to eat on cruise ships because it keeps the seasickness away.  Thus lines and lines of buffets with delightful sweet aromas. 

Today I find myself battling a split personality disorder while engaging interpersonal negotiations over our upcoming Boston trip.  The skinny girl inside keeps warning “You have worked so hard!  You want to be comfortable and cute in your new clothes.  You don’t want to have taken 10 steps back before you get home.  If you bloat in your vacation clothes you will be very sad!”  The sassy woman though is saying this “Hang it girlfriend.  Enjoy New England.”

Who will win this war?  They both have fairly convincing closing arguments therefore the jury is still out. 

Must be moving on now.  Off to light the BBQ.  We bought a brand new smoker recently and I am anxious to try out hamburgers over the charcoal flames.  Nothing beats cheeseburgers cooked over charcoal.  I think I could use some prayer support.

Post Script:  The picture of me in the dress above was taken this week.  I was modeling my Boston attire to email to Heidi.  We were discussing whether or not this is an appropriate dress to wear to a day time Boston wedding.  From what I hear, it is bold and bright for Boston’s more conservative fashion climate, but I really like the dress.  Sheeeshhhh….I still can’t decide. Notice I left plenty of room for Boston food going for the empire waistline LOL.  A dummy I am not (usually) 😉



Savvy Shoppers

Calling all you savvy grocery shoppers!!!!  I need your help!  It has been pointed out to me that if I were to appear on “Price is Right” I would walk away empty handed for certain.  When I started looking into Coupon Sense, I had a list of questions circling about pricing and such.  I called my friend Belinda who has a reputation for being a savvy shopper. 


(Belinda and baby Will pictured above)

As were talking, she began quoting perishable food item prices left and right.  Great day in the mornin’ how in the world did she keep track of all this?  I then realized that I didn’t even know off the top of my head what the price of milk is.  No idea.  I got a pen and paper and started writing prices down madly!  At this moment I can’t find my list but one thing that stood out to me was the price of chicken.  Belinda told me never to buy chicken over $2.00 a pound and that usually I could get it on ad for $1.77 a pound. 

This week I went to my fridge to see what I had been paying for chicken.


I told Belinda this and she was MORTIFIED (those were her exact words in the email to me) LOL!  So here is where you gals come in…I think many of us (please tell me it isn’t just me…) need to get a reality check on what we SHOULD be paying for groceries.  For all of you who keep track of good deals and ads, I need to hear from you because I wouldn’t know the difference between a steal and being price gouged right now and that makes me feel very humbled and like a very poor steward.  If you know off the top of your head what price ranges you keep on the look out for meat, dairy, produce, canned goods…etc….would you please comment and help educate me?

Indebted to you… 

Amazing Freedom – Women of Faith

It’s that time again!  I should have started making this announcement last month because now I am not giving a lot of time to all of you ladies who want to attend.  In order to get the early bird prices, we have to register very soon. 

Last year, several women were uncomfortable in the nose bleed seats so Jodi and I decided that we are going to go for better seating this year.  Additionally, there IS a preconference in Phoenix this year and Beth Moore is the speaker – YIIIIPPEEEE!  Because of the different options available and the pricing scale, we (we meaning Jodi and I) feel we need to give everyone options as to what ticket they want but KEEP IN MIND – depending on your choice – you may not be sitting with your friends!!!!

Here are the details:

Conference Dates:  Friday November 16th through Saturday November 17th

Where:  At the new Glendale arena (Jobing.com Arena)

When:  Friday Preconference runs from 9:00 to 3:00 and Evening conference begins at 7:00 PM.  Saturday conference runs from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Who:  Speakers this year are:  Sheila Walsh, Luci Swindoll, Sandy Patti, Patsy Clairmont, Marilyn Meberg and Anita Renfroe – (MARILYN IS MY FAVORITE!)  Also Nicole C. Mullen, Allison Allen, and Carol Kent

Price Schedule FOR EARLY BIRD – if you register with Grace Family Fellowship

If you want to attend the Preconference with Beth Moore AND the conference AND you want preferred seating and the lunchbox meal both days, the price is:  119.00 to 129.00 (depending on if we get group rate for having over 20).

Same package as above but with standard seating is between 99.00 and 109.00.

If you want to attend the conference ONLY and not the preconference and you don’t want the lunch box meal – the price will be 45.00 to 55.00 for standard seats or 65.00 to 75.00 for premium seats.

Again, I know that at least Jodi and I have decided on the Package premium (the 119.00 to 129.00), but you can still register through us I think even if you don’t get the same package.

HERE IS THE IMPORTANT PART:  Money needs to be paid through Grace Family Fellowship BY SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 2nd!!!!!!  You will not be able to register with us if you don’t get your check to the church by that date as we will be ordering tickets that week to meet the early bird deadline.   Make your checks out to Grace Family Fellowship and be sure to write on the memo – WOMEN OF FAITH.

If you want to stay overnight in a hotel again like we did last year, you will need to REGISTER WITH JODI AND PAY YOUR PORTION OF THE ROOM COST BY SUNDAY NOVEMBER 4th.  If you don’t register and pay by that date, you will not have a bed reserved.

If you have any questions, email me at doni@jimanddoni.com or Jodi at jzimmermann@cox.net.

Looking forward to enjoying this years conference with you!!!!

Special Note:  There are some women who will want to go but will not have the funds.  If you find yourself with a little extra this season and would be willing to sponser someone else, please let Jodi and I know.  Thanks!