Bioethics Seminar

The Center for AZ Policy along with Focus on the Family, Bioethics Defense Fund and other groups are hosting a Bioethics Seminar at Bethany Bible next Saturday, Nov 3rd.  I will be attending with Tanner and have ten minutes to share our story as one of the guest speakers.  Think I can do it in 10 minutes?  LOL!  I’ll talk fast! 

General Admission is $45.00

Guest Speakers on the list so far are:

Wesley J. Smith, Senior Fellow, Discovery Institute and Special Consultant, The Center for Bioethics and Culture
Carrie Gordon Earll, Senior Policy Analyst-Bioethics, Focus on the Family
Jennifer Lahl, National Director, The Center for Bioethics and Culture
Nikolas Nikas J.D., President, Bioethics Defense Fund
Dr. Fred Chay, Dean of Academics, Phoenix Seminary,
Dr. Jacque Chadwick, Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs for the Phoenix Campus, University of Arizona

Plus a special conference video message from Joni Eareckson Tada, Joni and Friends!

HERE is a link for more info.


I have had my eye on Brownback, Thompson, Huckabee and Romley for awhile now and I have narrowed it down to Huckabee at this point.  Many conservatives are looking at Guilinni from a strategy point of view – lesser of two evils.  I can’t do it.  I have went over this in my head 100 times.  What is most important?  Make sure Hilary doesn’t get in and protect our Supreme Court Judges who ultimately make the decisions OR vote my conscience?  I don’t see us much better off with G. anyway.

Dr. Dobson and other evangelical leaders have been standing up lately and publicly stating that they will vote their conscience come what may and they will not support Guilliani.  I am assuming this position as well (and yes I understand the consequence to voting for the under dogs).

But BEFORE I have to launch a full scale defense for my choice in this matter:), we need to concentrate on the next step.  The Primary!  We still have a chance here to avoid the above issue if we can get Huckabee in.  If bloggers and churches rally on this point, we still can turn this around.

When looking for a candidate, there are many qualities that I care about but often times the narrow down process begins with questions that will keep me from letting a candidate out of the gate.  Am I a one issuer voter?  Depends on the issue.  This one issue voting business isn’t so much about who I WILL vote for but who I WILL NOT.  I have said all this stuff a million times.  I’ll quote from someone else this time:

Some would say that I’m a one-issue voter. I’m not. There are several issues that are extremely important to me. The abortion issue is not one of those issues. It’s the foundation on which any candidate I consider must stand. You must understand, if a man or woman believes that it’s okay to kill babies, that tells me that their judgment is severely impaired. They are not fit to run our country.” – Terri Blackstock – Christian Writer.  Find her posting on Huckabee HERE.  I would highly recommend reading it. 

There are so many important issues to weed through and sometimes it is tough to know what is “right”.  When it comes to many social issues though, where life and lifestyle are concerned – God gives specific instruction.  This is no longer my opinion but what HE says.  Being an Old Testament lover, I have marveled at the hill and valley affect of the legendary Kings of Israel and Judah.  Unbelievable how defiant they were especially considering their nations history with God.  They had every reason to believe and still unbelief reigned a good majority of the time in both Kingdoms.  I am reading in Isaiah now and watching this timeless story play out yet again.  God warns His beloved.  Advises them against their wicked ways.  Spells out the consequences….then promises His unfailing love.  His mercy is new every morning.  Still though, they suffered a heap!!!!!  The King had so much influence over the way the nation submitted to God’s authority.  Obedient Kings were rewarded with many many blessings.  Disobedient Kings were dragged off with their people with Assyrian and Babylonian hooks (ultimately). 

Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it.  I really would prefer the blessings of a Hezekiah reign.  In evaluating all the candidates, I think Huckabee looks most like a Hezekiah right now.

Please take the time to review his website HERE and pass this information on.   We lost our voice last year when we failed to stand up.  Let’s not make that mistake twice.


If you have the time, read what Athol Dickenson wrote on his blog:  “Should We Give Up?”.

Here is the HUCKABEE site.


Are you left/right brained?

I saw a link on Angela Hunt’s site that has been making me crazy.  It is a test to determine your right/left brain dominance.  Does the dancer move clockwise or counterclockwise?  Everytime I opened this link, she ALWAYS moved counter but the description says if you try hard you can get her to move the other direction.  Not liking to lose:), I kept going back to it.  Two days ago she was dancing clockwise on me!  I determined that the whole thing was a hoax and the dancer actually does change patterns.  Yesterday, just to substantiate my theory, I asked Jodi and Jamie to watch it with me.  We all saw something different at the same time! 

I am predominantly left brained but some right.  Jamie was more left brained than I and Jodi more right brained.  Try it!  It’s fun.


Link HERE.


Don’t you hate it when you feel you have been “had”?  Like you missed the plot all down the path and then bang…the true agenda hits?  I have complaints about two entertainment news items that Jim made me aware of yesterday.

The Golden Compass

I have been wanting to see the Golden Compass that releases soon.  You know me – I love a good fantasy.  What I did not know though was that the writer of this movie hates C.S. Lewis, hates Narnia, and most importantly hates God.  His characters in this child targeted fantasy are going to kill God in his trilogy.  It won’t be so obvious in the movies but the movies are intended to entice kids to read the trilogy where the true agenda is VERY obvious and very dark.  I was horrified when I read about this.  I also heard this movie includes male and female circumcision.  WHAT?  What is the world coming to for crying out loud!  Jim sent me the snopes article that verified this information.  So much for seeing that movie!  Sheeeshhhh!!!

Here is the link to the snopes article in case you think I just “National Inquired” ya:

Update:  Aunt Beck found a direct quote from the author that I thought worth sharing.
In Pullman’s trilogy, Lyra is the new-age Eve, and Will is the modern-day Adam. God is a wizened spent force of an “Authority”. And “The Fall” is to be celebrated as the defining moment of mankind, rather than the source of all worldly evil. Little wonder that His Dark Materials has been denounced by some religious zealots.

Pullman, though, expected more. “I’ve been surprised by how little criticism I’ve got. Harry Potter’s been taking all the flak. I’m a great fan of J.K. Rowling, but the people – mainly from America’s Bible Belt – who complain that Harry Potter promotes Satanism or witchcraft obviously haven’t got enough in their lives. Meanwhile, I’ve been flying under the radar, saying things that are far more subversive than anything poor old Harry has said. My books are about killing God.”

Complete article:

That ought to scare us!


And speaking of HP…without getting into a debate on the Harry Potter topic (I  avoid posting my opinion publicaly on this though many of you do know what it is ;), I was pretty outraged yesterday when I read an article that says that Rowlings just released a statement that Dumbledore is gay.  She was, naturally, applauded by the liberal media for this move.

Quote:  The British author stunned her fans at Carnegie Hall on Friday night when she said Dumbledore is gay and had been in love with Grindelwald, whom he had defeated years ago in a bitter fight.

So how fair was that?  She casts Dumbledore in the best of light through ALL SEVEN books and never reveals this “secret” in her series and then outs him when she finishes.  Very brave of her.  Way to give her readers a choice in the matter (sarcarsm). 

Will Disney do it next?  Next week will they announce that Mickey never really loved Minnie but had a thing for Goofy all along but he is finally ready to come out of the closet? 

My position on homosexuality is not relevant to how “good” or “bad” a person is.  Rowlings attempt to stack the deck by choosing Dumbledore is beside the point (though I think that was rotten of her). Obviously her agenda was to convince the moral public that “See you really can love a gay person!  You loved Dumbledore and you didn’t even know his sexual orientation – you silly little child!”  I feel thoroughly patronized now.  Thank you for that.  Grrrrr.

God asks me to love the sinner and hate the sin.  For the record Ms. Rowlings – despite what you may believe – I am never “surprised” to discover that people who choose a homosexual lifestyle are often very loving, generous, compassionate, “good” people.  My issue is not that the “good guy” is the “gay guy”.  My issue is with the public being manipulated and set up. 

I concede Ms. Rowlings on this point (the point I never disagreed with to begin with).  There are plenty of “good” homosexual people in the world.  No contest.  I know some of them and love them.  God loves them too.  BUT God says that their choice is one of defiance against Him.  He hates this choice that they make and He demands that we do not participate in a homosexual lifestyle.  Out of commitment to my God, I have to take an equally strong position in a matter that He is certainly not grey on.  You don’t have to like it but I can’t change or soften what God’s word says on this matter.  “Goodness” is not the path to salvation.  Jesus is.  Salvation is not a weighted balance where the best of the best get rewarded with heaven and the rest are condemned.  It’s all about Jesus.  He is the way, the truth and the life and no one comes to the Father EXCEPT THROUGH HIM.  My “goodness” could never be enough.  Only His.

Rowlings and Disney and most of the world don’t agree with God on this topic.  Okay.  But why all the deceit then?  If you have an agenda, spill it!  

If Rowlings would have introduced her character as homosexual in her series, parents would have had a choice in the matter.  Did they want their children reading books that introduced these topics?  But no, she takes the cowards way out and waits till she finishes writing and THEN SHE drops the ball.  And better yet, she outs the character who is likely the best loved, most “moral” in the whole series.  From a strategic point of view, I applaud her ingenuity.  From a christian point of view…talk about getting blind sited!  I am just shaking my head at this but why am I surprised?

Here is a link to the article I read:


Update:  I just saw this article in the L.A. times.  “Seven Clues that Dumbledore was Gay”.  The seventh point confirms my statements above.  Check out this spin:

7. The fact that so few of us realized he was gay. “No matter how many ‘clues’ I can put down that Dumbledore was gay, no matter how many millions of people have read these books again and again, Rowling surprised even the most die-hard fans with the announcement that Dumbledore was gay. And in the end, the fact that we never would have guessed is what makes Dumbledore being gay so real. So many times I have encountered friends who are gay that I never would have predicted. It has shown me that one’s sexual orientation is not some obvious ‘lifestyle choice,’ it’s a precious facet of our multi-faceted personalities. And in the end whatever the differences between our personalities are, it is time that our world heeds Dumbledore’s advice: ‘Differences of habit and language are nothing at all if our aims are identical and our hearts are open.’ Today as I write this, I believe that it’s time for our aims to be loyal to what the greatest wizard in the world would have wanted them to be: love.”

Yep folks – we were definitely set up!!!!!!!  My only comment to the author of number seven is this – at this point one’s opinion on lifestyle choice or genetics is not relevant considering God’s words on the topic.  Pretending for a moment that people really ARE born gay (not an argument I support by the way) – the fact is God still said don’t do it.  I have a propensity to want to sin as well.  Homosexuals don’t get to corner the market just because they feel they were “born to it”.  Hey, there are a lot of things my flesh innately cries out for too.  I am a sinner.  I sin. I was born a sinner.  I have to make choices daily against my flesh to honor God’s commands.   Can heterosexuals say it is our genetic code to desire a sexual partner and then ignore the boundary of marriage because of our innate desire and call that moral?  Not fair play in my opinion. Since when did having a fleshly desire for something make it moral? We can all use the “genes” excuse.  It matters not though.


Here is the LA Times article:,1,4293482.story?coll=la-headlines-entnews&track=crosspromo


I have a rather tragic and very coincidental story to share with you for your reading pleasure.  As usual, this post will only serve to illustrate all the many ways in which I lack common sense and it will do nothing to further my image. 😉  But…it IS funny and AMAZINGLY coincidental.  So coincidental I keep rehashing how I could have met such ill timed luck TWICE.

Okay enough of the prologue.

About 12 years ago, when Jim and I were enjoying early years of marriage, I came across his work organizer lying on our kitchen counter.  Jim and I made the commitment early on in our dating that we would remain abstinent until marriage so, needless to say, our first years of marriage were a joy (still are – TMI?) 😉 .  Enjoying my new found freedom, I took great pleasure one fine day writing love notes to Jim in his organizer.  With a ring on my finger, I didn’t have to stop at “hello” ;).  I could write as suggestively and promiscuously as I wished.  And I did.  It was fun. 

I should say I was surprised when Jim never commented about it but quite frankly, once the notebook was out of sight, it was out of mind.  I completely forgot about it.

Sometime later I was at church preparing to lead worship with the Praise Band before an evening service.  Just before service started, David (my brother), who was in his early teens at the time, approached me on the platform.  I am certain – dead certain – that he planned the timing of his prepared speech for maximum exposure and humiliation.  You know where this is heading.

David leans over and whispers in my ear “Doni the next time you decide to write notes to your husband, you better ask him if he is planning on giving his organizer away first!”     AAHH!!!!!!!

I collapsed in a fit of laughter and tears right on the platform!  Who knew?  Turns out the reason Jim never commented was because he never saw my “love notes”.  He left that organizer on the counter so he could give it to David.  David was the proud recipient of this nice leather bound notebook and sat down on the family room couch to look through it when he received quite a shock.  The Harlequin was so fascinating to him that he invited brother Darin over for the fun and they read it together.  All of it.  Nightmare.

In 12 years I have not once written such scandalous material in places where it could be read again.  I learned my lesson good.  Until last week.   Last week I was sitting in the car while Jim ran into the store and I noticed his red work organizer sitting on the dash.  For the briefest of moments, David’s words flashed through my head.  Not wanting to be controlled by past misfortunes, I determined to give it another go.  This time though, I made my comments family friendly.  I only wrote “I LOVE YOU JIM” in real girly letters.  (I think!)  Not sure why I added “Jim”.  That was an obvious point.  Later I realized this was the hand of God. 🙂

Once again, Jim didn’t comment and I didn’t remember.

Yesterday was not a good day.  I was very agitated over several things and wanted to go hide in my closet awhile.  Jim called during a brutal skirmish between Adobe Premiere and I.  I was losing.

Jim says’s “Doni by any chance did you write a note to me in the red organizer that was in the car last week?”

Now under different circumstances, my reply would have been formed with my sexiest husky voice and a teasing glint in my eye.  Having gone through such humiliation with a related situation years before though, the minute he said “THE” organizer instead of “MY” organizer, I could barely form my words.  In the smallest of voices, with my eyes closed, I whispered “yes”.

“It was Darren’s”. 


Then I hear laughing in the background.  I think Jim had me on speaker phone in the office. 


This was not my brother Darin.  This was Jim’s co-worker Darren who incidentally used to be my co-worker when I worked at Bank One (coincidence number two).  Had to be someone I knew of course.  I never did ask why Darren’s organizer was left in our car but I did ask if he shared my earlier faux paux with his buddies.  He did.  Of course.

Before we hung up Jim said “Doni I think you had better not write to me in an organizer ever again.”

What a sad state of affairs!!!!!!  Here I am trying to just shower my lover with the best of intentions and I get outed TWICE!!!!!  How could that happen????  Really!!! How could it?

I did manage to think of a couple of items that were my saving grace however:

1.  I DID learn from the past and I ONLY wrote G rated material.  I doubt Darren appreciated my note on his daily calendar but, believe me, it could have been MUCH worse.  🙂

2.  THANKFULLY, I wrote “JIM” on the page.  I have no idea why I did that.  If I would have just written some note without a name though, I could have had Darren searching for a secret admirer and his wife in an outrage LOL.  On the other hand, by writing JIM, I gave myself away.  Okay I take point number 2 back.  I do wish I would have left that out and had Darren wondering who the mystery woman was that was in love with him.  It would have been much better for me that way.  LOL.