Christmas Pictures Gallore

Did you have a Merry CHRISTmas??? We did!?? After FIVE family Christmas parties (last one ending this morning), we are finally finished with Christmas this year!?? This morning Grandma and Grandpa came over for breakfast and Grandma (Sarah) made French Toast and Brown Sugar Pepper Bacon.?? Yummy!?? Jim and I received a night out with babysitting, dinner, and a movie so what should we see? National Treasure 2??? Enchanted??? That movie with Steve Carrell that Daniel keeps wanting us to see??? Hmmmmm….?? Anxious for a date already!

Poor Sweetie got the stomach flu on Christmas Eve and though the party was at her house, she was stuck in the back bedroom the whole time.?? Jim and I and the kids and Darin, Jodi, and Karsyn all spent the night on the 23rd to the 24th at Papa and Sweetie’s and then Jodi and I made 88 Krautnettle balls before noon!?? That is a job let me tell ya!?? We knew our heads were going to be on the line if we didn’t get it right because my brothers have been concerned for quite some time about what they would eat for Christmas Eve if mom couldn’t (for whatever reason) fix our traditional German dinner.?? Jodi and I managed to pull it off and were quite proud of ourselves.

We ended the evening with a hilarious game of Cranium.?? We teamed up guys against girls.?? I hate to admit this but the guys just slaughtered us – fair and square.?? They got a lot of “acting” type cards though and they are pro’s at that!?? LOL!?? Here is Dusty’s impersonation of Keanu Reeves “I SHOULD HAVE EATEN THE BLUE PILL!”?? :)?? I videoed different segments of this game so I may post some of it later – toooo funny!?? There was so much screaming I doubt I’ll be able to decipher a word on the video though.??

Christmas day we spent with Grandma and Grandpa (Jim’s mom and step dad) and Grandma’s family.?? I made lasagna and toasted ravioli for that dinner.?? I was worried about the lasagna and Jim was increasing my stress by suggesting I not mess it up considering that is all Alex has been asking me for since his injury last march!?? (Alex was rendered quadrapalegic in a snowboarding accident earlier this year.?? He is doing okay but had back surgery recently and is still in a lot of pain – he could use prayer support).?? It turned out to be my favorite lasagna yet!?? I mixed mozz and parmesan in with the ricotta this time and I liked it better that way.

Following are Christmas pictures that I took a few weeks ago.?? There are three postings of them so be sure to scroll down.??

Thinking I got a bit carried away with the polka dots but I really love polka dots (and stripes!)

I LOVE Snowglobes and Heidi discovered that I actually don’t even own one so guess what she bought me for Christmas??? The Snowgobe above is what she bought and I love it!?? I saw a picture online of a little pair of eyes behind a snowglobe and I thought it was so cute so I had to try it.?? I made some digital snowglobes this year but I am not finished with that project so they will get posted later.

I hope you got to see Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer this year.?? I need to see it every year.?? I DID however miss Miracle on 34th Street (the newer version) and that is a long running tradition that I messed up this year.??

Hoping you had a wonderful Christmas!

Love Jim, Doni, Tanner, and Ty?? (can’t wait to get to add another extension here….still waiting!)

Christmas Pictures Gallore 2

Woohooo!?? I am getting all these posted before January 1st!?? In case your wondering, the reason I put time into several digital scrapbook pages is because my goal is to have a DVD album (pictures/video/music) for each year.?? I don’t like every frame of my DVDs to be “scrapbooked” because I feel a lot of pictures speak for themselves and there is such thing as “too much” BUT I like to have random scrapbook style pictures thrown in.?? If I don’t do these digital creations early on, than I will probably not be up for it by the time I get around to putting the video together…that could take years I am so behind LOL.?? I also enjoy it more when I don’t have to “decorate” every single picture – just pick and choose some to be creative with.?????? I had fun tonight putting all these together.?? And good glory….are my boys so incredibly handsome or what????

High Key Psuedo Effect


This is the “Mommy what are YOU doing look” I usually get when he is up to something.?? See those raised eyebrows of surprise?

I need to send this picture into Nightlight Christian Adoptions.?? Tanner (snowflake number eight ) – holding a snowflake off our snowflake tree.?? I have one tree covered in snowflakes representing each snowflake baby I lost in miscarriage (all ten).?? I love to have that memorial every year.

Dreamy Effect.?? Do you love it?

Dreamy effect toned down

Love this picture of my boy.

Note to Heidi:?? Notice the “at home” style pictures??? I really like how these worked out.

Christmas Pictures Gallore 3

This is the last set I will post tonight but I still have to edit a few family pictures that I took.?? Note to Heidi:?? I still want to do those glassy orbs!?? I’ll post my snowglobes too but need to do two more.


Playing with different styles in the same picture.?? The above going for a soft??glamour effect

“English Tea Garden” background

Inverse/Luminosity background

Merry CHRISTmas

And of course, we remember that our TRUE present is Jesus.?? The greatest gift of all.

The holiday parties have officially started.?? We had our little Christmas with the boys this morning and the Everett Family Christmas tonight.?? The only thing missing was a baby!?? This house really needs another baby.?? You know what is on my wishlist for 2008!?? We were going to have Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa this morning but we postponed it because Ty hasn’t been feeling well and it was iffy as to whether or not he would be well enough today.?? Turns out, he was so we’ll have yet another small Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa later.?? Tomorrow night we stay the night at??Papa and Sweetie’s so that I can help her make our traditional German krautnettle on Monday morning.?? (We had the typical American feast tonight with roast, turkey, ham, potatoes, candied yams, potato salad, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, stuffing, pickles, olives,??deviled eggs, rolls for Logans, fruit salad, romaine salad, chocolate pie, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, mckinley pie, cherry pie, Mint Ice??Cream Pie,??Buckeyes, Fudge, and Baby Ruth??Bars.?? Aunt Beck didn’t make me her famous cheese ball this year but I am working on forgiving her for that).?? Monday night we will have the Zimmermann Family Christmas and Tuesday we will have an Italian meal at our house with the Longo/Abbington family.?? Party party party.?? I know this seems excessive to some but since I was a little girl I have always had 4 to 6 Christmas parties (and that was WITHOUT any divorces LOL) so it is tradition.?? Brooke asked me tonight if I mind having our Christmas with the boys on a day other than Christmas day and really I could care less.?? It’s the time that matters to me not the calendar date.?? As Brooke pointed out, we have the date advantage because we don’t have to schedule for Santa since we don’t include him in the Brinkman festivities.?? My boys have not mentioned Santa once….so yet another year goes by without me having to address that one.??:)

Tomorrow is the Christmas play at church.?? Tanner and I argued round and round about this.?? He insisted he was NOT doing it and I insisted he WAS.?? I won but I guess that is still yet to be determined what kind of win it will be.?? He was chosen for the part of the donkey and I found that ironic under the circumstances LOL.?? I bought him a grey jogging outfit, made a black yarn tale, and made donkey ears which I put way too close together on the head band and for some reason they look more like bat ears.?? Oops.?? Still though, I was impressed with the fact that I got it all together with my new glue gun.?? Tanner is going to have a fit when I make him put this stuff on.?? We finally negotiated down to singing only (no actual speaking part) and he is threatening not to sing.?? Tonight at bedtime he included this line in his prayer “and let the play be done and let it be good”.?? Poor little buddy is clearly worrying about this.?? I’ll never forget the Christmas play were he stood perpendicular to the audience (and the rest of the children) refusing to face the crowd the ENTIRE time with a frown on his face.?? Funny.?? Last year, Zane and Graham broke out into a brawl in the middle of their song.?? Got that on video tape.?? You never know what may happen so one must come prepared with a charged video camera for these events.

I have a TON of Christmas pictures that I did of the boys but I want to play with them before posting.?? Maybe sometime next week I’ll get them posted.?? I thought it would be fun to attempt a little cartoon strip affect just for fun…so I guess the above are just Christmas teasers.?? 🙂

Hoping your Christmas celebrations are wonderful.??

JESUS is the reason.