The Treasure Collection

Yesterday Jodi came over to help me with hair bows.  She is an expert. :).  We both agreed that we want to take an actual class so that we can be professionals for this.  She made several hair bands and bows for Tori and we had so much fun doing it and dreaming of future embellishments.  I really love BIG hair bows but Daddy prefers them smaller so I guess I will need to make them in both large and small versions.  The “turban” effect band on her looks just so exotic though – I really love it!  I layed her down on my bed last night and she looked so beautiful that I grabbed my camara and started snapping pictures.  I fell in love with the end results.  Seems that is happening every day though so I guess the truth is…I can’t get enough of her.  🙂

I think this one above might be my favorite.  

She is just so regal isn’t she?  🙂  Definitely queenly.

Please pray that Papa and Sweetie GET WELL!  I am going CRAZY and so is my mom!  I want her to spend a few days here next week getting to know her granddaughter!



Today Sarah and Brayden came over for a little visit.  We let her break the “lock down” rule because she has been out of work (until today yippeee!), therefore Brayden hasn’t been in daycare and both have been fairly underexposed and healthy.  I saw on the news this week that this is the worst flu (cold flu) season in the history of the US!  That really frightens me for Tori so we are going to have to be so careful with her right now to protect her from getting this illness.  I really hate lock downs and it is important to me that my family gets to see her so we are trying to “open the doors” but only when family members are SUPER healthy and not overly exposed to illness where they could be carrying but not contagious.  Very frustrating for all of us though. 

Sarah helped me position her for these pictures and it was NOT easy.  (Sarah I think you will be impressed with how they turned out all things considered!)  Susie had sent me a picture of a newborn wearing her mama’s wedding ring and I loved it!  I tried to copy but you can’t exactly get a newborn to “pose” so we ended up with our own version. :).  I love these pictures.  Posing her with my rings just feels like a symbol of the covenant between Jim and I…and now our daughter.  I told Jim last night that for the first time in my life I am willing to share him with another woman!  What a strange thought that was…to realize that I am no longer the one and only woman in his life (okay short of his mom LOL).  I am proud to share him with my sweet daughter though and I am excited for her because she is getting ONE INCREDIBLE DADDY!   These pictures just stir my heart.


Introducing Elizabeth Love and Tori Savannah in their very first photo shoot debut.  🙂

Tori born 2/5/08 at 33.5 weeks weighing 5 pounds 8 ounces – 16 days old in this picture.

Elizabeth born 2/13/08 at 39 weeks (?) weighing 8 pounds 10 ounces – 8 days old in this picture.

Their size appears pretty comparable in pictures but Elizabeth has a healthy solid newborn weight to her.  They are about 2 inches apart in length and about 3 pounds different.  :).  You can feel the difference more than see it.  Aren’t they cutie pie’s?

Just over four years ago now, my friend Kristi was pregnant with her first child and I was on the adoption list waiting.  I kept telling her that we might be sharing a pregnancy but as time ticked by, I had to wonder.  In December of 2003, we were matched with Ty’s birthfamily and then I KNEW we were sharing a pregnancy.  Kristi and I discussed that Beau and Ty would be BFFs.  He was due in April and Ty in May.  Both boys came early.  Ty in January and Beau in March.  Beau is technically older than Ty but Ty was born first. 

Fast forward.  Kristi gets pregnant with now third child – Elizabeth.  Again I wonder if we would share a pregnancy.  At her baby shower a couple of weeks ago she told me “there is still time”!  Wasn’t she surprised when I brought Tori home ONE day before she had Elizabeth.  Tori was born a week earlier but yet again…her daughter is technically older.  Funny how this keeps happening.  I was very naughty to my sweet friend Kristi too and I called her on Valentine’s day bragging that I had just had a baby and was in Cold Stone buying ice cream…and what was she doing? (Recovering from a C-section!).  I knew she would forgive me for a moment of bragging over the ease of my labor and delivery LOL.  She is very good humored.  🙂

Kristi brought Elizabeth over on Wednesday so we could see our girls together.  I could have stared at the two of them all day.  I put them in the glider bouncer together to get these pictures and they were quite content.  I love the way my little snuggle bug kept snuggling her head against Elizabeth’s.  She loves her BFF already!  Here are the pictures from the above but a bit closer up.


In the above picture, it appears that lil Miss Elizabeth has chunky baby legs.  She actually doesn’t.  She looks pretty tiny in person – BUT Tori just has almost no fat so it makes Elizabeth appear chunkier than she is.

I had a bit of trouble balancing the color tones of these two.  Elizabeth is struggling with newborn jaundice so I had to try to take the yellows out of her but when I did that I turned Tori purple!  Thankfully, Jim just bought me CS3 (just in the nick of time LOL) and I was able to separate the girls and balance them separately getting them closer to their natural tones.   Man they are so sweet!!!!

Pray For Nana

Our Grace4Today forum has a couple of “honorary” mom’s.  Sweetie and Aunt Beck and also Barbara – Jennifer’s Mom.  (You might notice comments on this site under “Jennifer C’s Mom” sometimes). 

Barbara (aka Nana), is facing round two with cancer and many of us “Grace Gals” are trying to raise prayer support for her.  Please remember her in your prayers. 

Her blog with all the details is HERE.

Green Girls

ISN’T SHE B E A U T I F U L ?????????????  Holy Cow!  I can’t quit staring and kissing!

If you want to “understand” the post title, you’ll have to wait out these pictures.  I’ll explain later.  🙂

I don’t curl her eyelashes (duh) but it looks like it!

Wait til’ tomorrows pictures where you get to see Tori and her BFF! 🙂

In this picture you can just barely notice that Tori’s fingers are green.  I used “washable” ink to try to get her handprint today.  It was NOT washable and I didn’t get a good print either.  This is Green Girl Number 1.  This week I have found I have a very soft spot for “green girls”.  You’ll understand later. 🙂

Love that little cross eyed expression. 🙂

Thank you Uncle America and Aunt Christine!!!!!  I was soooooooo excited when I opened THIS package!!!!  I nearly screamed when I opened it Christine!!!!!!It is going to be so stinking adorable when she is big enough to wear it!  (Background:  When we were in Mass this summer, we went to Rockport and I saw the above hat in a window and just LOVED it!  I actually took pictures of it because I knew I just needed that for a girl some day!  My Sister in Love remembered that!!!!  She surprised me and had it shipped! Tori so needed this hat!  🙂 )

Thought you’d like a better look at the ring sling.  I have her cuddled upward instead of laying down in this picture.  She liked that too.

Tanner’s tooth really needs to come out! 🙂

Love that smile!

Ty Funnies:

The other day I had Tori in her swing.  Ty walked out of the room.  When he returned, I had moved the baby.  Ty went to look for her in her swing and couldn’t find her.  He gets this alarmed look on his face and says “MOMMY!  Where’s the baby?  She CLIMBED out of the swing!”  LOL. 

Today when Tori’s BFF came to visit, Ty asked Kristi if “this baby” was going to stay too?  9 month adjustment times are really quite helpful for 4 year olds.  LOL.  He is doing great with the big change though – he really is.  He also keeps asking me if “that baby” can watch him play his games.  🙂

Tori’s eyelashes ARE long but I don’t see how ANYONE could ever compete with Ty’s snuffalufagus eyes.  Those lashes are truly out of this world.

Ty hates for me to wear day clothes.  He only wants me in pajamas.  If I get up and get dressed right away, he has a fit and begs me to get my jammies back on.  He has two favorite pair.  My pink fleece and the above teddy bear sack.  These are the UNsexiest pjs in the world.  Just a great big zip up sack with two feet holes.  Poor Jim has had to see me in it a lot lately because Ty BEGS me to wear it.  He says he loves to cuddle with me when I wear my “comfy” pajamas.  I think Tori prefers them too:).



One of Ty’s favorite XBox games is Burnout – Paradise City.  The title track that loops is the old Paradise City Rock song “Take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty.”  I told Jim the other day that I didn’t like my little boys hearing songs about girls being pretty so much.  It was kind of bugging me.  The next day I realized my concerns were groundless. Ty did in fact learn the song but this is how he sings it.

“Take me down to the paradise city where the grass and girls are green”.  I like green girls.  I’ll take that.  ROFL!

Miss Itty Bitty

As promised, pictures that give a little better perspective of Miss Tori’s size.  The statistics from her last Dr. appointment were:

At 8 days of age (2/13/08)
Weight:  5 pounds 11 ounces (up 3 ounces from birth) 3%
Height:  18.75 (up .25 from birth) 10%
Head:  12.75 0%

This is an ordinary diaper wipe box.

She can fit in it!!!!  I got this idea from Susie who sent me a picture like this of Landen when he was a baby.  Her little tummy looks so full that it gives the impression that she is larger than she is.  I love her “thinking” expressions.

Or…if you don’t have a baby wipes box to use as your visualization, how about a loaf of bread.

….or a galleon of milk.  🙂  Sitting she is just a little taller than a milk jug.  As you can see, she is starting to get perturbed by this photo shoot.

She loves to grip.  She was holding Daddy’s thumb so tight she was turning her little hand colors.

FINALLY Darin, Jodi, and Karsyn got back from San Diego!  They were so excited to see her and spent the afternoon here.  By the way, I was waiting to post the sex announcement for Jodi until I got her ultrasound picture.  At this point though, she will give birth before I get it.  Jodi is having a BOY!  She is due April 19th (I think).  Tori was due March 20th so these two will be the closest in age of the cousins yet.  I kept telling Jodi that I wondered if we were sharing a pregnancy.  We were:)!  Mine was much easier.  LOL

Uncle Darin holding his niece.

Aunt Jodi with Tori

Love those praying hands.  Imagine what I can scrapbook with this picture!  🙂

Funny Karsyn story for you.  Karsyn asked her daddy if she could hold Tori (she was having a meltdown this weekend after seeing pictures of the baby online because now she wants a “Tori” instead of a brother – uh oh!).  Darin told her that she couldn’t hold the baby until she washed her hands.  Her reply was classic Karsyn (another beautiful moment I caught on video).

“Why is she dirty?”

Anyone who knows Karsyn understands this to be a reasonable question.  She is ALWAYS clean so she certainely wouldn’t expect that SHE could be the problem!  So funny.

Speaking of kid funnies….Graham told his Grandma (Dawn) that Uncle Jim and Aunt Sissy put hair all over Tori!  🙂 LOL!

Karsyn LOVED her.  Her baby dolls are being renamed “Tori”.

Mama and daughter.  It still isn’t real yet.  Wonder when this will sink in?