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Hatbox 1

September 30, 2008

When I was getting ready to do Kristi’s shoot, I thought I would do a little light test.  I threw Miss Tori in that hat box I had gotten out for Beth and once I realized how cute it was, I went a little crazy with a pre-shoot shoot LOL.  Loved these.  Aunt Beck, remember when you gave me this box for pictures before I ever had my girl?  Pays to save stuff doesn’t it?  Nobody is teasing me over my girl boxes in the attic now!  🙂

This could be my favorite hat box picture – that’s why I thought you needed to see both cropped versions.  🙂

My Trio

September 29, 2008

This was a picture I took while the kids were sick and I was doing some testing – thus three kids in jammies.  I didn’t intend to keep any but I fell in love with this one. 

Today I spent the afternoon preparing TWENTY blog drafts in which most have at least four pictures.  🙂   I figure you are likely getting quite concerned that I must be running low on photos by now…never fear.  I am on top of that!  😉  And…they are not all of the three Mama’s Diary Celebraties either.  Thought you might need a break from  my three.  In the next month you will see some of Braxtyn’s two year pics, Zandi’s five year pics, Cole and Brooklynn, a couple of Ryker, Beau, Luke and Beth and yes…some of my darlings too.  I will try to post them randomly just to keep you entertained. 🙂  I had pictures clear back from July that I haven’t posted yet so I am trying to catch them all up before Holiday season is officially upon us.

This photography thing is turning into a sickness I am afraid.  I may need rehab soon.  Trying to narrow down my favorites to post is not a strength of mine therefore this blog will probably remain very picture heavy.  Can’t help myself.  With the holidays coming up and all the shoots I have planned for this year, I’ve got the end of the year good and covered on the blog front.  🙂 


Ty had hives AGAIN yesterday.  I had to give him benadryl.  How long will it take for this to be completely gone?  Weird. 

He has been cracking me up today. 

T:  Mommy can we go on a picnic like Shane and David?  (Shane and David are from The Upside Down Show)

M: Sure but we have to wait until it’s cooler.  What do you want to bring?

T:  Peanut butter and jelly, a kite, a frisbee and a picnic basket.

M:  Oh that sounds good.  I have a picnic basket.


(I show him the basket)

T:  AND it has a picnic blanket in it!  I need to show this to daddy!


T:  Mommy can we go on our picnic now?  When?  When it gets cooler today?  Can we go now?  Mommy can we go on a picnic now?  Why not right now?  Can we go?  Can we go on our picnic TODAY mommy?  Why did you leave the picnic basket on the table?  Mommy can we go on our picnic now?  Repeat all this about 200 times.

Mommy and Tori

September 25, 2008

Daddy took a few pictures of Tori and I last week.  I had the flash set to high for him and it washed us out too much but I still liked a few of these of me with my girl.  I hardly have any pictures with me and kids – need to get in a better habit of that.  Note to Heidi – You can’t tell my eye color much in this picture so I’ll have Jim take a close up soon so that you can see all the green that I have aged into but you can definitely tell a difference between Tori’s BLACK eyes and mine.  🙂  Her eyes are so dark you almost have to get in the sun to see the pupils. 

She loves kisses.  Can you see her little satisified grin?  She is truly living loved.  🙂

Everybody is fairing better here.  Ty sounds a bit stuffy but no one is dripping.  I finally got out tonight and went to our book discussion group.

I have such a long list of pictures to share…my kids (duh), Braxtyn’s 2 year, Zandi’s 5 year, Cole and Brooklyn, Beau, Luke and Beth…  Next weekend is family pictures for David and Aimee.  We have a couple of fun ideas in mind so we’ll see how that goes.  David and Aimee are GREAT guinea pigs because you can get those two to do most anything and usually it is THEIR idea.  🙂  Photographers dream come true for sure.  🙂

Tori’s Teeth

September 24, 2008

See those cute little bottom teeth?  Sorry I chopped her head off! In my excitement to capture those teeth I got a little crazy.  🙂

Tori has the cutest little dimple on her nose but it isn’t always noticeable.  In this picture though you can  see it. 

Yesterday I stood in the hall way calling her because I knew she was in the playroom and I wanted to know if she would come when I called her.  Sure enough, she poked her head out the door to see what I wanted.  I kept calling and she decided to come out…but….she brought the Xbox controller with her.  🙂  You have to protect the goods you know.

Rockin Babe

September 23, 2008

This picture was Papa and Grandma’s favorite of the Petti series so I thought I would paint it also.  I love painting!!!!  Today I had a long list of chores that I made myself get done before I was “allowed” any play time.  (By the way – Heidi Jo – I haven’t forgotten yours – I have been mulling over background thoughts.  Not sure if I want to keep the lullaby picture on black or change it over to something soft and cloudy neutrals.  Leaning towards soft damasky for Seth).

My favorite portion to paint is the face and I love to add all the highlights and shadows at the very end. That is the trick to really making the painting come alive I think.

Here is a close up:

I have to get really good at this so that this can be a “product” that I offer when I start “business” sometime next year.  This might very well be my all time favorite past time.

Here was the original version unpainted:

Update on my kids:

Ty – would you believe that Ty had hives again today????  On his feet and a little on his back.  I did not treat with Benadryl.  I put socks on him and just watched it to see how bad it would get before continuing to medicate.  I really haven’t needed to medicate him much at all because they come and go pretty randomly and don’t get anything near like what Tanner experienced.  He is past the flu part of the virus but I don’t know what to make of the hives.  I read somewhere online that when kids have a hive response in reaction to a virus that the hives can linger a long time so I guess that is what we are dealing with.  By late afternoon I wanted to bang my head against the wall because Ty suddenly sounded stuffy.  Keep reading…it gets better.

Tori – as of yesterday she seemed to be past her stomach flu virus.  In the last hour though she has started coughing in her sleep and has hardly quit.  AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Note to Nicole:  Looks like you better not bring baby over this week.  🙁

Note to Kristi:  Want to reschedule AGAIN?  GRRRRRRRR!!!

Note to Sweetie:  Postponing our anniversary date AGAIN!!!  GRRRRRR!!!!

We have pretty much been housebound for close to a month now and there is simply no end in sight.  The stomach flu and the cold virus just keep beating us up over here.  I think we all need a vacation from EACH OTHER.  🙂  The boys were at each others throats all day – constant nit picking.  Jim came home and was antagonizing me endlessly.  I threatened to line every male in my household on the back porch and spray them all viciously with my garden hose as a way to vent my frustrations.   I thought this day would just never end.  By dinner, Ty wouldn’t eat the meat (made Steak in the Pot) so I made him a corn dog (Susie – shhhhhh – I know what you are going to say;), Jim and Tanner said that it didn’t taste the same and why do I have to experiment on perfectly good meals, and then they all dumped my dinner and ate fruit loops.

I am following Alexander to Australia.

(But…working on that picture of Tori DID improve my mood considerably.  🙂 )