Sit Down!

My nephew Graham

My nephew Noah

I have no idea who these monkeys are.  😉  The next frame (had I shot it) would have been the kid on the right yelling “MOM SHE WON’T STAND UP!”


Sweet cousin Jenna

Niece Braxtyn.

Not hard to see why I got into photography with such beautiful lil people in my family huh?  🙂


Today I caught Tori standing on Ty’s OT benches pulling the John Deere curtains in the playroom.  This climbing thing is creating a little menace.


Yesterday I downloaded a couple of songs from Walmart and am listening right now.   Am I ecclectic or what?

*  I am Yours – Jason Mraz

*  Lucky – Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat

*  Single Ladies and Halo – Beyonce  (I smile EVERY time I hear Single Ladies)

*  Love Don’t Live Here – Lady Antebellum

My AI votes this week are Adam, Allison, and Mishovanna.  We’ll see what happens tonight.  I liked Megan too (and the red head whose name I forget right now).

If all goes according to plan, I “might” have a fun post on Monday.  IF…..

*  Sweet Thing – Keith Urban

Tall Tales




This blog was inappropriately titled because what I thought was quite a story – turned out to be close to the truth.  Except for the part about Grandma encouraging theft.

Yesterday Ty brings me a very elegant butter knife from the silverware drawer.

Ty:  Mama.  I took this from Michelle’s wedding.  I liked it and Grandma said that I could take it home.

Mom:  Ty – you didn’t take that.  It’s mommy’s butter knife from a mismatched set but where are you coming up with such a story because I am sure your Grandma didn’t say you could steal the silverware from the wedding.

Ty:  SHE DID!  And so I just took it home.

My first conclusion was that Ty had seen a fancy butter knife that reminded him of the elegant silverware at the wedding so he concocted a fanciful tale.  Later though, Tanner weighed in and told me that Grandma really DID say that Ty could just take it and that wasn’t right because no one should steal from restaurants (or Country Club’s as it was).  And I am sure you wondered why Ty wanted a butter knife in the first place.  He loves butter.  LOVES it.  He asks for everything else as a side to the BUTTER.

Giggling I call Grandma.  Very curious to know what she had to say for herself about this.  Turns out the conversation about the butter knife did take place but Grandma has no recollection of giving Ty permission to make it part of his own personal collection.  🙂  Who should I believe LOL?  Grandma is a bit concerned that she may have agreed to something that she really never heard.  Happens to me with Ty all the time.  The kid just wears you down with his questions until you can’t think straight anymore.  I actually dreamed last night that I was a terrible parent because I gave permission to Tanner to DRIVE my car to the store to pick up stuff for us.  Who is really in control around here – me or them?   Highly questionable some days.

Speaking of Grandma…anyone happen to see her on Good Morning Arizona yesterday?  Both she and my Father in Law had some air time.  He for golf thoughts and she for her faux painting business.  You can still see the clip here:

Dusty called mom and he caught a seven foot fish (sailfish I think) in Mexico and Michelle caught a few 2 to 3 foot long Barracudas this week.  Not sure what Michelle thinks but I am sure that was a trip highlight for my brother.  🙂 

Boy Crazy

I didn’t have time to process anymore wedding pictures today so instead you get some pictures from last month.  This is Tori and her boy-friend Blake.  Blake was born in June and is 4 months younger but, like a boy, already outweighs her (or darn near).  The picture above, once again, demonstrates her amazing tribal pose.  Notice the legs are parralel to the body and her bottom is touching the ground.  Go ahead and try that.  No one is watching.  🙂

Front view of the tribal pose.  She does this ALL THE TIME!

Leaving the boy in the dust.

Showing off.  Shocking isn’t it?  🙂

Pride comes before a fall you know.  🙂 


I got antibiotics today.  Hopefully they will work.  And yes Heidi I did use the neti pot a lot and it did help my symptoms.  The Dr. told me that my ears are red, my nasal passage is swollen and my face is swollen.  Confirmed my diagnosis – sinus infection.


Not Leavin’

Left to right:  Aimee, Jodi, Michelle, Dad, Brooke (and Cozy:), and me.  Dad’s “quiver” is now full.

Dad and Mom (aka Papa and Sweetie)

Grammy Rene





Marilyn (oops – I mean Jamie)

Ryker, Tori and their bouncer

Ryker and Tori


I’ll keep posting these as I get them done.  Working on several projects at once this week.


I still have a sinus infection.  🙁  Going to Dr. tomorrow.


Last night I was relaxing with my eyes closed on the couch when a commotion woke me.  I opened my eyes to my daughter sitting in the middle of the coffee table playing with the TV remote.  She used Ty’s John Deere tractor as a stepping stool.  Today she has been climbing on top of the box in the playroom.  Not to sit on them – to stand on them.  Figures that neither of my boys would be climbers but my girl would.  Sheeesh. 


Yesterday we visited Grandma and Grandpa for the evening.  Ty got it in his head that he was supposed to stay the night and kept reminding me that I had forgotten his stuff.  I kept repeating to Ty that I had not forgotten – he was not staying.  Not to be deterred, we had this conversation 500 more times.  At one point he told me he wanted to stay with Grandma and Grandpa “forever”.  Conversation went like this:

Ty:  I am going to stay here forever.

Me:  You don’t know what forever means.

Ty:  What?

Me:  It means that you will never go home to our house and never live with mommy and daddy and your brother and sister again.

Ty:  Ya.  That’s what I mean.

Very funny.  He would have been awfully lonely for mommy very quick.  Ty is the child he doesn’t venture to far away from me and needs to know where I am at all times so there is a fat chance he would have made it 24 hours. 

Later when we were leaving he said “Mama you better say goodbye to me now because I am not leavin’ “. 

Tanner used to beg to move in with Papa and Sweetie too.  I’ll get even with those two.  Some day their kids will ask to come live with me forever and I’ll say “yes”!  🙂

The Wedding

See that gorgeous guy?  That is MY baby brother.  🙂

Well you knew I couldn’t resist shooting off a few pics from the second row.  I tried to keep my camera in the bag and let the wedding photographer do her deal but I succomed to the temptation.   It was a beautiful wedding and I think Dusty and Michelle were really pleased with how everything turned out.  I am so sleepy today (Sunday afternoon 3:00 PM) and need to leave for my MILs for dinner now so I won’t jabber.  Are they a beautiful couple or what?


Flower Girl Zandi with a case of the jitters.  Comforted by her sweet Uncle who was probably feeling her pain at about that time.  LOL.

He see’s his bride a’comin.  Papa knows what is coming to.  His last little birdy is flying the coop.

Here comes the bride

Lucky in love

Wish I wouldn’t have cut my brother off here but hey – we all know it’s all about the bride anyhow.  I was trying to take these shots on the down low so that is as good as I could do.  😉

As Darin said “With lots of love and laughter – here’s to happily ever after”.  Then the maid of honor got annoyed because he stole her line.  🙂