Cozy in Oven 4

Close up

Pull back of above.  This was taken in front of the garden.

I had NOTHING to do with this shot.  I was STRONGLY opposed to the idea of my pregnant sister getting on her horse Arlo but she could not be dissuaded.  She tells me that it’s no different than riding in a car.  I beg to differ.  Cars generally do what you tell them to.  Haven’t had that same experience with horses.  🙂  As you may remember though, Brooke is a true cowgirl.  She has been riding horses since she was teeny tiny.  She grew up barrel racing and queening (denim and diamonds as Heidi would say).  She taught horse riding lessons for many years as well.  So clearly I relented on this but I only proofed about 3 shots for her because I begged her to get off before I took very many.  We have a shot planned for when she is NOT pregnant that should be fun.  I’ll keep you in suspense on that.

By the way, I had to cancel Tanner’s birthday shoot last week due to rain.  It’s rescheduled again for this Friday so maybe next week I will slip some of those in.

On an unrelated topic…Jim is SO in the dog house.  I asked him to cut the boy’s hair last night with the following instructions.  Ty’s short.  Tanner’s slightly trimmed – didn’t want it messed up for pictures.  Ty came out with a mohawk.  Ha ha.  Sent him back in for Dad to fix immediately.  Ty said he didn’t like the mohawk either and asked Dad to cut it like his.  Ty came back out with it almost bald on top and slightly longer on the side – just like Dad’s.  Jim was laughing.  I was almost crying (not kidding).  Jim evened it out but it looks awful.  You can see the IV scars in his head too and that hurts my heart to even look at not to mention the fact that he now looks like he is undergoing chemotherapy.   Warning you ahead of time because I seriously don’t even want to talk about.  As for Tanner, his hair is also shorter than I wanted for his pictures tomorrow.  That’s what I get for asking for haircuts 48 hours before pictures.  You may not see pictures of Ty til his hair grows back!!!  GRRRRRRRRR!


If you have been following this blog for any length of time, you will remember Kambrie Grace.  Our dear friends, Matt and Amanda had just over one precious year to enjoy their amazing little gift.  Not nearly enough time by our standards but I know they are grateful for every second they had.

Today would have been Kam’s fourth birthday.   I painted this last month but I have been saving it for her birthday.  I wanted her Dad and Mom to have this today.

You may also remember that I had the blessing of being with Matt, Amanda, and Kambrie when the angels came to get her.  Amanda had a CD of worship playing as we held her for the last time.  The song below was on that CD and I have not heard it since and never will again, without thinking about Kambrie.

We love you Matt and Amanda – Jim and Doni (Jim has been anxious for you to see this too!)  I think this would be lovely printed on fine art velvet.  Those vibrant blue eyes, long lashes and curly hair melt my heart everytime I see this.


Cozy in Oven 3

Yes I know.  Who has the RIGHT to look this good at 36 weeks gestation?  🙂

This was taken in the rose garden.  Sadly, the roses weren’t in season.  She can see this lovely little flower garden out her kitchen window.

Getting a two year old to cooperate for pictures is no small feat but I got some of Braxtyn that I adore and this is one of them.  Good thing to because she fell off a hammock today and got stitches.  That luxurious hair was almost annhilated last week when she found a gold canyon candle that had seen better days and was like soft butter in her hands.  I am sure she smelled delicious.  Before the seven hundred vinegar shampoos anyhow.  She was still in braids several days later so I am grateful that it apparently wore out in time for this shoot.

I know I am not being even Steven here but this second picture of Graham was simply irresistible for Aunt Sissy.  Graham is amazingly photogenic.

Cozy in Oven 2

This might be a good time for a family tree reminder because our large family tends to get confusing.

My parents are Don and Deanna.  I am the oldest (age 36 – can you believe I just told you that?). 

Jim + Doni = Tanner, Ty, Tori
Daniel + Brooke = Noah, Graham, Braxtyn, Cozette
David + Aimee = Zandi, Zane
Darin + Jodi = Karsyn, Ryker
Dustin + Michelle = Newlyweds  🙂

I will have one more opportunity for nieces and nephews with Jim’s sister (hint hint).  Hee hee.

Eric + Christine aka Mr. and Mrs. AmERICa

This is what I call REAL.  Girl child smelling the flowers.  Boys doing who knows what.

Daniel and Brooke celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary last week.  They are WELL matched and bring out the very best in one another.  True love.

Cozy in Oven 1

Would it be okay with you if I shared…say 50ish of Brooke’s pregnancy pictures on my blog in nine segments?  LOL.  Like most photographers, I fully process 20 to 30 pictures per session for clients but when it comes to family that never quite works out for me.  I have vested interest.  🙂 

These pictures are going to hurt a lot of feelings (including mine) ;), because I have three sisters who look like super models in their last trimester.  Just isn’t fair huh?  I was swollen HUGE and had PUPPS and was just a mess (though a very happy mess).  🙂

I was going to make you look up the business gallery to see them but I am not quite ready to put them in there and truth is I can’t wait and I can’t narrow them down anymore (what I am showing is actually not all of them).  

As I wrote the other day…I am so glad we ended up taking these pictures at their home.  It couldn’t have been more perfect.  Of all us sisters, Brooke is by far our “green” girl.  She is an earth conscience, frugal, organic loving, regular pioneer women.  They have 2 acres of land and needed every square inch of it for her hobbies.  She has her own garden (which is growing nicely as you can see in these pictures).  She sells her chicken eggs at the local vegetable stand (you will see the chicken hotel another day).  She is raising (almost) four kids, 2 dogs, 2 sheep, 2 goats, 1 pig, several chickens and ducks too.  She even cleans the little duck pond several times a week.  You couldn’t pay me enough to clean a duck pond.  Really.  I am still in awe over that one.  As these pictures progress, I am sure you will agree that taking them on the ranch was the absolute right thing to do.  🙂 

If you feel like talking to me, I would love to know your favorite each day.  It always helps to see things through the eyes of others.  Okay enough jabber – getting on with the pictures.