Rock A Bye Cozy

Yesterday, after “round 2” with my niece, I managed to get the shot I was quite determined to get.  I really wanted this shot for my portfolio but “getting it” was another story.  Brooke and I first attempted this on Friday and nothing was working.  The fabric was wrong, the knot was wrong, the position was wrong…we had no idea what we were doing.  I went home and hit the books again trying to figure this out.  Sunday I came more prepared.    One thing I particularly love about my family is that we are a great big bunch of passionate die hards.  My siblings and I inherited this from my Dad (Uncle Dave is a big contributor as well).   My Dad is one of those men who seeks after his goal like a bulldog.  Hunting is a great example.  If THE elk he wants is 15 miles backwoods over 3 large mountains, through snake ridden territory and high marshy creek – he gets on it.  If you want it bad enough, you do what it takes.  This is awesome for me as a photographer because if there is something I really want, I can call Dad or one of my brothers and they are “on it”.  They are willing to do what it takes to get it.  🙂  In this case, Daniel, was all about helping me get this shot.  He picked out the limb and made sure it was tied good and secure.  Then we BAKED out in 108 degree temps to get this.  (Cozy was safe and content the whole time – no worries).   At one point I even laid in a pile of ants to get some of the shots I wanted hee hee. What’s a few bug bites compared to the end result of the portfolio images I am wanting right?  I was so proud of my little partner who really was a superior young model for her Auntie.

More sneak peeks coming your way this week (of Karsyn too).

Question for You

I entered a contest and I have a question for you.  One of the photography sites that I follow offered the first 30 photographers a pair of green and black striped baby legs if they would provide a picture using them within 2 weeks.  Once the pictures are submitted, there will be a vote and the winner will receive four free pairs of baby legs.  I LOVE baby legs and it would be fun to win more for Tori and future shoots.

I used Tori and Braxtyn as my models this week and have narrowed it down to these.  I need to submit just one for the contest.  Out of these, which has the most visual interest and markets the baby legs the best?  Any thoughts?   Tori and Brax are both beautiful little models so it’s hard for me to pick.   If the voting is open, I’ll give you a link once it’s up and ask you to vote for me.  🙂  BTW, first one is not larger out of preference.  I just saved it under a larger size and don’t want to repost it.

Picture #1

Picture #2

Picture #14

Picture # 4

Picture #5

Picture # 6

Picture #8

Picture # 9

Love that chicken!  🙂  Tori didn’t – I’ll show you those later.  🙂

Picture below I wouldn’t submit but I did like the drama of the BW.

Sleep Baby Sleep

If all goes according to plan, I will be doing Cozy’s photo shoot tomorrow (today when you read this).  I am so excited about it!  I was practicing a few things with my dolls tonight and Tori kept rearranging my set.  Mostly she was in my way but the above picture was one happy little capture.  She thinks she is a photog now too and loves to play with my tripod.

Her non-verbal communication went to the next level today.  When Jim got home, she started yellin Mama at him (as normal).  Then she would run.  Stop.  Look back.  Motion him.  Run.  Stop.  Motion him.  It was quite clear she expected him to follow.  She led him to the fridge and then pointed at the door.  She has gotten used to his trip to the fridge when he comes in and she wanted to make sure she was included in his snack time.  Smarty isn’t she?  I caught her today walking around the house with q-tips sticking out of both ears.  Dangerous I know.

Stuff to do…gotta go.

This taken earlier this week.   She has great eyelashes.  Not as amazing as Ty’s ….but great.

Hit the Road Jack

Love Daddy’s tie on him.  Wish I would have gotten more of this truck but Tanner was at the end of his rope and it was tooooo hot.  He cowboyed up though and gave me a typical sweet Tanner grin for this one.

Have I mentioned that Ray Charles “Hit the Road Jack” is Ty’s favorite song lately?  Grandma introduced him to that.  He loves the “What you say?” part.

Tonight I walked over to the park with the kids.  It was a bit warm but they really wanted to get out.  The boys wanted to take their shirts off because of the heat and Ty was AMAZED that I let him walk around with “just tummies”!

Met an older woman while I was there and had an interesting conversation.  I love it when God sends people my way if even a minute.  I love to meet new people and jabber with them.  Often times people are in dire need of an ear for just a moment.  Someone – even a stranger – to listen – to validate – to love.  This was the case.  Within about 45 seconds she dove into the deepest of life issues and hurts.   We had a good conversation and I was thankful that we had those few moments.

While we were talking, she said something that just thrilled me to pieces on two levels.

Quote:  You look way too young to have all those kids!

Okay this was such a great statement on so many levels.  See why I liked her?  LOL.   The first bonus doesn’t need to be mentioned – it’s obvious.  The second should be mentioned.  She said ALL THOSE kids.  I – Me – I – have ALL THOSE KIDS!!!  Isn’t it wonderful???????   Three doesn’t really qualify as “all those” but I loved it anyhow.  The conversation continued like this…

Doni – Well actually we waited a long time to build our family and I am plenty old enough to have all those kids.  I am 36.  🙂

Woman – You are kidding!  I was guessing you to be early 20’s!

Note to my good friend Tom Simpson (Kristi can read this and relay the message).  You were so totally right.  Getting my hair dyed today made all the difference!  I lost darn near 20 years!!!!!  AMAZING!!! Hee hee!

I have to admit to being quite disappointed when she later told me that she has severe cataracts and can’t even read anymore.  🙁      In that case, I should be grateful, that she didn’t see the sparkle leap out of my eye, the downcast pout, and the slow saunter back home.  The 20 years I lost all jumped right back on my back.  Such is life.   😉

Kitten Meets Sweeter Friend

Oh happy day for Kitty.  Tender Tanner makes much better playmate than Tyrranical Tori.  🙂  Need I say more?  Pictures speak for themselves.

And yes I agree…Tanner looks just precious with this little kitten but NO he cannot have it.  Cats and I cannot share a living space or even a yard.  The picture will have to do.  You know Tanner’s heart when you look at these pictures.  He is such a sweet sweet little boy.  Must go now.  Ty has found 35 reasons to stall on bedtime.  Such a monkey though he is a swet sweet little boy too.  I am not just being “Even Steven” – that’s just the truth.