Happy Fall

Happy Halloween or Happy Harvest or Fall Holiday or whatever your family calls it.?? I don’t like the scary stuff and I am too much of a chicken to take my kids trick or treating but we do love to dress up and go to family parties.?? I let Tanner and Ty pick their costumes this year.?? Tanner wanted to be a Ninja and Ty – a banana.?? I was so not shocked.?? :)?? As soon as he pitched the idea, I realized how very “Ty” that was.

With Grandma….:)

My Ty giggle of the week….

Tanner has told us forever that he IS going to grow up and get a job but he is is NOT going to move out.?? He fully intends on living at home forever and he is quite serious about this.?? That is so Tanner.?? Not big on change.?? It started BEFORE birth when he refused to leave the womb and we had to force the issue NINE days later via C-section (9 pounds 11 ounces later).

You would think that Ty would be a polar opposite to this but this week I realized he is only a step ahead of Tanner in the “leaving mom’s side” department.?? Here was our conversation in the car yesterday:

Ty:?? When I have my own house can I have a PS3 and download games whenever I want.

Mom:?? Yes.?? When you have your own house you can do what you wish.?? That costs money though so you’ll have to have a good job.

Ty:?? So I can buy my house?

Mom:?? Right.

Ty:?? I think I’ll buy one of the neighbor’s houses.

🙂 🙂 :)?? Awwww….they love their mama.?? 🙂

That isn’t all that surprising to me because he tells me all the time “Mommy I love it here.?? I love our home.?? I just love to be here.”?? :)?????? Makes me smile that my two young boys, while they DO love being with other people and being “out and about”, still have a deep connection and yearning for family time.?? I love that.

(To be fair though – Ty says “I love it here” pretty much everywhere he is at – he is just that happy).

He is learning sensitivity too.?? The other day he was at Papa and Sweeties and wanted to go home and play games so he asked Jim if they could leave yet.?? He then realized that may hurt feelings so he quickly ran to Papa and said “Papa I am really going to miss you!”?? LOL

And now I must copy something that was on Aimee’s blog this morning because it was TOOO funny.

Honestly if I wrote down every funny thing Zane said I would be at the computer all day. It really is almost every word out of his mouth. But sometimes he just says something that is over the top, like this morning…

Synopsis: Yesterday Zane punched the neighbor boy in the gut for absolutely no reason other than he wanted to play rough. He wasn’t being mean, that’s just what Zimmermann boys do for fun! The neighbor is about 8 years old, mind you, but that didn’t seem to deter Zane. One punch later, the poor kid was on the ground in tears. Zane had knocked the wind out of him!

This morning when David got home from work I told him the story.

David: “Zane, Why did you do that?”

Zane: “Well I wanted to give him a wedgie but his underwear had too many holes!” For those of you that don’t know, this is a direct quote from the movie Bedtime Stories. Oh it was hilarious. David and I were ROTFL. Zane is too funny for words.

Note…This does confirm my thought that the ability to remember and quote movie lines is encoded in men’s DNA 🙂

See the Light Workshop

After I processed the picture above, I was sitting on my couch and kept having flashes of this picture in my mind but with all the reds drawn out of the background – must have been the influence of the tie.?? :)?? Red speaks to me of power and passion and I was just going to keep thinking about it until I tried it.?? 🙂

I called the boys in an asked their opinion and they were unanimous in their vote.?? They were all about the red.?? :)?? What is “over the top” really??? I doubt I would ever know.?? 🙂

Last week I attended a local photography workshop with nine other photographers.?? I had an awesome time talking “shop” with my new friends.???? Stuart Thurkill from Eyes 2 See Photography, taught a full day workshop and we had the opportunity to participate in an on location bride/groom shoot.?? While I enjoyed myself immensely throughout the workshop, I must admit that the life of a paparazzi photographer is NOT for me.???? I really admired some of the other photographers who could jump in and work the scene like a seasoned photojournalist but alas…not my strong point.?? :)?????? I intended to shoot some OCF but my batteries in my speedlite died and I didn’t bring my strobe so these are all natural light shots.

Thank you Tara for all your hard work organizing the workshop and Erin and Janelle for getting me an invite!?? And thank you to Justin and Roseann for being our models for the afternoon.?? Seriously fun stuff.?? 🙂

All shot with a Canon 5D and 24-70 2.8L

ISO 250; 2.8f; 1/200

ISO 200; 2.8f; 1/400

ISO 200; 5.6f, 1/200 ISO 320; 2.8f; 1/125 ISO 200; 2.8f; 1/250 ISO 200; 3.5f/ 1/320 ISO 200; 3.5f, 1/320 ISO 800; 6.3f, 1/2500 ISO 320; 2.8f; 1/500 ISO 800; 2.8f, 1/250

Welcoming Jameson

This past weekend I had the blessing of spending the afternoon with Jameson.?? And I do mean BLESSING!?? I was astounded at how well he slept.?? He woke only ONCE to eat.?? Not sure I will ever again have a newborn quite this cooperative.?? This shoot was done when he was 15 days old (I think).?? He was early though so technically he wasn’t done baking yet.?? 🙂

Last week during our workshop, I had the opportunity to participate in a bride/groom shoot and then later a newborn shoot.?? As fun as it is to shoot a bride in her gown (and that is fun), I can’t say I am particularly “moved” by the experience.???? When I arrived on the set for the newborn shoot, one little look at the tiny babe and tears instantly sprung to my eyes.?? Babies are what inspired my love for photography – waiting for them and then experiencing motherhood.?? I hope to get many more newborn shoots next year because these little ones turn my heart to mush and I am always GRATEFUL to have been given the opportunity to participate in their new lives – even for just a few hours.?????? I feel “in love” every single time.?? Without further ado…meet Jameson.?? He is pretty wonderful isn’t he?

I wanted a perspective picture so that mom and dad could better visualize just how tiny their six pounder once was.

Does that make you just want to kiss him or what?

This precious little hat was made by his Grandma.

Good grief is this a hard shot to get.?? It takes three people and a willing baby and only works 1/3 of the time.?? (Maybe as I get smarter about it I will raise the statistics I hope).?? And yes, there are some smoke and mirrors going on here for safety of baby.?? Baby was only a couple of inches above a large body pillow.?? No worries folks.?? I also will tell you that I played tug o war with my brother to make sure that sling would not slip.?? If you are hoping to schedule a newborn shoot and want a “stork” shot, please let me know ahead of time as we will need 3 people on set and I will need to bring the tree.?? 🙂

Caught him smiling!?? My very first catch!

This was J.’s Dad’s idea.?? These word cut outs were on a shelf in the nursery.?? I really love taking newborn shots on location because you get to capture the house where they first lived and their nursery.?? So sweet.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to capture these moments with you Andy and Kylie.?? 🙂

Last of the Fairy

This picture was one of my favorites.?? She was getting herself filthy playing in that dirt but that is my Tori.?? She likes to experience things.?? 🙂

Making snow fairies 🙂

Have you noticed how often her knees are turned??? The Dr. said to give it until she is 3 before doing anything about it.

Yet another example.

If all goes according to plan (mighty big IF these days), I hope to get more processing done in the next couple of days.?? I need to finish Zandi and Zane’s pictures, had a newborn shoot this weekend, and had SUPER fun doing Darin and Jodi’s pictures this weekend.

And to my SIL Christine – don’t know what your brother is planning for this years pumpkin but I bought the pumpkin tonight as a hint.?? 🙂

Fairy in Garden

Crazy busy week and weekend (but fun)!?? I want to relax with my honey and kids so no talk time today.?? Make sure you backup to Saturday’s post and listen to David’s Cold Call though – that is the stuff true character is made of.?? I am still pretty astounded by my brother and I can guarantee you I would NOT have represented as well.?? :)???? He was laughing and calling the guy BUDDY for crying out loud!?? Wow.?? Just WOW.