Josh + Britt

Today we are celebrating the ENGAGEMENT of Josh and Brittany.  🙂  They will be getting married on March 6th (I think) and we are all so happy about that!

Josh is Brooke’s (my SIL) younger brother.  I have known Josh since he was in his mama’s womb.  🙂  I met Brittany when she was five years old.  Her father married a friend of mine.  Josh was reminding me recently that I was his Sunday School teacher when he was 4 and 5 and I taught the Junior High and High School class when Brittany was younger.  So once again, I submit evidence that makes it look like we are inbreeders and narrowing the gene pool in my neck of the woods hee hee.  Lately I have been scoping all the little ones in my circle because based on history, there is a very good chance I will have known my son or daughter in laws all their lives.  🙂  I am totally okay with that.  🙂

Because Josh and Britt are family, you will get to see a BUNCH of their pictures.

Drop dead gorgeous huh?  🙂

If you happen to be Brittany’s friend on facebook, you may get a sneak peek of more pictures because I noticed she was loading them up tonight.  🙂  I have three more days worth of blog posts on these two as well.  🙂