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Flower Child

February 25, 2010

I caught her trying to wax her lip with wax strips today.  Weird too because I totally don’t have to do that.  I have no idea where she saw this.  😉

Yet More Bride

February 24, 2010

Aren’t my blog titles fabulously creative lately?  🙂

Tori finally seems to be hitting more of a language explosion.  She still isn’t using many phrases but I do get to hear some like “Daddy home” and “No no don’t”.  🙂  She is using more household words lately like “mote” for remote, phone, wet, bleh (for yuck), and finally she says Mommmmeeeeeee instead of Mom Mom.  I love to hear Mommy!  She even said “Donkey” last week clear as a bell.


February 24, 2010

No need to worry about our girl dehydrating.  🙂

Like the way she curls her toes around the drawers and then uses them as steps?  I put a child proof door knob on my bathroom door to prevent her from getting on my bathroom cabinet but I often forget to close the door.  I caught her like this the other day and figured I should record the moment.  I have had several pairs of contacts destroyed lately by her emptying the cases and my makeup brushes are regularly soaked in the sink.  It’s so cute to watch her peek in the mirror and pat her eyes as if she is putting her contacts in.  I watched her imitate me shaving her legs with soap and her finger recently as well.  She is such a little mimic.  And I love it.  (When I don’t have to clean up the messes that is).

More Bride

February 23, 2010

Mama’s Dress at Two

February 21, 2010

More to show on Tori’s “Two” wedding dress shoot but thought I’d quickly put up a Monday morning photo.  I know I have been neglecting this blog TERRIBLY for the last month but there have been lots of others things taking priority lately.  All is great on the Brinkman front though.

I have lots of pictures to show though.  Ty’s age six pictures, more of Tori, a darling newborn, a Trash the Dress…  I need to get busy processing!