She is so naughty.  I was on my computer, turned around, and caught her shampooing her hair with sunblock. Nice.  That was several days ago and I can still smell it on her. Always so proud of herself though isn’t she?

Lately I have loved to hear her say “um on!”, “STOP”, “NOW”, “DON’T”, “Wahwee” (water), “Pie”, “Baby Mow” (her kitty pacy which is her FAVORITE one), she learned to say Heidi and sounds so cute saying that but insists on calling Seth “Ohhh-Ahhh” for Noah.

She has a very long list of words now and is talking in mostly 2 word sentences – sometimes 3.  Coming along.

Green Day

My kids LOVE St. Patrick’s Day.  Tanner has asked several times in the last year when it would be “green day” again.  I didn’t prep them ahead of time because they like to be surprised with green eggs and green milk for breakfast.  Then they rush to get their green on pinching all the way.  🙂  Today we had green eggs, green milk, green macaroni (which doesn’t really turn green by the way unless you use a LOT of dye which I opted against), green jello, green frosting on graham crackers, green chip dip, and I dyed peanut butter balls green.  🙂   And Daddy did NOT wear green so he has been pinched repeatedly all evening.  He must have figured that would give them something to do today.

There is a small girl child sneaking up behind my chair right now saying “Doni…Doni…Doni.”  I have told her many times that she may NOT call me by my first name.   Such a munchkin.

Brainwashing For Preemies

Last night on the news there was a story that I wish I would have heard six years ago.  In 2000, there was an experimental procedure being done on premature babies with brain hemorrhages.   Basically, a tube is inserted into the brain to remove the old blood, debris, and toxins and another tube is inserted to introduce artificial fluid to “clean it out”.  In a recently published study of 77 premature babies who had bleeding in the brain after birth, those treated with the technique were far less likely to suffer disabilities later in life.  The name of the procedure is “DRIFT” which stands for Drainage, Irrigation, and Fibrinolytic Therapy.   Wish we would have known about this when Ty was born!  Intraventricular Hemorraghes are one of the leading causes of disabilities for premature infants.  Ty had a grade 2 left and grade 4 (4 is the highest) right IVH which later developed into PVL.

This morning I went into Ty’s room and he was still (unusually) sound asleep.  He looked so adorable.  I crawled in bed with him and as I predicted, he turned his head to me, gave me a ;gigantic smile and said “Hi” soft and sweetly.  Then he asked me what I was doing in his bed.  I told him that he looked so cute laying there I wanted to cuddle him.  He closed his eyes again and the smile stayed.  Such a darling.

Tori is harassing me right now because she wants me to look at more “Baby Meow’s” on Amazon.  I had to order her a new kitty and puppy today and she really enjoyed shopping Amazon’s wubbanub section.  They have a cute giraffe, neon monkey, and pretty princess now too but they were pricier so I chose to forgo  them.  I really wish I knew where her black kitten was because she LOVES kittys.

Ear Candy

You ever heard the song by Susan Ashton, “Your Lucky I Love I You”?  There is a line in the song that says “you like the music I like the words”.  🙂  Most of the time that is true of Jim and I.  Once in awhile though, we flip flop.   Joy Williams (who used to put CDs out in the Christian market), is an artist that I love.   She has a solo career but has recently formed a duo called The Civil Wars with John Paul White.   After 16 years of marriage, I can’t say that these lyrics resonate with me but the music…ooohhhh the music and vocal harmony is ABSOLUTE EAR CANDY.  I am so in love with this.  Soul stirring just to listen.  Thank you Jarrod for insisting I listen to this!

Another ear candy delight is this gorgeous instrumental version of Taylor Swift’s Love Story blended into Cold Play’s Viva La Vida.  Heidi found this one.