For quite some time we have been curious as to why Tori calls makeup “Boop”.  A recent conversation with my mother shed some light on this.

Sweetie:  Why in the world does Tori call makeup “Boop”?

Doni:  I have no idea.  I can’t figure that out either.

Silence.  Mom starts giggling.

Sweetie:  Uh.  I think I say “boop boop boop” when I put the powder on her cheeks.   🙂

LOL.  Mystery solved.

Aunt Shell painted her nails last night for the first time.  She thought that was just amazing and has been showing them off.


This is not “boop”.  This is flour.

I have a reputation for being a VERY messy cook.  I had flour on the counter because I had just rolled out pie dough for a Berry Pie.  I turn around and catch her brushing the flour onto her face and the floor.



Yesterday I asked her to stop doing something and she says very sweetly “Awwww white”.  🙂

Amazing Race

I am about to name drop.  Ready?

You know Jet and Cord from Amazing Race?  Recently discovered they are my 3rd cousins who I have never met.  🙂  Grammy’s great nephews.

This is Tori with toothpaste in her hair.  Very common occurrence.  Had to spend quite some time getting the toothpaste off the floor, her legs, and the tv as well.  Nice.


While Heidi and Seth were here, Brooke gave Seth a riding lesson for his birthday.  Tanner and I were discussing it and he was asking if he could go along (to which I said no).  His response was so uncharacteristic it made me giggle.

“As a fact mom, I DO know how to ride a horse.”


And in my own head I said, “As a fact son, you do NOT.”

Whose says “as a fact” around here?  Is it me?  🙂

Sneak Peek Morgan

I have been really enjoying the six month age lately.  I have had such beautiful little one’s in front of my lens and Morgan was no exception.  She just couldn’t be sweeter.

I was thrilled to get to use Morgan’s home as my backdrop this time.  I am wanting to move away from studio backgrounds as much as I can because I find outdoor and environmental more interesting.  Besides the aesthetics, shooting on location allows for preservation of other memories as well like baby’s first home and nursery.

I’ll sneak peek more of Morgan in her beautiful nursery when I am done processing her shoot.  For now, these are the only two pictures I have done.

And by the way, Miss Morgan was perfectly safe sitting on that cabinet.  Mommy was behind holding her securely.

Sneak Peek Jenna

Happy Sweet 16 to Jenna!  Jenna, Jamie, and I had a blast on Sunday afternoon shooting Jenna’s sweet 16 pictures.  Jenna wanted an urban grungy shoot so we spent some time raiding my closet, her closet, the Goodwill closet, Jamie’s closet…whatever we could find to increase the drama.  🙂  She was a GREAT model and looked simply stunning.  I never get tired of playing dress up.  🙂


You didn’t think Heidi Jo could come to town and me not take pictures did ya?  🙂  Definite WOW factor going on wouldn’t you say?  I love this VERY cool chic with all my heart – since Cinco de Mayo 1989 – twenty one years ago.  We are “til death do we part” sisters.

Sending out “More than You’ll Ever Know” to you Heidi.  XXXXOOOO

(There will be more in the near future but I am respecting the line up so that means finishing Brooke’s comes first 🙂