Mayalin Sneak Peek {Phoenix Newborn Photographer}

Doesn’t this little one have a beautiful name?? She was an absolute dream today.? This pumpkin proved to be very laid back and didn’t much care what I did.? Her Daddy and Mommy think she is perfection and I agree.? I wanted to get these two pictures processed right away because I committed a couple of pictures to the Etsy shop owner who hand crafted the bear hat and the pouch.? I was very pleased with the products and had just the right model to show them off today (PhylPhil).? Wasn’t that sweet of lil’ Mayalin?? ūüôā

Heidi Jo {Phoenix Photographer}

My beautiful sister of my heart…

It seems appropriate that I post these pictures in the month of May since Cinco de Mayo is our BFF anniversary.? :)? We hit 21 years this May.?? I don’t usually get to post on “inside” beauty because I often haven’t had the blessing of a relationship with my clients so it is quite a treat when I get to share what the heart looks like.

Heidi is kind.? Compassionate and merciful.? She is loyal and can be trusted.? She is a giver and an affirmer (even blog followers are well aware of that).? She is an artist at expressing her heart both lyrically and musically.? She loves to create with her heart and her hands.?? She loves people and openly dives into relationships giving more than she receives without worrying about self.?? She loves to laugh.? Even on the hard days.? We have laughed and cried all in the same five minutes a zallion times.? She is affectionate and the only person I have every had long conversations with while being 2 inches away from her nose.? It must have started when we were very young – I am sure you can picture two adolescents sitting on a bed leaning way in and talking in soft voices – secrets and outpourings of the heart.? It stuck and we still find ourselves doing it.

I can summarize it best like this.? I have written so many times that I laid my heart before the Lord asking for His pick in my children and trusting that He would gift me with THE children that were always meant for me and me for them.? The same is true of Heidi.? When I was young I yearned for a sister of my heart and I prayed for her.? I asked God to pick her out and bring her to me.? I wanted a Jonathan-David relationship.? I asked my mom to pray.? I asked my aunts to pray.? I asked Grammy to pray.? God said yes.? He said “This one”.?? As always, I sit back in wonder at what He chooses.

Jenna Sweet 16 {Phoenix Photographer}

My cousin Jenna (Aunt Beck’s youngest) and I (and Jamie), had a blast on this shoot. Okay – minus – the teensy weensy little incident where a man who claimed he was packin heat, said he would have shot me had he seen me standing on the steps outside his door.? There is a story there – obviously.? My mothering instincts kicked in, and I went for a peaceful soothing kind of vibe.? Twenty minutes later, he was sharing his life story and inviting us back to see him.? :)? Don’t think us ladies are likely to ever forget THAT incident.

Jenna is my favorite teenager.? She is a lot of people’s favorite teenager.? She is compassionate, has a servants heart and is always quick to help those in need, she, like yours truly, is very messy but a quick cleaner, she loves everybody and everybody loves her.? She is the most unpretentious person I know (well her and Ty both).? She has a healthy sense of self but is not critical of others.?? She is not afraid to walk her own road and if no one else is following – so be it.? I have never seen her break a sweat over that.? In fact, I have never once had a conversation with her where she was anxious over what someone else thought.? Not because she doesn’t care – because she doesn’t live in a self seeking world.? She is others focused.??? Obviously I am biased towards this precious young woman but trust me, I am not the only one in love with Jenna.? My sisters will agree with what I have said but maybe more significantly, all of our children will say that Jenna is one of their favorite people.? In fact, 99% of the time, Jodi won’t leave her kids with anyone BUT Jenna.

Jim and I were both present the day Jenna came into our world and it impacted us significantly.?? It was a deciding moment for us – we were engaged and discussing our future family plans – and we knew (at least in small part) what our future held for us.?? God spoke it through a tiny little baby snuggled and sleeping safely in her Daddy’s arms.? I think all the angels that bared witness to that moment? were applauding beside us.?? It was such an ethereal moment, I could have felt the rush of their wings.?? There are rare moments in life that have the power to impress the soul.? In my heart, I knew my future had changed that day.? I was right.

Yes her eyes REALLY are that beautiful.

Also – I want to credit Jolene Young for the custom crafted piece of art around Jenna’s neck in the above pictures.? The heart is made from New Zealand? paua shell.? It is a stunning piece of jewelry.? Once her shop is up and running, I’ll post a link.? You really need a custom piece.? NEED it.