Scoo Meeeeezzz

I was talking to my friend Erin on the phone a few weeks ago, got off and found her here.? She was being so sweet and putting the RED NAIL POLISH back up after using it.? It was all over her hands, her feet, her neck, and her new dress.? I was very unhappy.? She felt just fine about the whole thing.

I love it when she says “Scooo Meeezzz” for excuse me.

This week she has been asking me at bedtime if I have to work the next day so she can go to Papa’s.? “Pictures….????? Papa’s????”? She still keeps her sentences pretty short but she gets her point across.

I started rethinking homeschooling this week when Tanner came in and said “Mom I need new shorts.? I only have long sleeved pants.”? 🙂 🙂


This is an old one that I never got around to posting.? We were camping all weekend and boy do I have my work cut out for me today.? I start school with the kids next week so my To Do list for the next three days is lengthy!

Payson Rodeo

Last week Sweetie and I and the kids and Daniel, Noah, Graham, Braxtyn, and Cozette drove up north for the day.? Destination 1 was Bull Pen Road just out of Camp Verde.? Very pretty campground down there BUT it was over 100 degrees and it was difficult to get down to the creek toting 7 kids.? Papa told me NOT to take my camera near the creek because the creek was SUPER slippery.? Boy was he right.? I don’t know how many times I fell trying to creek walk.? On the way down there, Daniel tells me that we might run into Josh and Darin because they were hunting BEAR in the area.? This gave me a moment of pause.? Uh Daniel?? We are hiking with seven children into an area where the guys are scouting bears?? Sounds like a GREAT plan.? We ran into Darin and Josh on the road and they assured us that they had thoroughly scoured the area and – no bears.? :)??? Generally speaking, I can’t say I am all that invested in their mad dog scoutin skills but on this particular occasion, I was mighty glad to hear that.? 🙂

(They really are skilled at scounting.? They have expensive glass and watch for miles.? In fact, one time Darin, Daniel, Josh and Dad were hunting javelina and Darin was able to spot a mountain lion coming from the opposite side hunting the same pig herd).

After we left our first spot, we drove into Payson for the rodeo.? Growing up, I loved the Payson rodeo every year but I haven’t gone in several years so I was looking forward to it.? Brooke was riding (she is still part of the Historical Cowgirls Foundation) and Graham and Zane were mutton busting.? We stopped off at Jodi’s Dad’s house to change (we were a bit of a MESS from the creek).? His yard was so lovely that I had to take a few pictures of kids all gussied up for the rodeo.? (I actually told you all this when I wrote the doghouse post – I am repeating myself as usual).? I’ll save more pictures while at the rodeo for next week.? I got some goodies at this destination point though.? Oh yes I did.? 🙂 🙂 🙂

This is Josh (Brooke’s brother)

This is Darin (my brother)

Take a look at the cell phone in Darin’s hand and then let’s all collectively sigh.

(Sisters – I will give you all these pictures on the disc after I am finished processing.? Might as well wait until after camping now).


I might be pregnant.

IF we get on the adoption list in March(ish) and IF the baby comes as quickly as Tori did, then I “conceived” this month.? 🙂 :)? And so starts my pregnancy journey once again.

Now this isn’t the “official” announcement.? When I get back on the list next year, I am going to tell you “I AM PREGNANT” and I expect you to take me seriously.? I say this to you because I tend to get a little bit sensitive about my adoption pregnancies “not counting” so I am giving you advanced notice this time.? 🙂

In the past, I have gotten on the list while other friends were pregnant and both times, my babies ended up being born first and I found myself saying to everyone “I told you I was pregnant”.? :)? I was.

With Ty, we got on the list in July, were matched in December, and Ty was born in January – six month pregnancy.? With Tori, we got on the list after Thanksgiving and she was born Feb 5th – 2 month pregnancy.? Now technically, we could get on the list and wait more than nine months but that hasn’t been our experience so far.

Because my fourth child might be alive and growing right now, it’s time to start praying for protection of baby.? And if you are wondering, no we don’t care if it is a boy or girl.? Part of me is hoping for a boy because I was the only girl growing up and loved it and I think Tori would love it too (and I love boys).? Part of me is hoping for a girl because having a girl has been SO much fun, I can pass Tori’s clothes on, and the room situation would work out better.?? Maybe the Lord will finally just give me twins and I’ll get both.? I wouldn’t mind.? 🙂 :)? I dreamed I had a baby girl with blonde hair this week.? Wouldn’t that be funny?? If I have a fourth child with blonde hair and green eyes I will have covered every hair color and eye color and truly be a rainbow family.? What a palette huh?

So you don’t have to take me seriously yet because today it is only a “might”.? But next time…next time I say it…officially say it…let the party start.? 🙂 🙂 🙂

The Doghouse

You just can’t plan for stuff this good.? :)? This was one of those moments that I celebrated being a photographer and capturing the moment.? 🙂

This past weekend, a bunch of us went up North for the Payson Rodeo.? Jodi’s Dad lives in Payson so we stopped there for a quick change.? His yard had a beautiful green landscape and I was a happy little bee buzzin around taking a few pictures before we left.?? While snapping away, Sweetie suggests that I may consider removing my daughter from the doghouse.? I turn around and sure enough – Tori was IN the doghouse.? Literally.?? And the sign above the doghouse door?? TWO???!!!? Really?? Is the dog’s name really Two?? Jodi??? How perfect could that be?? Of all the pictures I take of this kid this year – this one may go down as the most memorable for me hee hee.?? What a word picture huh?? My little girl, at the age of TWO, finds herself in the doghouse with Mama on a regular basis.?? I need to thank Jodi’s Dad for the PERFECT prop for my baby girl.? 🙂

Mom?? How great did this turn out?? LOL!? Tooo funnny!? Huh?

Conversation with her today:

Tori:? Your two.

Me:? I am not two.? Mommy is 37.

Tori:? I thirty eight.

She is such a one upper.? 😉

And you know what we did before bed?? Gave her a bath because she washed her hair in the toilet.? Again.? With the boys I didn’t get the whole “terrible two” thing because the threes were harder.? I get it now.


Tori:? Oopsy Susie.

Me:? Do you mean “Oopsy Daisy?”

Tori:? Ya.? Oopsy Daisy.

(Scene:? Me reading a book – Tori softly patting my leg)

Tori:? Mommy.? Stickers?? Cut it!


I don’t tend to book much in August because it’s too darn hot and I take the month off of school with the kids so it’s play time.? We have had like five day trips so far this month and we are gearing up for camping.?? Once fall hits, you’ll see more client shots but I expect my kids to dominate this blog this month.? I am trying to pack in as many clients as I can this fall so it should be a busy one.

Shampoo Required

Would you like to know why I HAD to give her a bath today?

I heard the toilet flush several times and went in to investigate.? I found Tori totally dry.? All except her hair.? I suspect she wanted to know what it would feel like to wash her hair in the toilet with the water swirling down.? Does she lay in bed at night planning these things?? Is “wash hair in toilet” seriously on her bucket list?

And why oh why, was the Spot Shot carpet cleaner bottle on her bedroom floor tonight…EMPTY?? Where do you suppose all the contents went?????? And why did she put purple play dough all over her dress?? Why did she open up an entire bunch of bananas this morning?? Why were chewed up and spit out bits of pumpkin seeds littering the carpet in MY bedroom today?? Where did all of Ty’s gum go?? Where did Tanner’s gum go and how did she get to it?? How did she get the roller ball out of 3 lip glosses and where is the gloss?? I really want the answer to that question!? Ya…that’s just off the top of my head.