Austin Sierra {Phoenix Children’s Photographer}

This is Austin and isn’t she a cutie pie?? We met up at Tolmachoff Farms this past week and had some play time together.??? Holy cow can that place pack out on a weekend in October too!? I would recommend going EARLY in the season if you plan on doing the pumpkin patch thing.? My goodness was it busy!

Speaking of busy…WOW are toddlers full of spirit and energy that I wish I could bottle.? Doing a photo shoot for a 2 year old is always a challenge.?? They often have a very short attention span and run wildly from one place to the next.? They won’t sit still for half a second and they get tired of looking at my camera shortly after we start.? But if you follow them around long enough and shoot like a crazy person, you have a decent shot at watching some magic happen.? Shoots for toddlers are probably the most “photojournalistic” type of work I do and I appreciate capturing a day in the life of a busy two year old.?? They experience life and it’s an experience to watch them.

Are those red boots the coolest or what?? Love them.? And love Austin’s kissy lips.? 🙂

A two year old cannot go to a pumpkin patch and not sample the local vegetation.? Must be done.

“I am bringing home a baby bumblebee”…..:)

I can’t always say that little ones thoroughly enjoyed their photo shoot day but I will go out on a limb here and say that lil Miss Austin most certainly DID.? 🙂 🙂

Jan + Charles – The Wedding

As you know, I am not a Wedding Photographer.? I shoot little people.? :)? This year though, I did choose to shoot two weddings for family.? Jan and Charles and then Shane and Jamie’s in Feb (though my good friends Erin and Janelle will be second shooting with me for Jamie’s – YEAH!? My sister in love Michelle pointed out that I was going to have a difficult time shooting in a floor length bridesmaid dress so my girlfriends will be coming to my rescue and let me just say I am so happy about that).

If you are in the market for a wedding photographer, shoot an email to me and I will refer you on over to Erin and Janelle.? :)? They’d love to help you out with that.? 🙂 🙂 🙂


When Aunt Jan stepped out of the car to meet me I must admit to a moment of “awe”.? Her dress – lovely – her cage veil -ooooohhhhhh how I lllooooovvveee cage veils – jewelry – exquisite – and the hair – perfect.? (In fact, my mother would like me to relay to Aunt Jan that she absolutely LOVED your hair and thought you looked gorgeous).? I was quite bummed that I only had about 20 minutes to shoot before we lost light because I wanted to make certain that I captured the beauty of the bride while day light was still burning.??? I could have happily shot the beautiful bride all day long.? It’s what I love to do.? I think she was a vision.

If you are interested in a Groomal session…now THAT I would love to do!? (Groomals are portrait sessions of the Bride and Groom in full wedding attire either before the wedding or shortly after to capture those shots that Wedding Day time frames don’t allow for).

Wishing you both a happy new life together…

Jan + Charles – The Details

Last weekend, Aunt Jodi and Uncle Darin watched our three munchkins while Jim and I drove up to Tucson for Jim’s Aunt Jan’s Wedding.? It was a lovely affair and I thought the details deserved a little attention of their own.? Brides spend so much time planning out all the delicate pieces that make a wedding a piece of art so I thought I should honor that.? 🙂

Easton {Phoenix Baby Photographer}

My oh my was this little man a sweetheart and oh so snuggly.? I just love the six to eight month ages.??? I had too much fun processing Easton’s pictures and was grinning at him the whole time.? Some little faces just make you smile don’t they?

I got some precious smiles from Easton – but you know me – it’s usually the serious expressions that capture my heart.

I am thinking that Easton’s parents find the sun rising and setting right where their little guys stands – agree?? 🙂

Funny thing happened at this shoot.? Photography seems to be a high risk job for me because I tend to injure myself frequently.? Bug bites, stickers, allergy situations, stumbling into some shifty characters….this time though, I had a run in with a cactus.?? My risk rises exponentially when I am shooting with a prime because I have to move constantly and I NEVER watch where I am going.?? While I was shooting Easton, I needed to back up for a wider angle and backed straight into a cactus.? You know those cactus that have the really long arms coming out of the ground with a long spike at the end of each arm?? Yep.? Right into my back.? OUCH!? Always something…

No pain no gain right?? 😉