Kitty’s and Babies

This past week I came across a blog post on another site asking photographers to submit their favorite photographs from 2010.? I am terrible at narrowing things down and trying to sort through files to decide that is really out of scope for me right now but this picture kept coming to mind.? After I shot this of Karter I kept asking myself why I was so drawn to it.? It reminded me of something…..but what?

A couple of weeks went by and one day it dawned on me why I was so attracted to this image.? It reminded me of a picture I took when I was a kid that I could swear I had around somewhere.? Last night I asked Jim to get a (very heavy) box down from the top of my closet so I could search for it and see if memory served correct.? My efforts paid off.? (I actually found something all by myself can you believe it? )

When I was 12 years old I got my first film camera for Christmas (that was TWENTY FIVE YEARS AGO folks).?? One day I was playing at my friend Melissa’s house and a litter of kittens caught my attention.? My first newborn photo shoot opportunity.? I hunted around for props and what did I find?? You guessed it!? A galvanized bucket!

I guess I really did know what I wanted to do when I grew up.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Every December

Aunt Beck:? Where have you been??? You are taking forever to post!

Jodi:? She does this every December.

I am on a self declared vacation right now.? :)? Jim took two weeks off and I am vacationing with him.? I am having a hysterectomy next week using the Di Vinci procedure (remote robotic – cool huh?), so I won’t be shooting in January either (except for a newborn or two).? Boy that was a long time coming wasn’t it?? I was fretting about that four years ago and it took me this long to be “over it” and just schedule it.? Daniel told me that I was going to be the first woman he ever knew to have a hysterectomy WHILE pregnant.? Hee hee.? True.? :)?? Nine and a half years ago, my uterus did her job beautifully and I will always feel so blessed and grateful that I had the privilege of carrying Tanner……bbbbbuuuuuutttttttt……turns out, not using MY uterus was pretty awesome too so she has now long outlived her usefulness to me.? 🙂

So I may pop in and out a little bit (and I do have a few Christmas pictures to post) but I expect the blog will be pretty quiet until I get back to business next year.? Any good book recommendations?? I don’t plan to be down very long at all but Aimee thinks I am being a little “too” optimistic.? We shall see…


This is Brandon.? Brandon is my sweet sister in love Aimee’s brother.? Brandon moved to Hollywood a bit ago and is actively pursuing an acting career.? He needed some headshots done so when he was here for Thanksgiving, Aimee and Brandon and I hit the town.?? We had such a fun time bossin’ Brandon (didn’t we Aimee?).? That’s what sisters are for right?

Doesn’t he have an award winning smile?? Keep an eye out for this face.? You never know where he might show up in the future!

Karter {Phoenix Newborn Photography}

Karter is dreamy isn’t he?? The above picture is my new favorite.? Those sweet lips and the serenity of the moment…sigh.?? Karter belongs to Nate and Ali, our sweet friends (pregnancy pictures here).? Karter’s brother Kade was over 9 pounds at birth so, based on my theory, Karter and I were going to struggle a bit during our shoot.?? Wrong.? Weighing in at 8 pounds 14 oz – Karter did just fine and slept like a champ.? He also was more flexible and liked to stay curled up more than most other 8 plus pound babies do.?? Funny all the things you learn about newborns doing this job but you always gotta have a rule breaker in the bunch.?? Some rules are meant to be broken.? :)??? I am anxious this morning for Ali to see these pictures of her pumpkin because I was just in awe of Karter yesterday while processing these.??? And the best thing of it is, because I have known Nate and Ali since they were kids, I know I will see this little man grown up.??? That is something to smile about.? :)? I think he agrees.? Is that an “all is well with my world” contented smile or what?

I really expected Karter to look like Kade but I am not seeing it.? More Macy Jo I think.

This picture below made Jim’s top two list.? 🙂

And here is what Karter looks like when he is feeling angry.

Below is the other shot on Jim’s top two.

Just chillin….

He looks comfy as could be doesn’t he?

Had to try it.? 🙂

There is a vacant lot that is overgrown with AZ wilderness a couple blocks near my house.? It changes every season and eventually it will have houses on it but for now, I am considering it an extension of my home studio.? 🙂

I don’t always ask this question but today I gotta know…since so many of my blog readers will watch Karter grow up and have vested interest – what’s your favorite?

Andy + Meredith

Over a decade ago, I worked for a financial institution as an Operations Manager.? Meredith, a Project Manager, at the same institution was a co-worker.? I always liked Meredith and we worked well together but the workplace didn’t give us the opportunity to really get to know one another.?? We both quit working to start our families.? An ironic set of circumstances allowed us a second chance at a friendship when Tanner was a baby and I am so grateful because Meredith is one of my closest friends and I love her dearly.?? In the last decade, we have shared so many of life’s many blessings together and also some of our deepest griefs.??? (We also got to spend time together in Washington, DC in 2005 when Tanner and Ella got to meet with President G.W. at his request.? THAT was a fun memory!)

At one point during our shoot, I wanted to sit down and have a good cry after spending time with Ian.? The boys have been so busy for such a long time that it’s been hard to get time together where both of our boys were in the same place at the same time.? Because of this, I was SHOCKED when I saw the growth in Ian.?? Selfishly, I couldn’t bare the thought of what the next 3 years might bring in maturity for Tanner.? At 12, Ian is nearly as tall as I am (though to be fair Andy is very tall so I don’t think Tanner will hit growth spurts like Ian’s for several years still).

Sister Ella is the darling jabberbox of the group and I love it.? She was full of good ideas and is oh so expressive.? Ella and Ty get along very well.? 🙂

And this is beautiful little Quinn…the baby of the family.

I love these little outfits from Naartjie – I think Tori needs one.? 🙂

Seeing this picture of Ian holding Quinn makes me anxious to see Tanner with a new baby next year.? I am almost 10 years older than my baby brother and I was always (and am) second mama.? Will be fun to see the dynamics with a big brother and little brother (or sister – Tori definitely wants a sister).