Meet Jeremy and Krista.??? These two are my brother-in-law and sister-and-law.? Okay – technically Jeremy is my sister-in-law’s brother and Krista will be her sister-in-law that makes Krista and I sister in law’s of sister in law’s – or something like that but who cares right?? Family is family.?? 🙂

They will be getting married in two weeks and I was honored to be able to celebrate their upcoming wedding by doing their engagement pictures.? Krista has connections so we were able to use the Outdoor Center at Lake Pleasant as our backdrop.? (Who knew there was an outdoor center at Lake Pleasant right?)? Tanner and Ty came along for the ride and Tanner worked quite diligently as my reflector assistant.? It was a wonderful day out with my boys and this sweet couple.

Jeremy is a kind, compassionate, sweet sweet guy and the whole family has been thrilled to watch this romance unfold and we look forward to welcoming Krista into the family.

As I was processing these shots I kept asking myself who Krista reminded me of and it finally occurred to me – Elizabeth Shue.? See it?? Both are beautiful women.? 🙂

This couple didn’t need any coaching.? :)? They got it.

Ya I know.? I already showed you a dip kiss but I liked both of them.? 🙂

So here is the story…

I was pretty excited when I noted a clear ridge line.? I don’t find those often.? But, when I snapped the silhouettes the evening sky was still a beautiful deep blue (note the first silhouette).? I wanted an AZ sunset but didn’t have time to wait for it.? On my way home (about 20 minutes into my drive), I look out my rear view mirror and there is the gorgeous sunset I was after.? I pulled the car over and shot the sunset.? So the picture above is almost real.? It would have looked like that had I waited 20 minutes.? So I made it work.? That’s what I love about the artistry of photography – I have a say so in the end result.? 🙂

On our way home, we had to stop because a couple of wild donkeys were blocking the road.? I was telling the boys that when I was little, Papa and Sweetie took us on lots of overnight trips at Lake Pleasant and we often saw (or heard) the wild donkeys.? Fun memories.

Uncle Boogie

Tori LOVES her Uncle Dusty (aka Uncle Boogie).?? Cinderella danced the night away with her Prince Charming and loved every minute of it.

Does anyone know what started Tori calling Dustin “Uncle Boogie”??? It seems to be sticking and every time I mention Dusty she says “you mean Uncle Boogie?”.? Can’t figure it out but I bet someone knows the answer to this.


I love it when I am getting ready in the bathroom and see those chocolate eyes peering at me over the tub.?? So in love with her.


Tori loves jewelry and (like a girl) always notices when I wear something new.? For Jamie’s wedding, I put on my blue sapphire with diamonds that Grammy gave me years ago.? Tori and I have discussed rings and their meanings because she has been really intrigued about marriage in light of being a flower girl.? Every time she sees me get dressed up she says “Are you married now?”.??? A couple of weeks ago she was on my lap and she grabbed my wedding finger and said:

Tori:? Does this say “I love Daddy”?

Me:? Yes.? My ring says I love your daddy.

Tori: (Grabs Jim’s wedding finger) Does this say “I love Mommy?”

Jim:? (Smiles at her) Yes.

Tori:? (Grabs the sapphire).? Does this say “I love Poppy”?

Melted my heart.? I had told her sometime before when she inquired about the ring that Poppy bought the ring from Grammy and that Grammy later gave the ring to me.? The little connection she drew was precious.? I haven’t taken the sapphire off yet and I don’t think I will because now every time I look at it on my finger all I can hear is my baby asking me if it means I love my Poppy (and Grammy).


I did post that Ty lost a fourth upper tooth didn’t I?? For real.? Four top teeth missing at once.? Remember that whole post that I wrote about being jealous of Stacey Weiss in the first grade because two of her top teeth were missing at the same time and I thought it so cute?? Well Ty has taken that to a whole other level of cuteness!? One of his adult teeth is now growing in so it looks like a 3 tooth gap now but at one time there really was a four tooth gap.? Crazy.?? Speaking of teeth…

I love it when the boys ask me if they can just have a breath mint instead of brushing their teeth.? HA!? As if…

Tori found a penny this week and asked me if she could keep it.? Then she told me she was going to buy a tooth with it.? :)?? What a little entrepreneur we have.?? Noticing the transactions taking place between the Tooth Fairy and her brother, she was inspired to get in on the action.? She realizes a hot commodity when she sees one.? So young to recognize the laws of supply and demand and get a leg up on it.? We are so proud.? 😉

I love it when she says “I Toe-weeeee”.


She is so glad that my restrictions are being lifted post surgery.? She insists on sitting on my tummy now and not my lap because she (apparently) wants evidence that I am not going to deny her because of my “owies”.? She was really good about it though and would often get after me if I picked her up.? “You can’t supposed to carry me mommy!? Are your owies off?”.?? The day I told her I could now carry her she told Jim at dinner “She’s fine”.?? LOL


This weekend Jim and I went on a date (finally).? We haven’t been out alone since last July!? Ahhhhhh…it was so nice.? We waited 2 hours for dinner at Texas Roadhouse but I didn’t mind the alone time with Jim chatting the night away.??? Jim gave me a list of movies he thought I would like and True Grit was at the top of his list so we went and saw it.? I absolutely adored it.? Everything about it.? I fell in love with Hailee Steinfield right out of the gate.? She was incredible.? I love movies with great dialogue and this one kept me giggling through the entire thing.? The two hours went by so fast and I was sad it was over.? As a southwestern girl, western movies are usually a hit with me but this one hit it out of the park.???? While I was watching Hailee, I giggled comparing her to Tori wondering if Tori was going to have a streak of Mattie Ross in her. For example, yesterday I was giving her a bath and Ty came into the bathroom bemoaning the fact that he couldn’t find his AIT shirt anywhere and that it was going to take him FOREVER to find it (very popular Ty line – “Mom it’s going to take me FOREVER”).? Tori finally got exasperated with the whole conversation.? She hiked out of the bath dripping wet, walked out of the bathroom naked as a jay bird and said to Ty over her should “I am going to go find your AIT shirt Ty”.?? LOL.?? She is my “just let me handle this” girl for sure.?? I am going to be sitting back in admiration of her FOREVER aren’t I?? 🙂


I was reading a blog article on a photography site this week that mentioned 10 things photographers do to derail their business.? One of the items on the list was mixing personal blogs with business.? The author was very opposed (and annoyed) by that.? Hmmmm…..

I have spent some time thinking about it and I get the authors perspective but I still don’t feel so inclined to separate into business and personal blogs.??? In the first place, I started this blog WAY before blogging was cool.? This website has been up (www.jimanddoni.com) for a decade.? Adding photography to it was an after thought and something that developed over time.??? Because of this, I wouldn’t ever let my business take over this blog.? I could separate my business onto a different blog.??? In considering my market though, I realize that because I am doing nothing to market my business (I need to keep it small while raising my babies), my only marketing is word of mouth which means almost all of my clients are friends of friends.? As time goes on, that is extending to friends of clients but as I have great clients – they quickly become friends and we are back to friends of friends.??? That being the case, is it really any big deal that this blog is still primarily a personal one with business on the side???? Thinking on it…

Loves to Sing

Yesterday I had a dentist appointment and brought all 3 kids with me.? Not my smartest day.? Have mercy!

Dental Hygienest to feisty Tori:? Do you sing?? Do you want to sing a song to me?? What is your favorite song?

Tori:? Jesus

DH:? You mean “Jesus Loves Me”?

Tori:? No.? Jesus At Your Feet.

At Your Feet is a Casting Crowns song and it is indeed Tori’s very favorite song.? She sings it over and over and begs for it when we are in the car.? She just belts it out while we drive down the road and would do it 50 times in a row if I let her.?? I came across her sitting with her guitar in my bedroom today and she was playing and singing At Your Feet.?? I asked her to relocate (to better light – cuz I am a photographer you know) and promised I would let her listen to it (again) on You Tube.

How I pray that someday my baby girl will write the words of this song upon her heart and live in the freedom of it.

At Your Feet – Casting Crowns

Here at Your feet, I lay my past down
My wanderings, all my mistakes down
And I am free

Here at Your feet, I lay this day down
Not in my strength, but in Yours I?ve found
All I need, You?re all I need

Jesus, Jesus, at Your feet
Oh, to dwell and never leave
Jesus, Jesus, at Your feet
There is nowhere else for me
There is nowhere else for me

Here at Your feet, I lay my future down
All of my dreams, I give to You now
And I find peace, I find peace
Here at Your feet, I lay my life down
For You my King, You?re all I want now
And my soul sings?

?Cause I am free (here at Your feet)
All I need (is at Your feet)
I find peace
We?re at Your feet
We?re at Your feet

And I am free (here at Your feet)
All I need (is at Your feet)
I find peace
We?re at Your feet
We?re at Your feet
We?re at Your feet
We?re at Your feet

Here at Your feet
I lay my life down

(Heidi I came upon Tori with her guitar shortly after we got off the phone.? She must have caught your heart clear from the east coast.? Echo.)

Wedding Party

And here is the wedding party…

No.? I am not “that” short.? Jodi was on MUCH higher heels!? For REAL!

Guestbook and ushers

Flower girl dresses made by Julie with Juju’s Tutus.?? Loved them!

Jamie and her bro Jarrod

Jamie with her parents

I wish my depth of field wouldn’t have been quite that shallow in the picture above on the left.? Someday I’ll get that shot right.? 🙂