Not in the United Kingdom

Well it seems it has finally happened to me too.? I have been hacked.? :(??? I am getting reports from friends on two things this morning.? People are getting emails from (an account that is not mine and has never existed) and also facebook messages from my actual facebook account.??? The claim is that I have been mugged in the United Kingdom and need money.?? One of my friends actually had a live chat with the hacker about this – totally creepy.???? They (apparently) got my facebook password and CHANGED my email address on my facebook account at 4:00 AM this morning and I can’t even log in to facebook right now because someone else has taken it over.? I am working with facebook to secure my account.? I think I just locked my facebook account down so if you get anything from me on facebook after 8:39 AM, let me know.? SO FRUSTRATING!


– UPDATE – okay I think I have fixed this with facebook so let me know if anything happens after 8:57 AM.??? Not sure what I can do about a yahoo account that is NOT mine though.

Singing in a Store

I hate my cell phone.? I want a smart phone.? Jim says I can’t have one yet because we don’t want to renew our contract.? I was forced to use it though in Walmart yesterday because I truly needed this shot.? 🙂

Yesterday, Tori chose to spend her naptime singing jingles from Elf.? The boys and I got to hear her debut this ditty from her crib:

“I am in a store.? I am singing.? I am singing in a store.? I am in a store and I am SSSSSSSSSSSSIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGGIIIIIIINNNNGGGGG”.

It was beautiful.? I only wish Daniel, David, Darin, and Dustin would have been there to hear it.? They would have given her a standing ovation for sure.

Our grocery shopping trip was immediately after the misappropriated naptime.?? As it turned out, when she was shopping in a store she was not in fact SSSSIIIINNNNNGGGGIIIIINNNNGGGGGG but SLEEPING.? LOL.

And one other note.? I often tell mothers of newborns that after that 10 day mark, newborns are not as posable.? In rare cases, some children maintain their flexibility.? Tori can bend into a pretzel still.?? And yes I do think she looks uncomfortable but no I don’t think she was.


Lexi {Phoenix Baby Photographer}

I have a little friend named Lexi who comes over sometimes for play dates.? She is hoping that Brinkman baby four is a girl so that she will have a playmate.??? I needed Lexi to model a couple of props for me and she did quite the stand up job.? Her eyes are such a beautiful blue – and both her parents have dark eyes.? She got them from her Grandma I think.

I have been anxious to try out my new purple owl set.? Next model should be my little niece who is due any day now!

Thanks Lexi for helping me!

Ella and Madyson {Phoenix Baby Photographer}

These two little cuties are cousins.? I have had the privilege of photographing them both before so it was so fun to get to see and play with them again.

Little Miss Madyson was very thoughtful during her session and was determined to show us her serious side…and what a beautiful serious side she has – little china doll.

Madyson to Ella:? “Ella!? I am rather fond of my eye and would appreciate keeping it!”

I love it when I have the opportunity to see past clients again and see how these little kiddos grow.


Morning Hair

I don’t know how many times I have heard family members say “Remember David’s morning hair?”.? I saw Ty’s “do” last week and decided I needed to make sure and capture it.? He was fresh out of bed and, as you can see, could hardly hold his eyes open.? The picture in the lower left is definitely a favorite for me.? Jim and I had a grand ole time laughing through these shots of him the other night.? (And then Jim cut his hair the next day).

And while on the hair topic…

Brooke and I have said for awhile that Tori and Braxtyn are a dangerous duo.??? Last week Brooke was over with the kids (that makes 7 for now but 9 soon:).??? The girls decided to play “hair” and were happily and quietly going about their business.?? This is not a hair cutting story.??? That happened on a different day (and thankfully Tori did not witness it).

They got their hands on one of my curling irons and Braxtyn comes out of the room with it wildly tangled in her long hair.? Great.

Brooke reaches for it to start the unraveling only to discover that the girls had plugged it in!?? Panicked, Brooke and I both were attacking the hair/iron catastrophe hoping and praying it didn’t burn her hair.?? We got off lucky.? No burns and the hair was no worse for the wear.? I thought the bangs looked a little suspect (she had attempted to curl those earlier) but other than that, we escaped the incident pretty well considering.??? Braxtyn claimed that Tori was responsible for plugging it in but as she has never approached an outlet before, I tend to doubt that but on the other hand – second guessing Tori is never wise.