Troy – Day 25 – July 20th

Troy got home from the hospital on Tuesday and seems to be improving.? He is still congested but no fevers and seems to have his energy back.? Unfortunately, Jim and I now have this cold thus the reason I have been pretty quiet.? Life doesn’t feel back to normal yet.?? Praying that Troy continues to improve and doesn’t get a round 2 because the Dr. told us he needs to be readmitted if he has any signs of fever or fatigue again.?? Sigh…thus the way it goes with preemies.? I thought we were so much safer with him being born during the summer but apparently not.? As you can guess, Jim and I have decided to lock down for awhile.? Not sure when we will reappear in public with Troy but for now we need to keep him protected.? We also won’t be letting the other three out too much because it’s too easy for them to bring illness home to the baby.? We just need him to get a bit older and bigger first because we do NOT want to find ourselves back in the hospital with a simple cold (much less anything more severe).??? I haven’t taken any pictures this week due to all this either.? :(? Bummer.

He will be five weeks tomorrow and I think I am going to swap out his preemie clothes for his newborn ones now.? :)?? He is looking like a full size newborn now.? I bet he is well over 8 pounds by his due date (August 15th).? His cheeks are really filling out these days.? He was 7.6 in the hospital this week.

The eyelashes seem to grow daily.? As I have said before, I doubt he could ever compete with Ty in the eyelash department but for a 36 week old baby (when this was taken), I’d say these are pretty substantial.

My friend Oleysa (BeezyMama on Etsy) made this hat and cocoon.? I especially love this soft cocoon.

A few cute kid quotes from the week:


(Standing at the Redbox)

Tori:? Mommy!? Pllllleeeaaaaseeee get the Justin Bieber movie.? I really want to see it!!!!? Braxtyn got to see it.? Braxtyn LOVES Jacob.

First off…I had no idea she knew who JB was.? Second off, thanks Brax.? Third, Braxtyn mixes up Jacob (Twilight) and Justin because of the fan following of Karsyn and Zandi and Jenna.?? Thankful that Tori and Braxtyn neither one really know what they are talking about.? And last…thanks to Kristi.?? I hear you are the true cause of all this.? ūüėČ


(Tori sitting at the kitchen table)

Tori:?? MOOOOOOOOOMMMMMM….Phineas and Ferb are building a rocket ship!

Me:? Thank you Candice.? I’ll talk to them.? Hey Ferb!? What are you using to build this rocket ship?

Ty (aka Ferb):? Sticks, snakes and rubber ducks.



(Tanner, Tori, Troy and I laying on the bed.? Troy was positioned on a boppie pillow with all of us laying beside him hovering and talking to him).

Me:? Oh look!? He found me!? He is trying to follow me with his eyes.

Tanner:? Can’t he see you?

Me:? Babies don’t see very well in the beginning and remember he still isn’t supposed to be out of a tummy for 3 more weeks.

Tanner:? Do you think he gets worried when he can’t see us?

Me:? Maybe.? This morning I noticed that when I called his name he stopped crying.? Maybe he just wanted to know I was close by.

Me (to Troy):? You are never going to have to worry about being alone.

Tori:? (She gets over the top of him and puts her nose real close to his.? She says this in her sweet sing songy voice)? Uh uh.? Uh uh.? I will be with you.? I will never leave you.

About choked me up it was so endearing and precious.? I love that all three of the older ones are so full of love for Troy and just gush it out all over him.? Sometimes too much because none of them want him to sleep.? ūüôā


Tori to Troy:?? Whhhhhhaaaaaaaatttttt??? Whhhhaaaaaaaaaaaattttt?

You have to say that in a super singy voice.? I thought it was so cute to hear but then later caught myself and then Jim doing it as well and we all say it the same way.? Who started it?


Ty to Me:? Mom Tanner brought Troy into my playroom to watch me play Xbox and I think he really liked it.? Can we do that again?






Troy Update




I am going to make this quick because I am swyping this post from my phone.? Troy may come home tomorrow if fever stays down and cultures come back okay during the night.? So far there are two theories.? He may have a cold virus though he did not test positive for the major ones or he may have aspirated due to his reflux issues as aspiration can cause his symptoms well.? We are going to have a modified barium swallow study done as well as an upper g to rule out pieloric stenosis.? They wanted to do these tests today but I declined and will bring him back out patient this week because I do not want my child in this germ infested environment for a moment more than he has to be. This hospital is full and this morning they moved a child with pneumonia into his room.? you can imagine what I had to say about that.? I basically told them that if they could not find an immediate solution that I needed to be discharged immediately because the heck if I was going to have my premature baby exposed to that.? To their credit, they had me fully moved in ten minutes.? I do of course realize that hospitals do not always have a lot of options but as a rather ferocious mama their decision was completely unacceptable to me and it was simply not going to fly.? More and more I realize how critical it is for sick children to have a parent advocate. My heart breaks for those parents who do not have the option of being in the hospital though they want to.? This is such a sad sad place.? In case I forget later, troys urine analysis was fine, swab test fine, blood test fine, chest xray fine.? They attempted a lumbar puncture twice but did not get spinal fluid.? That was not fun for troy or daddy and mommy in the room with him.? Here are Couple of snaps from my phone. I don’t want to proof this so forgive my typos please.? thanks for praying for my little darling.

Troy in hospital

Please pray for Troy. He has been admitted into the hospital with a virus. I should say we think it is a virus but test results are not in yet. He started getting cold symptoms yesterday and progressed to a fever of 100.7. Par for the course with preemies unfortunately. Ty and Tori both had hospital stays so we are not surprised but this really stinks and I utterly detest seeing my baby boy sick especially while still so tiny. Posting this update from my new droid as we will be here at least another 48 hours. Picture taken from my camera phone. Not the photo session I had in mind – so sad.

Scratch that. Can’t figure out how to load pics. Might try putting picture on facebook.

Troy – Day 24 – July 19th

A huge thank you to my wonderful girlfriend Erin McFarland who came over and helped me with a few shots.? With two photographers double teaming it, Troy didn’t stand a chance.?? Score two points for Erin and I.?? Isn’t he filling out so good?? He has got to be over 7 pounds now.

LOVE IT!? Those dimples will never get old for mama.

Erin insisted that I needed at least a few of me with baby and I am glad I listened to her because I will always treasure these.? (XXXOOO to Erin for this!)

He looks all boy doesn’t he?

I love him love him love him love him love him love him love him love him love him love him love him love him love him love him love him love him
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Troy – Day 23 – July 18th

Couldn’t decide on my favorite for these two.? Love the back wrinkles on the top one and loved the grin on the bottom.? I think I just love every little thing about him.? :)?? Today, during bath time, I put a warm wash cloth on him and he started full belly giggling in his sleep.??? I don’t remember any of my other kids giggling in their sleep as newborns.? It was hysterical.? I do remember that Tanner giggled for the first time at 10 weeks because it was at the end of my hospital bed when I had my gall bladder removed.

I am loving watching the dynamics of the sibling relationships play out.?? Tanner is Troy’s protector and defender.?? I trust Tanner to pick Troy up and comfort him and when Troy makes a peep, Tanner is right there on it.? Ty affirms and gives affection.? It is actually Ty that kisses him the most often during the day (well besides me).? Every day Ty has said “I love my new brother”.? Tori talks to him.? She sounds so cute in her little mama voice speaking assurances to him “you are okay baby – it is okay baby”.? Just sweet as could be.