Quincie Claire {Phoenix Newborn Photographer}

This is Quincie Claire and was she ever a dolly.  Love all that hair.

Little girls and tutus just belong together don’t they?  This tutu was handcrafted by Sweetly Created.

Quincie’s Mommy and Daddy come from the South.  They lived in a town in Arkansas known for its watermelons.  Quincie’s mom brought along this sweet little outfit in honor of her southern roots.  🙂   Darling.

We have a grinner on our hands.

I wouldn’t call it “cooled off” in Phoenix by any stretch of the imagination but at least tolerable for some newborn shots.

Every princess needs a crown.

It was so nice to meet ya’ll.  😉

Real Life

This week I came in from grocery shopping at 9:00 PM and was greeted by this scene.  Daddy playing “bows” (magnet dolls) with Tori and Troy.  I thought it too cute so I popped my speedlight on and snapped away.   I love to see these precious real moments with my husband and children.  And if you are wondering, the reason that you can see so many of Tori’s toys in the first picture is because we are in the middle of switching kid bedrooms so her room has just been painted for Tanner and Ty.  I had no where to put her stuff in between so all her toys and such are in my front room for a couple weeks.


Me:  Where did you get that gum?

Tori:  It isn’t gum.  I just brushed my teeth to get the nuts out.


I put my hair in a pony on top of my head before taking a bath.

Tori:  Mommy you look like a new girl.


Me:  (For the millionth time) TORI!  GET YOUR CLOTHES ON RIGHT NOW!

Tori:  Mom.  When you talk to me that way…..it makes me scared.

For the record – I am not sure if Tori has ever been scared and trust me – she wasn’t.


Tori (reading her Children’s Bible):  And then a bee bit God.

Jim:  A bee did not bite God.

Tori:  Yes it did.  It says it right here.

Jim:  Tori.  There is no story in the bible where a bee bites God.

Tori:  Well. (Pause)  You didn’t see the movie.




This is to prove to my sister Jodi that I am not a complete slacker.  Okay – so this is the first shot in the series but still…forward motion is good right?

And one shot for Jenna because I thought she would want it sooner than later…

And one little shot of Troy because it’s what I do.  🙂  (And aren’t Tanner’ lips perfect – no processing on Tanner’s lip color – amazing isn’t it?)


Bennett {Phoenix Baby Photographer}

Meet Bennett.  Bennett was one of my summer babies whose session got pushed into the fall due to Troy’s birth.  He was a mighty handsome 9 month old and was such a great little model for a sunrise shoot.  The light was spectacular at 6:00 AM and Bennett is an early bird so we got to take advantage of it.

Not to insult anyone’s intelligence because I am quite confident that no one thinks we put a baby on a horse and walked away but…yes there is some photoshop magic going on here.  We wanted to see the perspective of tiny baby and big horse so I processed out his supporting parents (both of whom were securing his safety).

I think there very best prop for baby is his parents.  🙂

What a dreamy little guy!  I love photographing babies.