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My Christmas Blessings

December 28, 2011

I hope to post a full update soon but my quiet December hasn’t turned out to be so quiet.  For now though, here are the rest of the Christmas shots.

As I have lamented before, I have a terrible time getting Troy to smile when I am behind my camera.  My only hope for it is to distract him with his siblings.  He will smile at them.  I can’t wait to get his big beautiful grins captured with him looking straight at ME but he is way too fascinated by my camera still so I guess I’ll just have to be patient.  🙂

Troy is picking on his big sister already.  As you can see, Tanner loves that.

Be still my heart huh?  He is such a handsome young man (if I do say so myself).

And oh my precious precious Ty.  Captured him true to form hee hee.

Tori has several pairs of boots but these are her favorites and she wants to wear them with everything.  Her little feet still turn in so she stand pigeon toed a lot still.

That giraffe is Sophie but my boys keep trying to rename her Jerry.  It is an antique French toy that has been resurrected and is darn near the top of Amazon’s favorite baby products list.  No wonder too because the feel and shape of it make it perfect for babies to chew on.  Troy LOVES Sophie.



Merry Christmas

December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!  – Jim, Doni, Tanner (10), Ty (7), Tori (3), and Troy (6 months tomorrow)


December 17, 2011

My Aunt did something that made me not happy.


She insisted that all the kids make their OWN costumes for the Christmas play.   Stunk for me because I have two boys who I felt were UNLIKELY to manage that task and one precocious but messy 3 year old.  This meant work for me.  By the way…I do not enjoy making crafts.  Not at all.


Over the last couple of weeks, Tanner asked me the same question 100 times.


One fine day, much to my surprise, Tanner made his own crown at his own initiation.    The whole “One fine day” thing…I meant that – it was a great day indeed.


This week I finally buckled down to attack the problem of Tori’s angel wings.  I “almost” had my friend Kristi working this out for me but then Beau got strep and the responsibility ball rolled right back.  I was dismayed.

Tori though?  Delighted.  Her Daddy drew out her angel wings on poster board in 3.5 seconds.  He is amazing like that.  I gave her elmer’s glue, white feathers, white glitter, and silver glitter.  My angel was having a heavenly time and was doing a remarkable job for a 3 year old.  She told us that Aunt Becky told her that her wings “had to be perfect”.  (By the way, Aunt Beck did NOT say that).

When she was nearing completion, I was overjoyed.  Her wings looked rather marvelous and I had done very little.  Excited to check that off my list, I asked her if we were finished and she indicated “not quite”.    She then INSISTED upon red glitter.  YES RED.   I pleaded with her.  Tanner pleaded with her.  Tanner was CERTAIN that red was a completely inappropriate color for angel wings.  Jim finally got involved and reminded Tanner and I that this was Tori’s project so Tanner and I sucked it up and handed her the red glitter.

A little was not enough.  The wings became so heavy with layers of glitter and hairspray (because that was my genius idea for holding the glitter to the feathers which only half worked) that I had to wonder if my baby angel would be able to carry the posterboard quickly approaching heavy metal, upon her back.


This evening, my oh so sexy engineer, did what all men do to Jerry Rig small projects and he broke out the duct tape in order to secure her straps onto the back of the wings.   Our pint size project manager was underwhelmed with that decision (like most women who in fact, do not believe that duct tape solves all of life’s problems though I personally am a fan of the product – it saved my hide with securing little Miss’s diapers for darn near 12 months).



Bets are being cast in our household as to whether or not baby Jesus will run away.  Tanner is hoping he will because Troy is the understudy for Cooper and Tanner is very nervous that baby Jesus (Cooper) will escape mid play and is confident that a non-mobile baby would be a better option.  Leave it to Tanner to worry about this.   I’ll let you know how the dice rolled later.  🙂

Update post practice today:

Me:  So how did Aunt Becky like your wings?

Tori:  Good.  Actually she saw the back side where Daddy put the tape and she was happy.  So I changed my mind.  She was happy on Daddy.




On my way to church this morning I was feeling a bit overwhelmed.  I wanted to go.  I wanted to take Tori, Tanner, and Ty because they are in the Christmas Play and were very upset at the idea of not being at practice today.  Tori changed her outfit about 3 or 4 times yesterday planning what she would wear to church.  On the other hand, Troy really cannot get sick right now.  He is at high risk for a feeding tube at the moment and sickness will take it over the top I am afraid.  So I left Jim home with the baby hoping that would at least reduce our risk a little bit.  I prayed and asked God to cover the baby because making all the right choices for everyone is so hard.  We have been raising preemies for 8 years now and ever winter season we go through this dilemma it seems.  Tori was hospitalized two winters in a row and we were trying to protect her but it’s difficult and preemies tend to have low reserves.

During my drive, this new song by Sanctus Reel played.  Matt Hammitt, the lead singer, brought his 10 week old baby home from the NICU this Thanksgiving after having undergone heart surgery.  His little guy was the inspiration for this song.

After an 83 day NICU stay with Ty almost 8 years ago and having a week full of SIX Dr. appointments and several trips to Phoenix Children’s this week (and now an OT eval for Ty at 4:00 today),  the words of this song just really move me.  This for my preemies today…your gonna have all of me.

Stay Put

December 6, 2011

Because you enjoyed my beautiful artwork and because I am way too busy to take an actual picture….


Oh the joys of raising kids who were born prematurely!  Let’s see…

Last week:

Went to Phoenix Children’s Hospital for (1) Swallow Study and (2) Cranial Tech.

This week PCH schedule (1) Neuro-Developmentalist for Troy (2) Apnea Clinic – Troy (3) Cranial Tech – Troy (4) Surgeon Eval for Ty (5) OT Eval for Ty


Issue of the evening:  Troy must have 28 ounces of fluid daily to stay hydrated.  Because I have to thicken his feedings to nectar consistency, he doesn’t want to eat as much therefore less fluid intake.  Today I have calculated only 19 ounces and there is NO WAY I will get another 9 ounces in him before bedtime (it is 9:16 PM).  What to do?   AAAHHHH!!!!  I will be making more phone calls tomorrow because I don’t know how to solve this one.