THE Hair Cut

It was only a matter of time before she did it.

I want to preface this with saying that in FOUR YEARS, scissors have not touched my daughter’s hair.  I am NOT happy that the first person to cut her hair was HER.

It happened like this…

Setting:  Kitchen table doing school work.

Tori:  Mommy can I please use these (child) scissors?

Me:  (Hesitation)  Yes.  BUT you may only cut THIS blue piece of construction paper and THIS green piece of construction paper.  Are we very clear?  NOTHING else!

Tori:  Okay.

I then go into my bedroom with Ty because I was teaching him his math lesson.  Five minutes goes by.   She walks in and has a grim look on her face.

Tori:  Mommy.  I wanted to cut more than the paper.


Now insert very theatrical mama meltdown.  I was M.A.D.!!!!!!

She had some consequences to pay for that defiance and I needed some cool off time before closely inspecting the damage.  I wanted to cry.   As it turned out, my little marvel actually cut on an angle so she tapered her hair to her face so it makes it far less noticeable than a blunt cut but STILL I feel sad every time I see it.

I did have to giggle later when the following conversation occurred though:

Setting:  In the bathroom after our shower.

Me:  You have put about enough lotion on now.

Tori:  You said “that’s enough” so I am just going to stop.

I called and told Heidi about that conversation later and she said “Tell me you realize that is exactly what a 4 year old you would have said”.  LOL.  She clearly didn’t want me to repeat my earlier tantrum over additional disobedience so she wanted to make it known that she heard me loud and clear and was committed to immediate compliance.

My oh my.  I had hoped that four would be the end of her escapades.  Guess not.

More Baby

After getting the “Love” feet recently (Caleb’s shoot), I just had to have the same shot with my baby’s feet.  You know I am such a sucker for feet shots.  The shot above though CRACKED me up.  I had Jim and Troy covered with that blanket but Troy wanted to see what mama was up to so he peeked around the blanket to check on me.   I ended up loving the shot.  He is such a cutie.

Troy is a little Andretti with his crawling now.  He is EVERYWHERE.   I am having to be diligent about picking up all small particles off the floor because he is trying to eat everything.  This weekend, after cleaning, I found him getting into the bathroom trash.  Guess he wanted to know where I put all those paper scraps.  Then he advanced to my backdrop paper.  Little monkey.

No.  Not gelling Troy’s hair.  Covering him twice a day in hydracortizone, triamcinalone, and vanicream from head to toe is giving him some pretty cool hair. 🙂

Troy has weighed 16.9 for several weeks now.  All this crawling is quite the exercise.

Troy getting into my prop baskets.

Troy sleeping when he was sick this past week.  That blanket was Jim’s comforter growing up.  We acquired it when we married and I formed my first blankie attachment.  My mother in law has had to sew it back up for me a few times now but I can’t give it up.  It is ratty and ugly but oh so comfy.  I never want another blanket.

Last night was a big night!!!  For the first time, Troy slept in his own room!!!  He did great too and slept in until 8:30 AM.  Tanner and Tori were both in their rooms at the 7/8 month mark so I thought it was about time.  It’s quieter for him in there.  He’s a pretty light sleeper.

And one more painting done over the weekend…



My Baby Boy

Pretty soon I am going to decide to get my act in gear and get something done around here.  But not today.  🙂  I wanted to try just a simple portrait today and this is one of my favorite newborn pictures of Troy.

Took him to the dermatologist this morning and she said that Troy has moderate excema.  Better than severe of course but her standard is also elevated because she framed that with the fact that she only sees patients that pediatricians aren’t comfortable treating.   The excema itself isn’t “terrible” but the scope of it is.  Essentially, it covers his entire body.  She wants me treating him twice daily with first a thin layer of triamcinalone and then vanicream (out of the tub not the lotion) over the top of that.  The triamcinalone treats the inflammation and the vanicream treats the dryness (and supposedly won’t oil up the clothes as bad as vaseline).  She wants me doing this until he has baby soft skin and she thinks that could take upwards of 3 weeks.  I had putting steroids on babies but she assured me that it wouldn’t thin his skin too much or be too elevated in his blood stream.  She wants me using only hydracortizone on his face though.

Today I am wishing I had that DOC band back.  I can’t tell you how many times he has hit his head falling on our wood floors.  Like his sister, he is driven.  He was trying to get into all my prop baskets today and I had to pry his fingers off them while he was starting to lose his balance.  He hasn’t pulled to a stand yet but he wants to.  Just staying on his knees so far.


Favorite Tori quote of the week:

“You are my best mom!”


This was funny to me in light of Tori’s bladder issues but maybe a bit TMI.  Sorry.

Me:  I have to hurry because I have to go potty so bad.

Tori:  Hold on bottom.  Just hold on.  She’s almost ready.  (Meaning I was almost ready to leave my task and go to the restroom)  LOL


I have been watching One Tree Hill on Netflix (am in Season 2).  I hate to admit to liking this teen drama especially since it is SUCH a soap opera but I like the characters.   Tori was watching a bit of it while snuggling with me but I had to keep my hand on the fast foward or mute button for obvious reasons.

Tori:  WHAT ARE YOU DOING?  Why did you just forward that?

Me:  Because there is too much kissing.  I don’t want to see all that kissing.

Tori:  I do!  I like kissing!

I had to laugh at that (and no more One Tree Hill Sneak Peeks for her!).  It’s true though.  She does like physical affection.  All four of my children do.  In fact, I think Troy prefers to suck on my cheeks more than his pacy.  I don’t know if he thinks he is kissing me or if he just really likes my cheeks but it’s adorable.  He is constantly coming at me with a wide open mouth like he just wants to eat mama up (likely because that is what he sees mama doing all the live long day).  Speaking of which, he just woke up from his nap so off I go.

Valentine’s Painting

About the painting…

The picture of Troy is one of my favorites.  I may have to use it yet again in another composite because I struggled to make up my mind what to do with it.  The bed is a red doll crib that Sweetie finally surrendered to me for newborn shoots.  Little Bear lower left was given to Troy on his official “Gotcha Day”.  Larger bear belongs to Tori.  Elephant was given to Ty by his birthfamily when he was in the NICU.  You know who Sophie is right?  Lastly, Sweetie gave me the tiny little Valentine’s rabbit because I always thought she was so cute and antique looking.  (Plus I needed a token heart for my Valentine painting).


Guess who started full on officially crawling in the last several days?   That means that Troy started crawling at 7 months but a corrected 5 months (almost 6).  Tori crawled at 5 months but a corrected 3 months (almost 4).  What is it with these preemies?  My mother in love told me that Jim crawled at 5 months as well.  Guess I know where they got their strength of will from!  🙂  Troy also pulled up onto his knees yesterday because he wanted to see what was in his toy basket.  Won’t be long before he attempts pulling to a stand I think.    I better get more crawling pictures in quick before he is crawling too fast for me to keep up with.

Also wanted to report that his food allergy test came  back ALL NORMAL!!!  Yeah!!!!  That means that reflux is indeed the issue and not a food allergy.  I am glad because he will eventually outgrow the reflux.

Won’t be having a nice romantic date with my honey this Valentine’s.  He is picking up Chili’s for us though so I don’t have to cook.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Jim said “Happy Valentine’s” to me this morning and it felt a bit ironic.  Hee hee.  We are all on the up hill swing I think (I hope) and Ty and Jim are still okay so hopefully we will be through with this soon.  I do plan on taking “sick” time for a couple more days though.  🙂

Thank you to Grandpa and Grandma Brinkman for the edible fruit basket that arrived today!  Grandma thought us sickies could use some chocolate with our fruit.  Those, of course, were the first to be devoured.  The kids have really loved this gift and have been munching away.