One Deed

Anybody remember this from the 90’s?


I loved Tony Vincent’s One Deed album.  Remember Reach Out or Hey World?

Well guess who is on The Voice? (He sings first)

I recognized the name and did my homework and sure enough – same guy.   He will have my vote because I figure if I can still sing songs off his album from 20 plus years ago, he knows what it takes to hold my attention.  Stood the test of time.  GO TONY!

Green Day

My children LOVE St. Patrick’s day and they look forward to it every year.  Ty even slept in green clothes the night before so that no one would pinch him when he woke up.  We had green chocolate milk for breakfast and green eggs.  For dinner we had corned beef casserole with green noodles, green punch, pistachio jello and green peanut butter balls (and no it isn’t easy to make peanut butter balls green).  Tanner was disappointed that Troy didn’t get to eat anything green and asked me to give Troy one green milk bottle so I acquiesced.  *Note:  Bottle was not quite as green as it appears in the pictures LOL.  I enhanced a bit for effect.  All three of my boys have Irish in them so that makes it especially fun.

Genevieve {Phoenix Newborn Photography}

Meet Genevieve.  This precious little bundle arrived on FEBRUARY 29th – LEAP DAY.  We had to get a shot with her and a frog to commemorate her unique birthday.  Lucky me happened across a frog holding a pink rose the day before her shoot.  Genevieve was 10 days late and then 11 days old at the time of her shoot.  Because of her gestational age (which was really 21 days), she gave me a run for my money but we got precious shots of her despite her alertness.  In fact, BECAUSE of her level of alertness, I got a wide eyed shot of her that I love (and I don’t get focused wide eyed shots too often so that was fun!).

Sweetie FINALLY broke down and gave me the red bed.

Would you look at those lips?  I was truly in awe of her lips.  Perfect as perfect gets.

Congratulations J & M!!!  Thank you for letting me capture your sweet baby girl.

Jabber Box

Troy is such a jabber box these days at 8 months of age.  He babbles and babbles.  It is so cute how he imitates speech.  He is such a chatty baby.  I think he has been trying to say “hi” for awhile.  It comes out “Ha”.  I was hoping to get a picture showing off his two bottom teeth but he wouldn’t cooperate for it.   His  FIRST tooth broke through on Feb 21st and a couple days later the second bottom tooth broke through.   Also on Feb 21st he stood up at the dishwasher while watching Tanner do the dishes (using the dishwasher as a prop).  He stood up in his crib for the first time on 3/6 but hasn’t made a habit of it yet.  He has been using those two little teeth to gnaw on my coffee table.

Our favorite thing lately is how tightly he hugs.  He wraps his arms around your neck and squeezes so tight.  When hugging me or Tanner he often starts sweetly cooing “ahhhh aahhhhh aahhhh” – which of course is an imitation of what mommy whispers to him when we snuggle.  Yesterday I noticed that he started grunting when he squeezes daddy.  You know that bear hug manly grunt thing.   He couldn’t be anymore adorable.  He is a super loving little one.   I am starting to get a bit envious of the red head in the house though because Tanner is Troy’s favorite person I think.

For my reference:  Troy’s first tooth – almost 8 months actual – 6 months corrected.