Summer Days

I have been a bit MIA this month on the blog.  The kids and I take August and December off of school with various short breaks at other times of the year so I have used this time to do all kinds of stuff I typically don’t have time for.  Getting ready for a new school year can be a project all by itself.  Can you believe Tanner only has one more year of elementary school left?  He will be in sixth and Ty in third.  I was thinking about it the other day and realized that by the time I get Troy through all 12 grades of school, I will have taught home school 23 years in a row.

These pictures were taken this month right before Troy got his glasses.

It was just too hot to shoot outside so I had to play around with my new camera indoors and do a few studio shots (and yes I do LOVE my Canon 5d Mark III).

Before Troy was born, I jokingly said I just needed a green eyed blonde to complete my color palette.  Just might happen folks.  God loves me a lot.  🙂


Troy is doing so-so with his glasses.   On the one hand, he does keep them on better than expected.  On the other hand, he knows how to take them off (even with the elastic band) and he deposits them wherever.  I am so afraid we are going to lose them (multiple times).  Driving me crazy following his trail to find them.  I’ll probably take them off for pictures often because they are (a) transitional so I can’t shoot them outside and (b) reflective so you’ll only see an occasional shot of him wearing them.

The back of Troy’s hair is getting pretty curly.  I don’t know if it is just baby curls though so I don’t want to cut them off.  He really needs Daddy to give him his first hair cut soon.

Technically, he didn’t turn 12 months until Aug 15th so I thought it fair to do a birthday shot.  🙂  Tanner and I had quite a time trying to get those letter shots.

Love this sweet kid.  He is a pro at modeling for me now hee hee.

Such an authentic picture of my TyJo.

And Lil Miss wanted to pose herself (of course), so I let her…

She prefers the hair flying back shot.  I think she would also like you to know she finally perfected her gymnastics bridge move.  Been working hard at that.

Want a big smile shot of the baby?  Just get him clapping.  He LOVES to clap.

He is walking all over the place like a pro now.  At this very moment, he is attacking my picture frames and my curtains.  Trouble trouble trouble.

This week I have worked so hard on projects that we loaded up the entire back of our truck with trash for the dump last night.  Total overhaul and I am so tired but also overjoyed to get to check check check some major items off my summer list.   I’ll post a few pictures of what I have been up to when I am totally finished.

Blog done for today – Check
Laundry done for today – Check
Grocery Shopping – Off I go!

(P.S.  Tori is a big fan of lists and loves to check her own off as well.  Glad I could pass that habit down hee hee.  Will make it much easier for our future joint endeavors.)


Red Vine Baby

Upon second thought, I probably should have said “No!” to Tori when she wanted to share her red vine with Troy.   What. A. Mess.

As you can see, my little man got his glasses this week.  He does decently with them if he is sitting down and occupied (eating, playing with blocks, etc).  The minute he is on the move though, he is ripping them off.  I suspect it is throwing off his balance getting used to them.  This is not going to be a fun battle for either of us.   I am very very sad that Troy has to wear glasses – especially at this age but when I looked through them it nearly broke my heart.  His prescription seems significantly higher than Ty’s.  What has he been seeing all this time I wonder?  In any case, I am very grateful to live in an age where there IS something mama can do about it.  I want him to look in wonder upon his world and I am so very happy that now he will be able to.

Our Lil Walker

Here is a very short clip of Troy walking.  I don’t have focus figured out on my camera so it’s pretty off but you get the gist.  I crack up at the kids because they cheer for him everytime like he hasn’t been doing this for over a month.  He walks more and more all the time but still hasn’t decided to make the total switch.  Awww…could he be any cuter?