Kierstin {Phoenix Newborn Photographer}

Well…it had to happen eventually…I got bested by a wee one.  For the first time in nearly four years of business, I was outmatched.  Beautiful, ALERT, Miss Kierstin would not sleep.  In four hours, we got a handful of shots of her.  She would doze off into a light slumber but would quickly wake back up the minute I laid her down or changed her position.   At our wits end, I invited Not-So-Sleeping Beauty back for a second shoot.  In all honesty, I didn’t figure she would sleep the second time any better than the first but…I was wrong.   Day 2 was much better!  The above money shot was my one “claim to fame” on the Day 1 shoot LOL but low and behold, she gave it to me again on Day 2.


I was excited to get the above grin out of her but THEN SHE GAVE ME THIS:

That has to go down as the biggest smile yet don’t you think?  She was full on laughing in this shot.  What on earth was the little pumpkin dreaming about?  Her big brother Easton maybe?   (I have done two shoots with brother and he is such a doll too and sweet as they come).

And…again…another smile.

While I felt bad that Kierstin’s mama had to come back to me for a second round, I was also grateful that if it was going to happen, that it happened with this family.  Not for their sake of course, but selfishly for mine.  They are such gracious people and I feel fortunate to have them as clients.  I just had to pull this off so they wouldn’t fire me (hee hee).

The lamb hat is pretty to-die-for isn’t it?  (Thank you Oleysa – BeezyMama!)

And here is a good look at her baby blues…I saw quite a bit of them.

Thank you Miss Kierstin for restoring my faith in my Baby Whispering skills.  You had me doubting it there for a minute.  😉  And thank you to P and K for your patience in seeing this through.  Can’t wait to see who this little charmer will develop in to!  See you again in six months or so?  🙂


Xavier {Phoenix Children’s Photography}

This handsome little fellow is Xavier.  I was so happy to see him again for his two year pictures.  He was a busy busy little guy (as are all two year olds in the world).

This was a bit of a miracle shoot.  Poor little buddy got stung by a bee about 20 minutes into our shoot.   But like a trooper, he managed his first bee sting like a champ and went on to give me many more gorgeous Xavier grins.

Little baseball lover in the making!  (And that was actually an orange, not a baseball, and I was in his line of sight!)

Expecting a toddler to look into a camera, pose, and smile, is generally, an unreasonable expectation (in my humble opinion).   Photographing a toddler while they do what they do – PLAY – now that is the goal of a toddler session.  (In this case, Xavier did surprise us with several directed grins though so that was a bonus!)

Xavier will soon be a big brother!

Storyboards aren’t just for cake smashes you know.  Very fun way to display a toddler shoot.

Zane and Zion {Phoenix Newborn Photography}

Meet identical twins Zion and Zane.  Aren’t they precious?

At first glance, I could not tell the boys apart so I decided to mark one of them (which was, of course, edited out of the images).  By the end of the shoot though, I could tell them apart quite easily and even more so after spending the hours “with them” processing.    In some shots, they look more identical than in others I think.

Above is Zane.  It was fun observing their very different personalities.  Zane was the larger of the twins (for now anyhow), and also the more (seemingly) dominant.

Zion (above) seemed the more laid back of the two.   I did watch him swipe his brother’s pacy at one point though and that cracked both Jenna and I up to watch.

Beautiful new family!

These little guys were 16 days old at their shoot, which is older than I usually like to shoot newborns.  I was a bit anxious that older babies times two was going to be a real challenge but with Jenna’s help, we worked it out.  (What would I do without Jenna?)


Thank you E and L for bringing your boys to me!  It was DOUBLE the fun.  🙂


Drew {Phoenix Newborn Photography}

Meet Drew.  Drew is destined to be a sports lover because he has two older brothers who are going to ensure his education in this arena.   When Drew’s mama requested a baseball mitt picture, I questioned whether or not I would be successful with posing a full term baby considering that the last baby boy I put in a baseball mitt was under five pounds. (So far, my smallest “clients” have always been my own children). With help from my assistant Jenna and Drew’s brother, it worked out quite impressively (if I do say so myself).

Drew’s daddy is a military man and we wanted to capture a few shots of Drew with Daddy’s gear.  These shots are moving to me and I want to take the opportunity to thank Drew’s dad for being part of an incredible force that sacrifices so much for our nation.   THANK YOU J!

Ironically, last week I photographed two sets of identical twin boys.  E and A were the first two and then I had newborns later in the week.

You know me.  I do a newborn shoot and I want to keep baby.   As darling as Drew was, I must admit that this time, I wanted to keep Drew’s 13 year old brothers.  I really liked this guys.  They were kind, helpful, considerate, and so gentle and loving with their new baby brother.   Drew is blessed to have them.

Ya I know.  It just isn’t fair that some mama’s look this great a week after giving birth.  Beautiful beautiful…

Love those lips.

I adore newborn wide eyed shots WHEN they are looking straight at my lens and not crossing their eyes (which is rare when they are a week old so I don’t often attempt it).  We were trying our best to get Drew back to sleep once we got outside but he was too curious about what we were up to.  In the end, it served our purpose beautifully because I L.O.V.E. this shot and am quite excited for his mama to see it!

And we managed one sleeping shot too.  Bonus!

Thank you J and C for bringing all three boys!  You are going to have too much fun with all those boys.

Facebook LLP Page

I have long said that I wasn’t going to create a Live Loved Photography Business page on Facebook unless I could come up with a good reason for me to do it.  In the last couple of months, I have come up with several reasons.   One of which is that because Facebook is a great marketing tool, I would love to increase the viewer base.  I have discovered that, often times, people are more comfortable hitting a “Like” button then requesting someone to be a friend.  For this reason, it would behoove me to separate my pages to make it easier for people to view my business page.


So will you please go “Like” my Live Loved Photography page on Facebook?  Pretty please with cherries on top?


Thank you!