Do Over

It is only January 28th and I think we may need a 2013 do over already.   People have been sick in the house since DECEMBER 1st!!!!   ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!   I had to take Troy to the Dr. this morning and verdict is that he has an ear infection and potential pneumonia.  You can skip the rest of the details on this because I am just writing for my own records.

The kids came down sick on Christmas Day and had the HORRIBLE fever virus that resulted in very high fevers for 7 days.  Awful coughs, vomiting and runny noses were part of the package too.   After that cleared (mostly), they had about a one week reprieve and then 11 days ago, Tori and Troy started terrible coughs and runny noses again.  I am still coughing since the first of December (these coughs can last 16 weeks) but it is a dry cough.  Troy, however, has a very thick, junky, wet cough.   I took him in this morning suspecting possible pneumonia for the following reasons:

*  He didn’t start fevering until Day 8 and fevers have gotten progressively worse.  Late onset of fevers often indicate infection as opposed to virus.  Been there done that on the pneumonia thing.

*  While his cough sounds TERRIBLE, he isn’t coughing very much (which is bad because he isn’t getting anything out).

*  He has very low energy.

* He has vomitted a few times this week and not just from coughing.

All signs of potential pneumonia.  His breathing has been okay though so I wasn’t panicked.  I figured, if anything, we are in the beginning stage of pneumonia.  The Dr. agreed with mom’s assesment.  He said Troy’s lungs sound TERRIBLE.  I didn’t think he had an ear infection because there aren’t any obvious signs of it.  No red ears or hot ears, nor has he been screaming in pain or pulling at them.  He holds his ears ALL the time.  He has done this since he was tiny so it would be impossible to tell if he were in pain.  If he cries, he holds his hands over his ears, if he is going potty, if he is upset…

He also weighed only 20 pounds with pajamas and a wet diaper.  He is 19 months and still not on the growth chart (which means he is below the 0% for his size).   For comparisons sake, I have had several 6/7 month babies that I do portraits of already at the 20 pound mark and on average, babies are 20 pounds (or more) by one year.  Tori was only 16 pounds at one year.  My little Salt and Pepper are just tiny people so far.  The Dr. and I discussed this and he said there is a possibility of a thyroid issue with Troy but we couldn’t test that today because it would show wonky anyhow because he is ill.   In all likelihood though, he is just fine.  Just small.  He is perfectly proportionate.

The Dr. warned me that the steroids were likely to make him very hyper.  I can handle the hyper but I am not looking forward to the mood swings.  From my experience, massive mood swings are the most difficult  with the introduction of steroids.  Dr. said Troy would be 60% better by Wed by taking them so I am glad we have medication to head off in a different direction than the one I know us to be on right now.  The only thing that concerns me is that Jim and I are having an AWFUL time getting medication down him.  He is fighting us every step of the way and it take both of us.  He spits it out and clamps his jaws down so I can’t get it in.  He also has choked on it a couple of times (which is really unhelpful with a lung issue already).   I asked the pharmacist if it tasted bad and he said “Oh yeah! Do you want me to flavor it?”   Duh.   I wanted to say “Why would I need to ask you that????!”   Good thing I did ask.  That would have made it even worse.   He is on 1/2 teaspon of Azithromycin 200mg once a day for five days and 1 tsp of prednisolone 15mg once a day.   I love our children’s physician.  I interviewed Dr.s and chose him when Ty was in the NICU.  That was 9 years ago now.  If you are looking for a pediatrician in the North Phoenix area, I HIGHLY suggest Dr. Arun Nemivant.  He is wonderful.

If you read all those details, pray for my baby please.  I am feeling good about the medications turning this around but I really really really don’t want another hospital admission and preemies sure are prone to it.



Last night, Tori and I went on a Girl Date.  I hated to leave baby but my kids have been super cooped (as have I) and Daddy is perfectly capable.  Tori’s birthday is next week and I haven’t had a chance to do any shopping so we needed some together time.   Daddy offered to take a picture of us before our night on the town.  Since she was upset over losing her pictures of us (thanks to Troy drowning her DSI in the bathtub), it was very kind of Daddy to offer.   We went to Toys R Us, the Mall, Red Robin, and Cold Stone.  Very fun.   My daughter and I are so much alike in so many ways and that makes her a perfect shopping partner for me.   Like me, she is very decisive.  She knows just what she wants.  Goes straight to it.   Is committed to her decisions and then says “I am done here let’s go”.   I love it.  Her and I make good time because we both shop identically.  In fact, if I tried to proposition her with things I found cute, she would smile, thank me, and ignore every word I said.  The exact thing I do to other people LOL.   We are both very particular.  I also asked her if she was the kind of person who liked surprises or if she would rather make her own choices.   She was quick to reply with “my own choices”.  I knew she would say that.  🙂   I think cash and gift cards are WONDERFUL gifts.

She also liked to sit occasionally and reapply her lip gloss because her feet  were hurting in her boots that she always insists on wearing.  Speaking of her boots, Tori is SO pigeon toed and it is ESPECIALLY noticeable in her high heeled boots.  She crosses so much I can’t figure out how she doesn’t trip over her own feet.  I took her to an orthopedic  Dr. about this when she was a baby and he told me she would grow out of it.  I am starting to wonder if I need to re-address this.

When we sat down to dinner, she says to me, “So….would you like to talk?”   Awesome.  We chatted back and forth about all our favorites and debated whether Nicki Minag is a good idol judge or not.  I am not a fan.  Tori thinks she is doing a pretty good job.

It was such a precious time together and I look forward to doing this with her for the rest of my life.



Kylee Nikole {Phoenix Newborn Photography}

Meet Kylee.   What a beautiful little bundle with the creamiest, perfect newborn skin.  Another gorgeous addition to the Mason clan.

Awwwww…love it…caught her grinning with brother.  She really favors her big brother Alex and he was sweet as could be with her.

A big thank you to my father in law for making me this bed to add to my collection.

Aunt Beck finally gave up her toy wagon to me.  🙂

Kylee was a little grinner.  She was grinning in Daddy’s arms when she came in the door.  I hoped she would keep up the good work and she didn’t disappoint.

Kylee’s room is in purples.  Purple looks good on her.

Thank you Miss Kylee for letting me take your very first pictures!

Caleb 1 Year {Phoenix Baby Photography}

I love it when families hire me for  Baby’s First Year Sessions.  In the first place, it is so much fun to watch little one grow.  In the second place, it allows me the opportunity to get to know my clients better and I have some of the best clients in the world.  I just love this family and I was looking forward to capturing Mr. Caleb for the third time this year.  As promised, we included those tires for the 1 year shoot too.    Caleb’s mom assured me that if I am still shooting in 17 years, we’ll do his senior pictures with tires too.  Wouldn’t that be too fun?

Caleb is such a happy and friendly little guy, I just want to squeeze him all to pieces each time I see him.

He’s not quite walking yet so he needed a little bit of assistance.

So now I sit back and wait for Andrea to have another baby so we can start this fun all over again!   Happy FIRST Birthday Caleb!

Preston {Phoenix Baby Photography}

Meet Preston.  This beautifully serious little one just turned two.   He was ON THE GO (and that didn’t surprise me a bit because that is what two year olds do!)

Give a boy some stairs and that will bring on a grin.

Aren’t those deep dark chocolate eyes gorgeous?

He is hiding a rock in his hands in this shot.   According to mom, rocks are a big favorite at 2.

I love that mom found a metal vintage car for the shoot.  How cool is that?

“Making the decision to have a child, it’s momentous.  It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”

Hope to see you again soon Preston!


This morning Brooke and I were lamenting about our week.  We both have had kids down sick…AGAIN.  We both are ready to give grandparents a turn with our babies who will not stop getting into trouble!  🙂

Brooke:  “Doni are you having trouble with Troy?  Well I know you are because he did drown your cell phone down the toilet last week.  Quinn is just being so destructive!”

Had it not been for the cell phone incident, I could have lied and said…”Oh Brooke!  I am so sorry!  Maybe we could spend more time together and I could coach you on how to be a more effective parent.”   LOL!

Misery loves company doesn’t it?   I had to post these pictures for my dear sister so that she would know she is not alone.  Not by a long shot.

It was minutes after we got off the phone that Ty notified me we had a bathroom problem.

In addition to playing with the toothpaste while sitting in the sink, he had first entertained himself by baptizing his dragon pacy in the toilet.   We have had several such incidents this week.   I tell the kids to close the lid and close the door over and over and over and over and over…repeat a zillion times.

Approximately 10 minutes after the bathroom incident and while reading a book to my girl child, I hear the unmistakable sound of pouring liquid.  (Tanner just read over my shoulder and suggested this “It was more like a cup falling and then a splash of liquid”.)

As you can see, Miss Tori did not turn her chair on its side when she left the table thus giving Troy the ability to climb to his favorite perch.  He dumped out several things actually before we were wise to him.   See the stack of breakfast cups?  Yep.  The whole table is wet as well as the cocoa puffs decorating the floor.  Awesome.


Update at 6:00 PM

And the ball continues to roll down the hill. While preparing a bath for Tori and Troy, Troy swipes Tori’s Nintendo DSI off the bathroom counter and tosses it into the filled tub before I could catch it. Tori’s biggest heartbreak was that the pictures she took of her and I were on that DSI. (Such a photographer’s child). Yesterday I hid in Starbucks for 30 minutes while I was supposed to be grocery shopping. Where can I hide tonight?