Blake {Phoenix Newborn Photography}


Meet Blake.  Blake was a charmer and a cuddler but a not so sleepy baby.  That just means I get more cuddle time though right?  Those sleepy babies jip me out of good rocking time.  Blake’s nursery theme is nautical so I thought we needed a boat picture to go with his decor.




Love his sweet smile.  His older brother, Grady, gave me an adorable smile as a newborn too (the little lion).
2013-09-30_0006 2013-09-30_0005 2013-09-30_0004 2013-09-30_0003

I feel so honored when I have the opportunity to shoot newborn pictures more than once in a family.  It’s wonderful to get to see siblings and to see how much (or how little), new ones look like older brother or sister.  You can tell these two are siblings for sure.   Grady was such a doll and was quite entertained by Ty.  We went looking for him at one point and found him comfortably seated in Ty’s room on Ty’s little couch with an Xbox controller in his hands.  Ty was introducing him to the big, wide world of gaming.


2013-09-30_0008 2013-09-30_0009

Thank you A and N for bringing BOTH of your beautiful boys to me!!!

Logan {Phoenix Newborn Photography}



Isn’t little Logan a beautiful boy?  And boy was he a SLEEPER!  I don’t think I ever saw his eyes even once.  He let me play, play, play and I had so much fun with him.


2013-09-19_0006 2013-09-19_0005 2013-09-19_0003

This shot was taken by my assistant Jenna.  (Good job Jenna!).  Jenna usually has her hands on the baby when I do these type of composite shots but I decided that I wanted to be the baby handler this time and let Jenna take the shot.   I love being a photographer but nothing beats baby cuddling.  🙂

Doesn’t that grin melt your heart?
2013-09-19_0001 2013-09-19_0012 2013-09-19_0011 2013-09-19_0010

2013-09-19_0008 2013-09-19_0007


It was so good to see you N Family!  Looking forward to seeing Logan again in just a few months (and Preston too!)

Tummy Baby + Heart Baby



Meet Drew and Teagan (my cousins) and their TWO babies.



I have only a handful of pictures of my pregnancy with Tanner (and I am very sad about that).  I had the thought many times over that I would have loved to have had an adoption shoot done with the others to celebrate our anticipation of them but I never quite got that done.  When I found out last year that Drew and Teagan were starting the process of an International adoption, I knew I had to jump on it.  🙂   I wanted to do a “globe belly” shoot.   God had even bigger plans in mind though and during their waiting, paperwork, processing stage, a tummy baby showed up too.  (As a woman who spent many years down the road of infertility, I now can’t stop myself from saying, “No it doesn’t always happen!”  Pregnancy while on an adoption list only happens a small percentage of the time but it gets a lot of attention when it does so it seems like it happens more than it actually does.   Always such a cool thing though!)

Tummy baby will arrive in October, and if all goes according to plan, Heart Baby may arrive sometime in 2014.   Because both babies were being “waited” on at the same time, and because Heart Baby may actually end up being older than Tummy Baby, we thought they both should be represented in these pregnancy portraits.




















And don’t you love the stance of my little assistant?  She was directing from the sidelines and was a big fan of Teagan’s fedora.

Will be so exciting to meet these two precious ones!  Much love Drew and Teagan!  XXXOOO


M+D+5 (Phoenix Family Photography}


These 7 are some of my favorite people.  I fell in love with Daniel first.  Daniel is the oldest of the five.  We met at the park when Daniel and Tanner were 5 years old.  They were both just starting their homeschool experience and were enrolled in AZ Sportz Kids (formerly, Athletes in Training).  Tanner was scared to death those first few weeks and Daniel was giving me pointers on how to help him acclimate.  It was one of the funniest and most endearing conversations I have had with another five year old to date.  Daniel always makes me smile.  (And brother Micah, he is the fourth born in the lineup, does an amazing impression of older brother Daniel.  He performed for me recently and I was amazed at how well he can pull off an imitation of his older brother).   He is also a good little musician (see him with guitar below).  Second born brother Josh, is the more serious of the five (but still full of smiles).  I have had the chance to have some pretty deep discussions with Josh because he is a true thinker with a great big heart.  Miss Rachel is a doll.  When she was a toddler, she really got me itching for a girl.  She and Tori are now great friends and recently enjoyed a tea party together.   And then there is baby Luke.  At 3, Luke is his own person and was amazingly well behaved for a toddler at a photo shoot.  I thought he would be our wild card but he wasn’t.  In fact, I may never again in my lifetime do pictures of a family of 7 with such ease.  Their mama is like the paparazzi with her phone camera so they are well conditioned to random portraits.

Love you all!
2013-09-13_0022 2013-09-13_0021 2013-09-13_0020 2013-09-13_0019 2013-09-13_0018 2013-09-13_0017 2013-09-13_0016

Die in Faith Believing

Oh my.  I have so many things to do…and here I am.  Listening to Shane & Shane.

Earlier in the week, my Dad and I had a long conversation about faith.  For many years, I feel like my spiritual mantra has been Hebrews 11.  They died in faith believing having not received the fulfillment of the promise.   In hard times, verses from Hebrew 11 are the ones I speak over and over.    It seems it would be so easy if God would just answer our “why” questions…immediately and in a way we could understand.   Because it rarely works out this way, I made a choice many years ago (standing in my kitchen when Ty was a baby) that I would “die in faith believing”.  I had reached that point where I just had to choose.  To believe.  Or not to believe.  Recognizing that I may not receive the answers (or outcomes) I was seeking on this side of life.

Life is hard sometimes.  There is no major crisis in the Brinkman household but sometimes there are lots of peripheral heartaches that just add up and suck at the soul you know?  So I have been thinking a lot about Hebrews 11.  Micah 6:8 as well.  I am going to have that printed and posted about my door in my home soon.  Do justly.  Walk humbly.  LOVE mercy.    Those are words to live by.

Heidi forwarded me a John Piper sermon this morning and I don’t have time to listen to it because I am SUPPOSED to be doing finance stuff right now but I did listen to the Shane & Shane song that pre-empted her to listen to the sermon.  Like Heidi, I was really moved.  Most of my days are not spent feeling “slayed”…but those moments in life are there.  Today I am praising Him for all the things that HAVEN’T happened too.   He is good.  All the time.


Thought some others may love to hear this today too so hear it is.