Curious George Pumpkin



As usual, we waited until the 11th hour to carve our pumpkin.  The kids were voting between Halo, Ferb, and Curious George.  Troy’s George vote took it over the top.  Daddy is capable of a much more detailed carving but he only had one hour tonight to get this done.  The kids love Dad’s pumpkin carvings.  Hopefully we will plan better next year because I wanted Tinker Bell.

P.S.  Keep us in your thoughts this evening as we take our little scaredy cat out to our family Halloween Party.  I am afraid he might be screaming at every costume he sees LOL.

Happy First Birthday Kierstin {Phoenix Baby Photography}


Miss Kierstin is one year!  I sure hope she comes back for her 2 year pictures because I am going to miss this family!  After doing newborn and baby pictures for both Kierstin and her big brother, I have seen quite a lot of these two in the last three years so I might have Easton and Kierstin withdrawals in about six months.  Could she be any cuter?

2013-10-29_0020 2013-10-29_0019 2013-10-29_0018 2013-10-29_0017 2013-10-29_0016


The top shot in this trio is the MONEY SHOT!  We have another MIGHTY girl on our hands.  No wolf was going to be her undoing!  She was going to beat him to the punch and bite first!!!  You just can’t stage these things.   I was so grateful I snapped that shot off as she went in for a bite.  Love it!


2013-10-29_0015 2013-10-29_0014 2013-10-29_0012 2013-10-29_0011

And another money shoot!  You cannot ask a 1 year old to smile and point at her 1 year chalk board.  She just did it all on her own.  Perfect.


Miss you already Easton and Kierstin!

A Family





I have had strange things happen at shoots before, but being photo bombed by a little doggie dressed up for Halloween is definitely a first!  LOL.  I loved spending time again with the A family.  I have had the privilege of shooting for them since Caleb was a newborn and I am loving getting to see him each year as he grows.  Such a doll.


2013-10-29_0003 2013-10-29_0008

2013-10-29_0009 2013-10-29_0008 2013-10-29_0007 2013-10-29_0006

That sweet wooden toy was made by a family member so it was precious to get to capture Caleb playing with the family treasure with his Grandpa.

2013-10-29_0005 2013-10-29_0004 2013-10-29_0002



Lions and tigers and bears – OH NO!   Horses and dogs and kids – OH NO!   When preparing for this shoot, I chose not to tell my friends Dalen and Michele that (a) I am a teensy weensy bit afraid of horses and (b) I am allergic to them.  No pain, no gain right?  I braced myself for a challenge because all these factors combined were sure to create at least a mild amount of chaos.  I was not disappointed hee hee.   In fact, I was worried about managing the horse situation but when they drove up and Tanner says “Uh Mom.  There is a dog in the car!” I then thought we might be done for (okay not “done for” but the crisis level was rising for sure).  I was imagining the dog breaking free, chasing the horses, the horses running from the stables, the people chasing the horses…you get the idea.   None of that happened!  Score!    Managing kids and 3 horses though?  That is quite a feat (but we had some very sweet helpers and that was a must have!)
2013-10-14_0007 2013-10-14_0008 2013-10-14_0009

The main horse featured is a beauty named Hemingway and the dog is Alli.  All were very well behaved!


Brayden was not quite so attached to the horses but he loves his long board.

2013-10-14_0011 2013-10-14_0012 2013-10-14_0013
Brenley and Brooklyn have been taking riding lessons for awhile and they are doing excellently!  It is clear that these two littles live and breathe all things horse.  Precious.  I am so glad we could work together to capture that.  Sweet time in their lives and these love affair relationships with the horses will be in their hearts forever.   Awesome that they can enjoy this with their mama too.
2013-10-14_0014 2013-10-14_0015

So good to see you D and M!  No offense D, but I am praying that I will NOT have a home visit from you again for a long while too!

Dalen owns a refrigeration company and it is never good when we have to put in emergency calls to him.  However, he is awesome and if you need someone to come fix your Phoenix AC, call Dalen!  If you live in AZ, go like his FB page right now so that you know where he is when you need him!  FB: