Remington Walt {Phoenix Newborn Photographer}



My newphew is so so so so so stinkin’ adorable!  He has his auntie wrapped already.   It was so fun putting the above shot together as it has elements contributed by several family members.  The bear rug is Sweetie’s, the log bed was made by his Uncle Daniel, the Red Ryder BB Gun is Tanner’s, the animal mounts were taken from his nursery where they hang above his crib and Papa found me that limb.  🙂  Takes a village sometimes.

2013-11-27_0024 2013-11-27_0023 2013-11-27_0025


2013-11-27_0020 2013-11-27_0022



Is my brother Dusty one proud Papa or what?

We are hoping Remy gets mama’s beautiful blue eyes.

2013-11-27_0016 2013-11-27_0017 2013-11-27_0015 2013-11-27_0019 2013-11-27_0018


2013-11-27_0009 2013-11-27_0010 2013-11-27_0011 2013-11-27_0013 2013-11-27_0012


2013-11-27_0004 2013-11-27_0008 2013-11-27_0007 2013-11-27_0006 2013-11-27_0005 2013-11-27_0003 2013-11-27_0002 2013-11-27_0001


Was that enough sharing for ya?  I couldn’t stop myself.   I get so excited to shoot for family and I was actually nervous that my nephew would give me trouble.  He likes to be cuddled at all times and thinks about food ALL THE TIME.  Wasn’t sure if he was going to let me put him down long enough to do his pictures but he had pity on his Aunt and slept sweetly.  He is the chattiest newborn ever.  Talks, talks, talks.  I love it.

I have a special project I am working on with him this month.  You’ll have to keep tuned in to see.  I can’t wait!!!!

Payton {Phoenix Senior Photography}



Doesn’t Payton have that classic All-American beauty look?


Payton’s mom (Vicky) and I were friends in high school.  It has been years since I have seen her so it was fun to get to chat a bit (wish we could have had more time to catch up – there is just never enough time these days!)



2013-11-27_0033 2013-11-27_0032 2013-11-27_0031 2013-11-27_0034 2013-11-27_0027 2013-11-27_0026 2013-11-27_0029 2013-11-27_0028

It was so nice to meet you Payton!  Wishing you a wonderful journey as you approach graduation and then off into the big wide world.  What an adventure!

K+S+Family {Phoenix Family Photography}


I first met the S family when I did Carson’s (the littlest guy in the above image) newborn pictures.  He has grown into such a cuteheart – just like his older brother Roman.  I LOVE the above picture of little brother whispering to big brother and the serious attention that Roman is giving to Carson.  So darling!



Baby Sloane Ivy was added this year – I did her newborn pictures about 4 months ago.   I love to get to watch families grow.




Sweet sisters – Miss Madeline is going to be such a good helper.
2013-11-27_0054 2013-11-27_0058

At 2, Mr. Carson was not so keen on staying put.  I have quite a few shots of him leaving my set.  LOL.
Caught him mid-air!
2013-11-27_0050 2013-11-27_0049 2013-11-27_0048 2013-11-27_0047 2013-11-27_0056

Isn’t Miss Sloane so darling?  It was so fun to get to see her at 4 months.  Such a beautiful little lady.





Do you recall years ago when I did that painting for a family with four kids on the beach?  Ann and I “met” online way back when when Ty was a baby (that was 10 years ago almost).  Ann’s son Jack has muscular dystrophy and it was that shared bond of raising kids  struggling with physical challenges that first brought us together.   Because of that, it was honor to get to capture Ann’s sweet family.


2013-11-27_0035 2013-11-27_0040 2013-11-27_0039 2013-11-27_0038
We were so elated that Jack was having a really good day on our day scheduled for pictures.  So many things to be thankful for…
2013-11-27_0037 2013-11-27_0036



2013-11-27_0046 2013-11-27_0045 2013-11-27_0044

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving S family!


Remington Walt – He Is Perfect



He is here!  My baby brother has a baby!  Remy arrived at about 2:00 AM this morning and these pictures were taken within about an hour of his birth.  He weighed 8 pounds 12 ounces and was 20 inches long.  Perfect everything.  Auntie is IN LOVE.


Smiling at his Sweetie already.  He knows a good thing when he sees her!


S2013-11-20_0009 2013-11-20_0008
I never like to say anything about my siblings birth stories on my blog – that is THEIR story to tell but I will say that all went well and both mama and baby are doing great.
I really can’t tell his hair color yet.  It hadn’t been washed so tough to say.  My suspicion is it will end up looking on the blonde side but jury is out on that.  He inherited his mama’s nose (or quite possibly some of Sweetie’s thrown in too).  It is a perfect little nose if I do say so.
And of course, you will be seeing all kinds of newborn goodness soon!  Can’t wait to get my hands on my newest nephew!  I also love it that when I am working, I can boot parents to the couch and get baby to MYSELF for 4 hours.  I need me some Aunt bonding time in a serious way.


His skin is a perfect pink.  In some of these shots it looks purple but that is due to mixed hospital lighting in the middle of the night.  I opted not to color balance because too many people will be anxiously waiting on these pictures this morning.  So trust me on this – he is not really purple.  🙂
2013-11-20_0002 2013-11-20_0005 2013-11-20_0004



I love you Dustin and Kristina – thank you for making me an Aunt again!!!!!