Reagan 1 year {Phoenix Baby Photography}



Reagan is such a doll baby and I am so thankful that her family allowed me the opportunity to photograph the major mile markers of her first year.  I am also glad that she turned one during the spring because AZ has a very short green season and I love spring pictures.  Isn’t she so cute with her favorite bear?


2014-03-24_0013 2014-03-24_0012

Parents make the very best “props” for babies and Miss Reagan was happy as could be with Daddy and Mommy close by.

2014-03-24_0011 2014-03-24_0010 2014-03-24_0009 2014-03-24_0008 2014-03-24_0007 2014-03-24_0006 2014-03-24_0005 2014-03-24_0004 2014-03-24_0003 2014-03-24_0002 2014-03-24_0001 2014-03-24_0022 2014-03-24_0021


2014-03-24_0015 2014-03-24_0020 2014-03-24_0019 2014-03-24_0018 2014-03-24_0017 2014-03-24_0016


I can’t even pick a favorite of this little munchkin.  Too precious for words.

Best Days Ever

In lieu of a full photography session for my children at Christmas time, I opted to create a short film.  I filmed in January (before Troy’s eye surgery).  The resulting film encapsulates, what my son Ty would call “The Best Days Ever”.  I loved capturing these very real moments of my children’s lives and I know that a decade from now I won’t get past the opening sequence without many tears and the deep longing to hold all my littles in arms they have since outgrown (at least in the rock and cuddle sense).  This 5 minute and 45 second version (let’s call it the trailer from mama’s full 26 minute version) will give you a glimpse into the Brinkman household.  Best. Days. Ever.


Watch in HD for better quality viewing!