Easton 7 Months {Phoenix Baby Photography}


Rob and Cat’s little guy came and saw Aunt Sissy for his 7 month pictures this month.  Man time flies!  He started crawling within a week of this shoot so I did these pictures just in the nick of time.


Easton’s eyes are an unbelievable blue.  Love them.  I need to find a baby picture of his daddy because he looks JUST.LIKE.ROB.
2014-04-30_0004 2014-04-30_0003 2014-04-30_0002 2014-04-30_0001


2014-04-30_0006 2014-04-30_0017 2014-04-30_0016 2014-04-30_0015 2014-04-30_0014 2014-04-30_0013 2014-04-30_0012 2014-04-30_0011 2014-04-30_0010 2014-04-30_0009 2014-04-30_0008 2014-04-30_0007

Love him love him love him.

Valentina and Victoria {Phoenix Childrens Photography}



At 1 and 2 years of age, these little beauties did a stand up job during their sunrise photo session.  As usual, little girls tend to give me the best of the best grins when they are safe in the arms of love (usually Daddy’s).

My wonderful and sweet friend Erin allowed us to borrow her wishing well.
2014-04-23_0002 2014-04-23_0006 2014-04-23_0005 2014-04-23_0004 2014-04-23_0003


2014-04-23_0007 2014-04-23_0013  2014-04-23_0011 2014-04-23_0010 2014-04-23_0009 2014-04-23_0008


It has been such a blessing working with you this last year A family!   Big hugs to those two darling girls.

Hudson’s Film Debut {Arizona Cinematographer}

A couple of weeks ago, I posted Hudson’s newborn portaits (and what a doll baby he is).  At one month of age, we created his first Love In Motion Film.  I LOVE these films.  They are so multi-dimensional and capture even more of the essence of sweet babies.  In this film, you will really get to “see” Hudson and you are going to love him.  As an extra bonus, you will get to see big brother Wyatt too.  Wyatt makes me smile every time I see him.  He is a smart young man and a “phenomenal” older brother.