Sean and Molly {Phoenix Newborn Photography}



I was delighted when K contacted me for a boy/girl twin shoot.  So much fun!  At a tiny 5 and 6 pounds, both of them combined are not much bigger than some of my single newborns (because – yes – I have had an 11 pounder and several 10 pound babies).   They were SO easy to work with too.  I typically expect twin shoots to last 5 hours but these two helped me get the job done in 4 hours.  They loved being snuggled up together and slept peacefully that way so I tried not to separate them much (which meant sometimes cuddling two babies in my lap in one blanket – loved it.



2014-06-23_0013 2014-06-23_0012


And this is why I love a macro lens for newborns.  Love those precious intertwined brother/sister fingers.


2014-06-23_0010 2014-06-23_0009 2014-06-23_0008 2014-06-23_0007 2014-06-23_0006 2014-06-23_0005


2014-06-23_0004 2014-06-23_0003 2014-06-23_0002 2014-06-23_0001


And 5 year old brother Jack, now has his arms full!  🙂

These two little Irish twins, stole my heart.