Cecilia {Phoenix Newborn Photography}


This is beautiful Cecilia.  Doesn’t she look pretty in pink?   Such perfect little lips too.  I love that gauzy rose fabric and have long wanted to try it on my beanbag.


This little angel was NO sleeper.  She didn’t want to miss anything!  Her older sister, Genevieve, was a super alert baby too but Cecilia nearly bested me.   Note I said “nearly”.   LOL.
2014-09-30_0005 2014-09-30_0004 2014-09-30_0003 2014-09-30_0002 2014-09-30_0001
I have to share a funny story about older sister Genevieve because I started giggling all over every time I think about it.   G has been amazing me with her intelligence since she was born.  She is about 16 months younger than my son Troy and she has been out communicating him from the get go.  She can talk circles around my boy!   She is incredibly articulate for a 2 year old.   During the session, she helped herself to a headband that I was planning to use on Cecilia.  Her daddy tried to recapture it and Genevieve didn’t want to give it up.  Of course she didn’t.  Again…she is two.

While I am working to get Miss C to sleep, I hear G say this to her dad (pertaining to the headband):

“Do you understand how important this is to me?”

I am surprised I didn’t wake up baby sister with my belly laugh at that.    In another two years, the dialogue between these two sisters is going to be downright hysterical.   Mama, M will be keeping me entertained with her facebook kid quotes for some time to come I am confident.
Awwww…we did manage to get one sleepy smile out of “Not So Sleepy Beauty”.      Love this little one.

Eryn Elizabeth {Phoenix Newborn Photography}

 Be still my heart.   I think I need to hang this image in MY home.   This rocking chair was made for Eryn’s mama and belonged to W when she was a little girl.  So beautiful.  Of course, the wooden horse was just the compliment to the gorgeous baby girl.

A note about outside shots!  First, the desert was UNUSUALLY green this September due to what might have been the 100 year flooding this month.  It doesn’t usually look like this in March, much less in September.  Additionally, “there is no such thing as a free lunch”.  The green came with a price.  Mosquito Fest 2014!!!!  I have never felt more sympathetic to my midwest and southern friends.  It has been unreal around these parts and as much as I raved about the green, I am so over the mosquitoes.  I have lived in Phoenix since I was 4 years old and I have NEVER had to wear bug spray until this month.   Crazy town.

We were waving blankets over the baby continually when not taking shots and had spotters watching for the little pests on her the whole time.  Dad, Mom, and sisters though…they just got bit up (along with me and Amanda).  I think I scored at least 20 on my legs.
Above picture was taken in my backyard.  I LOVE it when my honey neglects our yard.  🙂


Precious mama, precious baby.  I love this image.
2014-09-19_0009 2014-09-19_0008 2014-09-19_0007 2014-09-19_0006 2014-09-19_0005

Like her sister Brinley, Eryn was an amazing sleeper and let me get quite a bit done during her session.  Even under the best of conditions, babies don’t always allow for outside images due to their sleeping and eating schedules.  Eryn though, made life easy on her mama and me (for which we were very grateful!).
2014-09-19_0003 2014-09-19_0002 2014-09-19_0001
It was so good to see you again J and W.  Congratulations on your third, amazing baby girl!!!!

Connor {Phoenix Newborn Lifestyle Photography}



I love newborn lifestyle sessions!  Shooting in client’s homes allows for more relational images and who wouldn’t love that? Nothing better than morning cuddles with mama.


2014-09-16_0012 2014-09-16_0013 2014-09-16_0010
And…lifestyle images allow for photos of the nursery.  It is so fun to see how parents decorate baby rooms.  Precious.
Little Connor had the most beautiful skin and was so serene during his session.

2014-09-16_0007 2014-09-16_0006 2014-09-16_0005 2014-09-16_0004
Look at those eyelashes!  They actually had some adorable curl to them.
2014-09-16_0003 2014-09-16_0002 2014-09-16_0001

2014-09-16_0018 2014-09-16_0014 2014-09-16_0015 2014-09-16_0016 2014-09-16_0017


Such a precious little guy.

J+A {Phoenix Pregnancy Photography}



Babies are such incredible blessings and J and A received their amazing gift 3 days after this session.  Whew…got that done just in the nick of time!  In fact, tomorrow I will be doing baby’s newborn session.   I have not yet missed a pregnancy session because baby came too early but this one was pretty close.  It was a beautiful morning when we had this session and we were only mildly bothered by the mosquitoes.  I had a terrible fear of mass bugs in the wash due to all the rain we have had in Phoenix (they are saying it may be the 100 year flood year) but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had predicted.

2014-09-09_0002 2014-09-09_0001
All the rain has greened up my washes so beautifully.  I have been very grateful for that sweet favor.   Beautiful mama + green field = GORGEOUS.


I am a sucker for cuddle shots.

2014-09-09_0012 2014-09-09_0011 2014-09-09_0010
I really didn’t think we had a great chance for a money shot with 3 furry kids but all three gave me this one moment of looking towards the camera.   So proud of the puppies.
2014-09-09_0009 2014-09-09_0008

I am anxious to see if baby will get mama’s amazing blue eyes.  Beautiful.

2014-09-09_0006 2014-09-09_0005


Can’t wait until tomorrow J+A!