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When mama walked in the door with this little pumpkin, I nearly melted into a puddle as I gazed at this little beauty.  And if I wasn’t in love already, she slept through the whole session and then rewarded me with the sweetest eyes for our moon shot.  So precious.  I had the blessing of photographying her older brother’s newborn session (Eddie), two years ago so it was so nice to spend some time chat time with mama S.   I love my job.  Love it!

A few vendors you may be interested in from this session:

Both of the crowns (pink and gold and the santa crown) were purchased by mom from:

The santa hat used was purchased by mom from:

The Christmas Cocoon and striped Christmas hat are mine and came from:

The red newborn pettiskirt and red santa bow as well as the pink pettiskirt and offwhite bow in the moon shot, are mine and came from:


Darin + Jodi + 3

December 15, 2014


Some of my very favorite people in the world!   We did a quick shoot for Christmas up on the hill at Papa and Sweetie’s.




2014-12-15_0002 2014-12-15_0003
My beautiful niece Karsyn – 9 years old.  She looks so much like her daddy but her expressions are all mama.
My Cooper – 4 years of age.  Love the lower left shot.  Typical toddler.

2014-12-15_0005 2014-12-15_0006
Snazzy Ryker – age 6
2014-12-15_0011 2014-12-15_0010
LOVE this shot of my brother and sister.
2014-12-15_0009 2014-12-15_0008 2014-12-15_0007


2014-12-15_0015 2014-12-15_0014

Shaking all their silliness out?   Don’t think it worked.  🙂


I love it when babies are born around Christmas.  Adds such a sweetness to the holiday (and give me opportunities for Christmas props too which is fun!)   Ryder, like older brother Gunner, was a little darling with a mind of his own.  He REALLY loved his pacy and he was wishing I would just include the pacifier in the session.

Congratulations C + L and G on your amazing and precious Christmas gift.



This is Maddy and her horse Larry.   Beautiful combination of child with her beloved animal friend.


2014-12-02_0014 2014-12-02_0015


Maddy loves her Ford truck!  (I was pretty impressed with it too!)   She posed herself in the bed of her truck and I thought it too adorable.


2014-12-02_0001 2014-12-02_0003 2014-12-02_0004
The AZ desert really makes a beautiful backdrop for celebrating families.
Gus was able to make an appearance in this year’s photo session too!
2014-12-02_0006 2014-12-02_0007
That is an arm she will be clinging to her whole life.
2014-12-02_0008 2014-12-02_0009
And Maddy especially wanted this shot…(we had to recreate it from a baby shot we took of her).
That is a grab your heart type of grin right there.
2014-12-02_0011 2014-12-02_0012
 (No worries, Maddy’s Daddy was in the not heavily trafficked street as well blocking any potential traffic for her short ride).


So glad I got to see you all this year!!!!