D Family {Phoenix Family Photographer}


I have had the privilege of working with the D family (several D family members) for over five years now.  It was so much fun for me to get to spent time with ELEVEN of these fabulous people all on the same day this time.   While shooting extended family groups can be challenging, it can also be wildly entertaining.  🙂     And…what a gift for the whole family unit to have pictures of EVERYONE together.  I must find a way to do this with my own family someday.   I am learning more and more all the time how precious life is and time with our loves ones can’t be taken for granted.  I am so glad this family took the time to stop and capture this moment in time in their lives and celebrate the love they have for one and another.

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Little Miss Ella, (picture right), whispered in my ear at the end of the session, “Can I have my picture taken with YOU?”.   Too precious.   She was six months old when I first captured her on film (and Maddie was 3 months at our first session).  I have loved getting to see these two grow.  They are beautiful inside and out and I love getting the chance to just hug these cutie pies.





I have two different sessions planned for her 7th birthday pictures.   The carousel session was the first.  I always wanted to do pictures of her on a carousel and finally got myself in gear to get it done.  At 7, I really didn’t have a tone of time left.  They turned out just how I envisioned.

2015-02-28_0020 2015-02-28_0022

2015-02-28_0009  2015-02-28_0017 2015-02-28_0016 2015-02-28_0015    2015-02-28_0011

2015-02-28_0001 2015-02-28_0008 2015-02-28_0007 2015-02-28_0006  2015-02-28_0004 2015-02-28_0003

2015-02-28_0023 2015-02-28_0034  2015-02-28_0032
Real train tracks.  Real train.  BUT…at a train park.  All legal.  🙂
2015-02-28_0031 2015-02-28_0030 2015-02-28_0029 2015-02-28_0028 2015-02-28_0027  2015-02-28_0025 2015-02-28_0024