Josh and Britt {Phoenix Pregnancy Photography}



I am getting pretty excited to meet Miss Peyton!  Josh and Britt told us five years ago that they were going to stick to a five year plan and they meant it because that is about exactly what happened so we have been waiting and waiting on this little girl.  And Britt….what a gorgeous expectant mama – inside and out.  I have loved these two their entire lives and I can’t wait to love on this precious new life.

2015-04-06_0001 2015-04-06_0009 2015-04-06_0008 2015-04-06_0007 2015-04-06_0006
We were chasing the rain this entire session but somehow we managed to stay just ahead of it.
2015-04-06_0005 2015-04-06_0004 2015-04-06_0003 2015-04-06_0002


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Jacob’s Half Birthday {Phoenix Baby Photographer}

Is there anything cuter than a baby with a ducky…with a hat…in the river?

Maybe a baby with a ducky and a hat in the river WITH his brother in blue underwear and rain boots?  Ya – awesomesauce.


2015-04-01_0017 2015-04-01_0019
You would be surprised at the complications and challenges with giving a toddler a red umbrella.  LOL.   But oh so cute.
2015-04-01_0020 2015-04-01_0021






2015-04-01_0013  2015-04-01_0011 2015-04-01_0010

Oh did Caleb (big brother) make me laugh.  I love toddlers.  You just never know what they are going to say, or do, or think, or act, or SING….   Caleb kept me laughing all morning.   I think the kid could likely repeat the Pooh script quite accurately.

See you again at your one year Cubby and all your friends!  XXXOOO