Happy Fall

Happy Halloween or Happy Harvest or Fall Holiday or whatever your family calls it.?? I don’t like the scary stuff and I am too much of a chicken to take my kids trick or treating but we do love to dress up and go to family parties.?? I let Tanner and Ty pick their costumes this year.?? Tanner wanted to be a Ninja and Ty – a banana.?? I was so not shocked.?? :)?? As soon as he pitched the idea, I realized how very “Ty” that was.

With Grandma….:)

My Ty giggle of the week….

Tanner has told us forever that he IS going to grow up and get a job but he is is NOT going to move out.?? He fully intends on living at home forever and he is quite serious about this.?? That is so Tanner.?? Not big on change.?? It started BEFORE birth when he refused to leave the womb and we had to force the issue NINE days later via C-section (9 pounds 11 ounces later).

You would think that Ty would be a polar opposite to this but this week I realized he is only a step ahead of Tanner in the “leaving mom’s side” department.?? Here was our conversation in the car yesterday:

Ty:?? When I have my own house can I have a PS3 and download games whenever I want.

Mom:?? Yes.?? When you have your own house you can do what you wish.?? That costs money though so you’ll have to have a good job.

Ty:?? So I can buy my house?

Mom:?? Right.

Ty:?? I think I’ll buy one of the neighbor’s houses.

🙂 🙂 :)?? Awwww….they love their mama.?? 🙂

That isn’t all that surprising to me because he tells me all the time “Mommy I love it here.?? I love our home.?? I just love to be here.”?? :)?????? Makes me smile that my two young boys, while they DO love being with other people and being “out and about”, still have a deep connection and yearning for family time.?? I love that.

(To be fair though – Ty says “I love it here” pretty much everywhere he is at – he is just that happy).

He is learning sensitivity too.?? The other day he was at Papa and Sweeties and wanted to go home and play games so he asked Jim if they could leave yet.?? He then realized that may hurt feelings so he quickly ran to Papa and said “Papa I am really going to miss you!”?? LOL

And now I must copy something that was on Aimee’s blog this morning because it was TOOO funny.

Honestly if I wrote down every funny thing Zane said I would be at the computer all day. It really is almost every word out of his mouth. But sometimes he just says something that is over the top, like this morning…

Synopsis: Yesterday Zane punched the neighbor boy in the gut for absolutely no reason other than he wanted to play rough. He wasn’t being mean, that’s just what Zimmermann boys do for fun! The neighbor is about 8 years old, mind you, but that didn’t seem to deter Zane. One punch later, the poor kid was on the ground in tears. Zane had knocked the wind out of him!

This morning when David got home from work I told him the story.

David: “Zane, Why did you do that?”

Zane: “Well I wanted to give him a wedgie but his underwear had too many holes!” For those of you that don’t know, this is a direct quote from the movie Bedtime Stories. Oh it was hilarious. David and I were ROTFL. Zane is too funny for words.

Note…This does confirm my thought that the ability to remember and quote movie lines is encoded in men’s DNA 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Happy Fall”

  1. ty’s “i am going to miss you” to papa – SOOOOO PRECIOUS!

    tanner – i am hoping seth really means it when he says it – but i think he’s already getting the idea that life on the other side of parent-dependence could be rather freeing… shoot a monkey!

    tori – love the lighting on her photo! oh yes yes yes!!!

    banana – how cute is that! does he like to EAT bananas or just impersonate them?

    sarah – DOES SHE HAVE INCREDIBLE LEGS OR WHAT? she could SO get away with the funky socks from the site i emailed to you. go grandma sarah!

  2. what? no updates? no new pictures? COME ON!!!! DON’T YOU KNOW I GET OUT OF BED FOR YOUR PHOTOS???? 🙂

  3. You do hee hee? So sorry! Very busy weekend and I am so tired. Jim is in bed sick today and I am worried – hoping it is isn’t H1N1. Doubt I will get to posting today.

  4. aaaaaaaaahhhhhiiiiiiisssssssssssaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! i was just hoping… i know you have sickies at home… but again, i got out of bed for you… guess i’ll sleep through the rest of the day. 🙂

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