Welcoming Jameson

This past weekend I had the blessing of spending the afternoon with Jameson.?? And I do mean BLESSING!?? I was astounded at how well he slept.?? He woke only ONCE to eat.?? Not sure I will ever again have a newborn quite this cooperative.?? This shoot was done when he was 15 days old (I think).?? He was early though so technically he wasn’t done baking yet.?? 🙂

Last week during our workshop, I had the opportunity to participate in a bride/groom shoot and then later a newborn shoot.?? As fun as it is to shoot a bride in her gown (and that is fun), I can’t say I am particularly “moved” by the experience.???? When I arrived on the set for the newborn shoot, one little look at the tiny babe and tears instantly sprung to my eyes.?? Babies are what inspired my love for photography – waiting for them and then experiencing motherhood.?? I hope to get many more newborn shoots next year because these little ones turn my heart to mush and I am always GRATEFUL to have been given the opportunity to participate in their new lives – even for just a few hours.?????? I feel “in love” every single time.?? Without further ado…meet Jameson.?? He is pretty wonderful isn’t he?

I wanted a perspective picture so that mom and dad could better visualize just how tiny their six pounder once was.

Does that make you just want to kiss him or what?

This precious little hat was made by his Grandma.

Good grief is this a hard shot to get.?? It takes three people and a willing baby and only works 1/3 of the time.?? (Maybe as I get smarter about it I will raise the statistics I hope).?? And yes, there are some smoke and mirrors going on here for safety of baby.?? Baby was only a couple of inches above a large body pillow.?? No worries folks.?? I also will tell you that I played tug o war with my brother to make sure that sling would not slip.?? If you are hoping to schedule a newborn shoot and want a “stork” shot, please let me know ahead of time as we will need 3 people on set and I will need to bring the tree.?? 🙂

Caught him smiling!?? My very first catch!

This was J.’s Dad’s idea.?? These word cut outs were on a shelf in the nursery.?? I really love taking newborn shots on location because you get to capture the house where they first lived and their nursery.?? So sweet.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to capture these moments with you Andy and Kylie.?? 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Welcoming Jameson”

  1. These are wonderful Doni! How could mom and dad possiblypick a favorite? I love them all. What an dorable little guy he is. Beautiful, beautiful baby.

  2. IN LOVE?? IN LOOOOOOVE? WANT TO KIIIIIIIISSSS HIM? OH MY GOODNESS I WANT TO GOBBLE HIM UP! HE IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! oh are you ever blessed to get that baby to work with. he is downright amazing… beautiful. scrumpteous. and kylie-mom? sheesh – what a knock-out smile that lady has! gorgeous eyes too.

    i like dad’s imagine idea… the stork shot… the first ones… the kissy lips… shoot… all of them. 🙂 yup – THIS is where your passion is and it shows. you are GREAT in other settings – but your heart just bursts through the pictures with newborns – maybe it’s because i know your heart on this one? but i can see it.

  3. ps- i noticed the little baby fuzz on his back in one shot and it had me melting inside. seth had the sweetest little newborn fuzz and i just loved it – such an image of newness.

  4. Oh I love love these! I especially love the perspective shot, that is so cool and so modern. My other favorites are the black & whites. I’m not sure why, but I especially love the b&w with newborns. Another amazing photo shoot. 🙂

  5. They are better than I imagined and I was there 🙂 Thank you so much for capturing this very special and very quick time of life. He has already grown since Sunday! I agree with Heidi that newborns are your true passion, and through your eye their innocence, vulnerability and sweetness are in the forefront. Thank you for your hard work and creativity! And I am so glad he was a rock star sleeper during the shoot 🙂

  6. He is such a handsome little guy. I love love love the very first picture and the kissy picture. Gosh he is just an amazing little guy!

  7. Oh my goodness, I can’t even believe you caught that smile on film…does everybody get how rare that “catch” is on camera??? Yeah, Doni.

    Kylie, your precious guy is quite a gift. Treasure everyday, because as this mom will tell you, they grow into 6’5″ before you can blink an eye. Nothing will likely ever compare to the single accomplishment of raising this son to be all that His creator intended for him. Every other thing you can do, talent you have, beauty you possess will fade or slow or become less and less important than this one thing – this GIFT that has been given you (which truly only becomes more and more precious as the days go forward!!!) Congratulation’s and God’s blessings on you 🙂

  8. I agree with the others, newborns is where it is at! I think every photo shoot you do is amazing, but you get better with every one you post! And this adorable baby, could he be any more loveable? Congrats to the parents on your gorgeous baby.

  9. just had to come look again – did anyone else notice or is it just me – the family picture – first one has dad looking at camera and mom at baby… 2nd one has mama looking at camera and dad at baby. 🙂 cute.


  10. We need to get her at KidsPark. What a wonderful thing you guys did and will have forever! I wish I had done that – she can still do my kids. We’ll talk

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