Karson {Phoenix Newborn Photography}

This is Karson.? He was six days old at his shoot (I think) and he was a very good little guy.? Doesn’t he look so nice and relaxed?? LOL.? I wasn’t sure if he would tolerate laying on that platter but he didn’t seem to mind.? I always find it interesting to meet these brand new little people and realize that I am learning something about their developing personality even when they are under a week old.? They are each so different.

And a shot with big brother Kaiden.? I am a big fan of this sibling shot.? Shooting toddlers with newborns can be a challenge and Kaiden was pretty determined NOT to participate in the shoot…until…I brought out my secret weapon.? Tanner James!? I noticed that Kaiden was imitating everything Tanner did so I decided to use that to my advantage.? As long as Tanner agreed to lay beside Kaiden, Kaiden was content to put up with the shoot but Tanner wasn’t allowed to move.? Kids are so funny.? What would I do without my Tanner?


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7 thoughts on “Karson {Phoenix Newborn Photography}”

  1. What a little sweetheart! Love the series on the platter. The golden tones in the outdoor shots are beautiful. Love, love the sibling shot (and the story behind it). Can I have Tanner come and assist my next newborn session? Ah, if only it wasn’t so far…

  2. I just LOVE these!!! I’ve been looking at them for the last hour or so and can’t tear myself away from the computer. 😉

    Thank you so much for taking pictures of our little guy and thank you Tanner for getting Kaiden to pose! Those pictures are just ADORABLE.

    Can’t wait to show these off!

  3. i just love your photos!!! OMG i get so jealous every time I see new ones. Okay the older boy in this blog needs to be a model!!!

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