Valentina 7 months {Phoenix Baby Photography}





Isn’t she a precious one? ??I am such a big fan of those wide eyed and serious expressions on babies (and children too). ??So much soul in their eyes.

2013-10-02_0011 2013-10-02_0010

Thanks to all this rain, we have had some serious green in August in September. ??So beautiful for us desert dwellers.


Sunrise comes pretty early in September (but even still, little ones seem to prefer it to sunset sessions). ??Gave us the perfect opportunity for a sweet capture with Daddy.

2013-10-02_0008 2013-10-02_0007

I could have watched big sister Victoria all day. ??Everything she does is adorable.

2013-10-02_0006 2013-10-02_0005 2013-10-02_0004


Miss Valentina’s favorite place? ??In mama’s arms. No doubt.

2013-10-02_0002 2013-10-02_0001 2013-10-02_0013


It’s pretty obvious where Valentina and Victoria get their beauty from. ??Beautiful family.


See you all again in a few months for Valentina’s one year! ??Yeah!

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